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Relationship Intelligence … Book 2 – Spring 2024


Relationship Intelligence, Choose Your Ideal Partner, Improve Your Relationship, Heal /Make Peace With Your Family Relationships – is the 2nd book in my 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series.  It is due out Winter 2023/24 You can stay updated on release date from: My Newsletter          My Journey to Peace  Facebook Page or   My Choose Your Ideal Partner - for Women Facebook Page. The aim of all my writing and coaching programs is to bring a sense of Understanding, Consciousness, and Intentionality to the reader or attendee. In Relationship Intelligence ... I do this in the sections by explaining: 💗In Choose Your IDEAL Partner:  As you bring a sense of Understanding, Consciousness, and Intentionality to your dating, you greatly improve your chances of finding the life-partner you dream of –and who you can live the rest of your life with in love and harmony.   I show how ensuring you are coming from a place of empowerment; pin-pointing – in detail – your relationship goals; how to put yourself out there in a way that aligns with those goals; the important questions to ask to see if you are on the same page;  and how the different sexes view dating and relationships. – so that you can avoid misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and heartbreaks – are the hallmarks to calling-in and choosing your IDEAL Partner. 💗In Improve Your Relationship:  By bringing Understanding and that sense of Consciousness and Intentionality to  your current relationship, you can work through what may otherwise be difficult and hurtful scenarios with more love, understanding, and patience. We are all different with differing personalities and backgrounds and ways of managing life – that help us feel emotionally safe and secure. Most of us are just doing our best to manage life because we have been birthed from past generations who didn't adhere to the concepts of unconditional love or the value of focusing on the positive. This has caused us to judge and blame others and to focus on the negative – and our couple relationships take much of the brunt of this. With an understanding that most of us unknowingly adopted defense mechanisms and habitual patterns of acting and reacting from past unhealed wounds that aim to protect our emotional world, becoming conscious of our – and our partner's triggers and sensitivities – and offering love and compassion as you each works through these goes a long way to improving your relationship. 💗In Heal /Make Peace With Your Family Relationships.  The saying "we cannot choose our families, but we can choose our friends" was birthed from the reality of how challenging family relationships often are. By bringing that same sense of Understanding and Consciousness as in the above section to familial upsets, you can more easily be Intentional in how you deal with those who upset you or who upsets others. And although family riffs sometimes never get resolved, you can still make peace with the fact that you tried your best. Understanding [...]

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The Tao Birthed Us and Looks After Us


We all came here in harmony from Oneness, all perfect, to be loved and nourished, and will return one day unconditionally loved—just as we are. We connect to this love within when we overlook our differences and see it in others. When we extend love's qualities to all those we meet. In Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Tao Te Ching we are told how we are all a precious expression of the Tao. How we are all cherished: Every being in the universe is an expression of the Tao. It springs into existence, unconscious, perfect, free, takes on a physical body, lets circumstance complete it. … … … … The Tao gives birth to all beings, nourishes them, maintains them, cares for them, comforts them, protects them, takes them back to itself, creating without possessing, acting without expecting, guiding without interfering.(1) Most of us have lost that connection to the unconditional love and the comfort, protection, and cherishment that is our inheritance. Humanity's history has caused the spark to go out. But the memory of who we are and what we came from lingers in our soul. On our hearts. We sometimes get inklings of it. Reminders. From a loved one. The wonder of nature. A child’s smile. Beautiful art works. Music that moves us. That lost memory has caused longing within us. We long to be loved. Cherished. Protected. Deep within us we know we are supposed to feel these things. Have them. So, we reach for them! We look for them in areas that do not ultimately fulfill us. We pursue success. We seek respect. We look to all kids of pleasures – that sometimes turn to addictions. And we seek love from others. But since most of us are not connected to the love within, we cannot fulfill the other’s void. We disappoint each other. This article/blog post is based in concepts from my book “Your Journey to Peace … “ See xxxfor About Book …  here  to Subscribe to my Free Monthly Publication    We connect to the love within by embracing what brings us joy. Makes us feel peaceful. Passionate. And by extending love’s qualities (compassion, understanding, acceptance, etc.) to others it rekindles that spark of love within us. Embracing Our Oneness - Seeing Our Sameness Resolving our conflicts and making peace with our differences and the resulting judgments that stem from these - whether with individuals or groups of people - allows us to move closer to our wholeness, align with our godliness, and encourages us all to embrace the Oneness we all share. We must focus on our sameness. For those of us with issues toward anybody different than us, whether because of race, creed, social status, or sexual preference, we have an opportunity to forgive ourselves for judging and for not seeing them as the masters intended us to see our brothers and sisters, namely, as perfect children of God. For those of us who are being judged and have or are living with the pain and [...]

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Self Forgiveness is Vital to becoming Our Best Self


Forgiving ourselves is vital to becoming our Best Self. No matter what “bad things” we have thought, believed, supported, done, or not done, time we have wasted, money we have squandered, or any addictions we have succumbed to, we can turn our life around and rise above what has held us in negative attitudes or patterns hurting our self or others. To do so we must embrace the concept of unconditional love for ourselves. The Universe (God, Spirit, Source, or whatever we call the creative universal power) offers us only unconditional love, and within that premise is complete forgiveness. The understanding is that we only ever hurt our self, others, or act badly because we are disconnected from the love within our True Self, and are thereby misaligned from universal understanding. This blog article is based on concepts in my book Why We Are the Way We Are.  Book Synopsis is found here xxx More links to my blog articles, free monthly newsletter, and to buy the book are below.   Even though at our core we are pure love, being distanced from our True Self and disconnected from the unconditional love within it we are not attuned to the nuances of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness it holds - for our self and towards others. Detached from these loving qualities we do not always act in our own best interests. This disconnect from the love within us causes us to see others through a clouded lens, which induces us to act negatively towards them. We are all somewhat misaligned from our True Self and these show up in the various ways we navigate life. This coupled with our various personalities, habits, preferences, upbringing, sexual identities, and our and racial and cultural backgrounds make us all look, speak, and behave differently. When we have a strong connection to our True Self and the love within it we do not see or focus on the differences – we see beyond them to the core of the other person – to the love within them. When we have a weak connection to our True Self and thereby to the love within us, we see others through the clouded lens of the unconscious influences that run our lives and lie between us and our True Self. These causes us to judge, blame, shame, belittle, criticize, ignore, or act in other impassionate ways towards others. When we act in disapproving or hurtful ways towards others our inner being knows we are acting from our misalignment and still offers us unconditional love and forgiveness. However, the filter of our unconscious influences does not allow these to get through to us, and our ego jumps on the chance to instill guilt and shame into our psyche. For eons Humanity’s history has been based on blame, judgment, guilt, and shame, and so the premise of unconditional love and forgiveness is long forgotten. Guilt and shame are now so ingrained into our psyches that we unknowingly hold onto them and [...]

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