We all came here in harmony from Oneness, all perfect, to be loved and nourished, and will return one day unconditionally loved—just as we are.

We connect to this love within when we overlook our differences and see it in others. When we extend love’s qualities to all those we meet.

In Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Tao Te Ching we are told how we are all a precious expression of the Tao. How we are all cherished:

Every being in the universe

is an expression of the Tao.

It springs into existence,

unconscious, perfect, free,

takes on a physical body,

lets circumstance complete it.

… … … …

The Tao gives birth to all beings,

nourishes them, maintains them,

cares for them, comforts them, protects them,

takes them back to itself,

creating without possessing,

acting without expecting,

guiding without interfering.(1)

Most of us have lost that connection to the unconditional love and the comfort, protection, and cherishment that is our inheritance.

Humanity’s history has caused the spark to go out. But the memory of who we are and what we came from lingers in our soul. On our hearts.

We sometimes get inklings of it. Reminders. From a loved one. The wonder of nature. A child’s smile. Beautiful art works. Music that moves us.

That lost memory has caused longing within us. We long to be loved. Cherished. Protected.

Deep within us we know we are supposed to feel these things. Have them. So, we reach for them! We look for them in areas that do not ultimately fulfill us. We pursue success. We seek respect. We look to all kids of pleasures – that sometimes turn to addictions.

And we seek love from others. But since most of us are not connected to the love within, we cannot fulfill the other’s void. We disappoint each other.

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We connect to the love within by embracing what brings us joy. Makes us feel peaceful. Passionate. And by extending love’s qualities (compassion, understanding, acceptance, etc.) to others it rekindles that spark of love within us.

Embracing Our Oneness – Seeing Our Sameness

Resolving our conflicts and making peace with our differences and the resulting judgments that stem from these – whether with individuals or groups of people – allows us to move closer to our wholeness, align with our godliness, and encourages us all to embrace the Oneness we all share.

We must focus on our sameness. For those of us with issues toward anybody different than us, whether because of race, creed, social status, or sexual preference, we have an opportunity to forgive ourselves for judging and for not seeing them as the masters intended us to see our brothers and sisters, namely, as perfect children of God.

The Tao Birthed Us and Always Looks After Us

For those of us who are being judged and have or are living with the pain and unfairness of prejudice, we have the opportunity to forgive those who judge, condemn, or create the inequalities we are enduring or have had to endure.

When our beliefs come from the narrow interpretations of scriptural writings – like “my religion or belief system is better than yours,” or, when we focus on word-for word-translations and for example, deem homosexuality a sin, we have lost the original intention of the messages. We are coming from a place of judgment. Not unconditional love.

Our scriptures were inspired, but came through the lens of the people at the time who were very judgmental and who also projected the darkness they held within themselves onto others.

There are many wonderful insights within the ancient scriptures and they hold wonderful energy that can uplift us. Bring us peace. Keep us centered.

The Tao Birthed Us and Always Looks After Us

We just have to remember that the true purpose of all the ancient scriptures is to help us reconnect with the Tao – and extend to others God’s love – the love that we came from and that is still within us.

We more easily access this love within when we extend it to others. When we allow judgement to override compassion, unconditional love, and full acceptance of others, how they practice their faith or who they are being, we are not reconnecting with the Tao – with God’s love.

We are not practicing our godliness or really adhering to the core message of our belief systems – which is seeing the perfection in all others and offering them acceptance and unconditional love – just as the Masters offer to us.


(1) Stephen Mitchell, trans., Tao Te Ching (New York: HarperCollins, 2006), 51.

© Rosemary McCarthy, 2016, updated Sept 2018

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