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Overcome Your Unconscious Influences, such as … (Book 3 – Winter 2023-24


(You can return to Journey's blog page here ) Overcome Your Unconscious Influences, such as Anger, Frustration, Hurt Feelings, Neediness, and Blaming Others for Your Unhappiness ... ... is your guide - that helps you Overcome what is Keeping youbrock bowers jersey asu football jersey Iowa State Football Uniforms OSU Jerseys johnny manziel jersey College Football Jerseys OSU Jerseys Ohio State Team Jersey johnny manziel jersey Ohio State Team Jersey custom made football jerseys johnny manziel jersey Iowa State Football Uniforms micah parsons jersey 49ers jersey Unhappy, Frustrated, in Mediocrity, or in Conflict with Others, by ... Explaining that the Path to a happy, peaceful, empowered, and conflict-free life requires that you see life and situations through a clear lens and others as who they really are - a lens unmarred by Unconscious Influences. Showing You that When You See Life and others through that clearer lens, you no longer bring echoes of the past into the present - echoes that caused you to feel bad, take things personally, think or act in disempower ways, or create disharmony with others by your reactions. Guiding You to Incorporate the Two Elements Needed to overcome the Unconscious Influences that run your life - without your consent - and keep you unhappy, in mediocrity, or in constant conflict with others. Firstly, you must ensure you are connected to the love, power, and wisdom of your True Self  – connected to your essence – who you are at our core. Secondly, you must dismantle any Unconscious Influences that are in the way of you accessing the connection. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 Other Books in this "Our Journeys to Peace Series" (To read more in detail about Overcome ... scroll down) Book 1 of  'Our Journeys to Peace ' Series - Why We Are the Way We Are - Published. See Book Covers at End Upcoming Books About Book 2 - Relationship Intelligence, Choose Your Ideal Partner, Improve Your Current Relationship, Heal Your Family Relationships  (Title was Relationships in an Evolving World) -  due out Fall 2023. About Book 3 - Overcome Your Unconscious Influences, such as Anger Frustration, Hurt Feelings, and Blaming Others for Your Unhappiness- due out Winter 2023-24 To stay updated for when these become available, Sign-up for my Newsletter 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 Overcome  Your Unconscious Influences  …  🦋Recaps concepts from Book 1, Why We Are the Way We Are, which helps you understand why people behave in the ways they do 🦋Offers deeper insight into why you may feel stuck in certain areas of your life 🦋 Guides you HOW to get unstuck 🦋Helps you to understand WHY you feel hurt, get angry, are constantly frustrated, and tend to blame others for your unhappiness - and for not being at your emotional beck-and-call. In this book 3 of my 'Our Journeys to Peace' series, ... you learn  how to better navigate life - so that you can have a more peaceful existence, and create more harmonious relationships. Overcome ...  shows you how to🔸 pinpoint 🔸acknowledge 🔸and override any attitudes or habitual [...]

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As We Continue to Evolve All Our Relationships Will Improve (1/2)


(Part 2, Partnering up Consciously ⁄ Separating Consciously is found on link below). Relationships are the vehicle that best allow us work out our issues - our pains, fears, reactionary styles, protective devices and all other unconscious influences that keep us from feeling peaceful, living in harmony with others, and becoming our Best Self. This is especially true in our familial relationships - and in particular with our significant others. Often we are drawn to one another so that we get together to love, help, support each other in life, to work through our unconscious influences, and/or to play out what our soul contracts dictate. Issues that come out in our relationships are opportunities to heal them. This is always a good thing and in doing so we grow spiritually. So working towards healing a relationship is most often recommended. However, sometimes the chemistry people feel with each other does not necessarily have to end in a long or even short-term relationship. A heart connection with a strong chemical attraction may be a left-over energetic pull from a past-life association. We may have an unfinished lesson to learn with the other and we are only to get together for a time (a reason or a season), a purpose, learn a lesson, and then move on. It may also be that we are not meant to act on the connection we feel, and the lesson to learn through the energetic pull we feel towards the other is to rise above the chemistry and use discretion in choosing a partner. Relationships create emotional entanglements and the unraveling from those based in neediness or left-over energetic pulls that hold drama usually carry unpleasantness and emotional pain. As the effects of this Shift of consciousness Humanity is going through continues to encourage us to find joy, lightness in living, compassion and understanding towards others, and the impetus to overcome any unconscious influence we hold that undermine our self and/or create conflict with others, all aspects of all our relationships will improve. Current relationships will become healthier, as the conflicts that have their roots in seriousness, neediness, Perceived Needs, Hidden Agendas, and Protective Mechanism will begin to dissolve. As we start to become more mindful, those of us entering into new relationships will choose our partners more consciously. We will feel empowered enough to seek out people whose character, lifestyle, and values complement and align with ours. These pairings will have many less conflicts than those based in neediness and unconscious influences, but when conflicts do arise they will be resolved with calmness and integrity. Children will benefit greatly from these attitudes. Many young parents today are already parenting consciously and embrace many of the concepts in Shefali Tsabary’s ground-breaking book, The Conscious Parent. - Rosemary McCarthy©  January 2018, updated October 2018 ----------------------- Part 2 Partnering Up Consciousnly, Separating Consciously is found here (Note: You will be directed to Journey's website / blog page). To be advised when new 'Our Journeys to Peace'  books become available e-mail me [...]

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Everything Stems from Either Love or Fear


Although we are not aware of it, all our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions stem from either Love, or from Fear. When our mind is calm and we feel happy, light-hearted, worry-free, and able to embrace our passions we are aligned to our True Self. To Source. To the love within. Connected to this love within, our attitudes and behaviors reflect the qualities of love (Below, illustration 4 shows some of the aspects of LOVE) When our mind is in overdrive, we can’t focus or are consumed with worry, blame, judgment, or any other negative or disempowering thoughts or feelings we are disconnected from our True Self. Disconnected to this love within, our attitudes and behaviors reflect the qualities of fear (Below, Illustration 5 shows some aspects of FEAR) We are all born connected to this love within. To our True Self. However, over the years we have gathered impressions from our life experiences, or from what we have witnessed. This article is based on concepts from my book “Why We Are the Way We Are “ See  here for About Book  (Links to my blog, Facebook page, and Newsletter sign-up below) If these were mostly positive and we experienced or witnessed mostly loving, compassionate, uplifting, non-judgmental attitudes and acceptance of others we will have a positive outlook on life as our connection to our True Self will have remained quite strong. If growing up the attitudes and behaviors we experienced or witnessed were mostly unloving, and the people around us were controlling, judgmental, or cruel and their aim was to disempower, we will likely have a negative attitude about life as our connection to the love within will have been weakened. However, a negative past can be overcome. Sometimes being around negative and unloving people creates such an impact on us that we reject the negativity and become positive and loving. Or, one person in our life may have positively influenced us so much so that the spark of love was kept alive within us Unhealed emotions from past negativity still stuck within us need a voice. This is most often released in dysfunctional ways. Unaddressed emotions affect our self-esteem. Our level of confidence. The will to do. We are indecisive. Depression, lethargy, bad habits, or even addictions will surface. Or, we project our unhealed emotions out into the world as dysfunctional behaviors towards others. LOVE Love is at the heart of all our peace, happiness, and harmonious living All the joy and passion that we feel, and harmony that manifests in our life, and all the other positive attitudes (many shown in the illustration) stem from love. We are able to bring these about because we are connected to the spark that we emanated from. There is a memory of that spark within all of us, and it is easily accessible if no roadblocks were erected in life to squelch the connection. In positive, loving people, that connection can show up in either overt or covert ways, depending on [...]

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Newsletter – October 2018


Happy Fall, and to Embracing New Ideas and Change My message this month on embracing new ideas and change is inspired by the recent new idea I am following through on to offer the concepts in Your Journey  to Peace in smaller, more manageable formats, and the shifts/changes this has brought about in my attitudes and way of looking at life. As Humanity continues to evolve, we are all being guided to shift, change, and be open to new ideas. Society is evolving. We are being guided to. Change is not easy for many of us, however, to create the world we all want society has to change its perspective. Society changes its perspective when individuals do. See here to read full newsletter message. I also want to introduce my new series of books ‘Our Journeys to Peace’ Series. These will be small books based on and updated from the main chapters in Your Journey to Peace, with the first 3 soon published (projected dates below). They will be available in print (approximately $9.99 – 14.99) and in e-book formats. See here to read about the first 3 books in 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series. Why We Are the Way We Are – Book 1 – (to be published December 2018). Becoming Our Best Self – Book 2 – (due out April 2019). Relationships in an Evolving World – Book 3 – (due out June 2019). To be informed when these books do become available email me at rosemary@yourjourneytopeace.com Rosemary McCarthy, October 2018

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The Universal Law of Openness – Part 3 of 3


(Links to parts 1 and 2 are below). As I explained in Part 1, to fully take advantage of the gifts the universe has to offer us we have to be “open” – in a state of receptivity – in our heart-space, and in Part 2 I put forth that we also have to be open to transformation – to what is keeping us from being open-hearted – in that state of receptivity. Openness also Means Being Open to New Ideas and Approaches The Law of Openness also open to alternatives. To new ideas and approaches. To seeing things through a new lens. Open to changing our views on some things. Being open to alternatives means that we must be receptive to the fact that our individual perspectives are not the only ones, and that they may even be misguided. It helps to remember that over our lifetime most of us have changed our minds about things we once believed to be true. We must be open to questioning some of our views – especially those we inherited based on old paradigms. On our health. The Planet. What we were taught about our past – especially regarding people of Indigenous cultures, other races, and different orientations. On the safety of our food supply. How our scriptures are interpreted. Open to new ways to dealing with personal and collective issues. New Ideas Regarding Our Health Being open to universal flow, we can tune into the innate wisdom held in our bodies. Christiane Northrup tells us in Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom that our “symptoms and/or illnesses … [come with] messages” and suggests we ask ourselves, “Am I open to listening to them?” She explains that our illnesses speak to us, and that we should listen to the messages our bodies give us – for the purposes of understanding, healing, and possibly making life changes – not for an in-depth analysis of why it happened. (1). Read about Book 1 Why we Are the Way We Are (due out November) of my new 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series  (to be published in November)  here Little Ideas that Help Our Planet There are many little things we can all do for the Planet. For example, we can exchange our lush green lawns and properties that require much watering for those that use various decorative alternatives that use less water. In Kelowna, B.C. (a dry, arid area in the Okanagan valley) I have seen a combination of different colored pebbles, small rocks, mulch, and small flowering and cactus-like plants and shrubs create beautiful properties. Being Open While Keeping Healthy Boundaries As we open spiritually and move toward a more open-hearted existence, we have to strike a balance between being open and having healthy boundaries. As we become more open and compassionate towards others we must be aware of our emotional boundaries. People may attempt to walk all over us, lure us to getting pulled into their dramas, or, we may become victims of their neediness or agendas. When we [...]

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The Universal Law of Openness – (Part 1 / 3)


See below for link to Part 2 The Law of Openness denotes that to fully take advantage of the gifts the universe has to offer us we have to be “open” – in a state of receptivity. Grace, light, energy, and unconditional love are continuously being beamed to us from the higher realms, and to the Planet as a whole. To access these gifts, we must ensure we keep the floodgates to the universe open. Living in faith, with open hearts, and expressing love and its qualities out into the world keeps us in a receptive mode. This is honoring the Law of Openness. Jesus said, “come to me like children” – childlike. With awe. With trust. With hearts open – able to receive and give love. The expression “the heart is the seat of the soul” means that it is through our hearts that we tap into our divinity – our higher selves. To access the qualities inherent in our divinity we have to be in our heart space – not in our mind. (This article/blog post is based on concepts in my first book Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science. About book found here  (note you will be directed to Journey's website). Living Heart-centered vs Living Mind-centered When we live heart-centered and with open hearts, we are living at our highest, purest form. The communication lines to the universe are open: love, grace, wisdom, guidance, and information flows freely back and forth. Insights come to us. Our questions are answered. Our concerns addressed. The messages we receive guide us toward our ultimate happiness, life purpose, and our highest good. When we live from a mind-centered place, we are existing at a lower, denser level. Although living heart-centered offers us more than living mind-centered as we have access to universal flow and the power it holds, the mind is louder than the heart. When we are mind-centered, our hearts desires and any messages we might receive are drowned out. Messages are not heard. The communication lines to the universe either contain static or are blocked completely. Any insights or messages that do get through may be blurred or misunderstood. And as our focus is mainly on mind-centered matters and not on those that feed the heart or soul, the only guidance we hear or pay attention to is geared towards our mind-centered concerns. From an open heart-centered place we can accept unconditional love and freely offer love and its qualities like kindness, understanding, compassion, fairness, and acceptance to others. We live life from a place of me-and-you. From a mind-centered place we are less open to others. We react to people and situations at the level of the mind – not from the heart or the soul. We see life and others through barriers – through the mind’s veil of worry, fear, limitations, defensiveness, judgement, control, prejudice, suspiciousness, etc. We erect protective devices.* From a mind-centered place we cannot fully accept or offer love as our [...]

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Why We Are the Way We Are (Book 1)


Why We Are the Way We Are (Book 1 in, 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series) (available in print and e-book) Return to Journey’s blog page here) Why We Are the Way We Are ... Guides You to Better Understand Yourself -  and Others - so that ... ?You Feel Happier, More Peaceful, Contented, and Satisfied in Life  ?You Create Harmony in Your  Relationships ?You Become More Empowered - In All Areas of Our Life. Purchase from Amazon  - USA Link      Purchase from AMAZON - Canada Link Why We Are the Way We Are ... Explains Why You May Often Feel Bad, and Guides You to Deal More Effectively with Others to Get the Results You Want When You ... ?Get angry, ?Feel frustrated,?Get hurt feelings, ?Feel uninspired, ?Often feel disappointed, ?Lash out at people. ?Are ineffective in your efforts to express yourself, get the results you want, or create harmony in your relationships. Why ... shows you how to deal with people who behave badly. And it explains the importance of - and how to make peace with people who have different beliefs or ways of navigating life than you do.  This first book in 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series also explains how Humanity, we, and others, got to be the way we are, why the world is the way it is, and how we perpetuate this - individually and collectively - and without even realizing it. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ With its simple worksheets, Why ...  will help you to uncover any habitual thought, reactive, or behavioral patterns that may be causing your upsets and frustrations. We are usually unaware that it is our habitual thought, reactive, and behavioral patterns that are keeping us from being happy, feeling calm and peaceful, and having harmonious relationships. These newfound understandings will inspire you to no longer judge, blame, or criticize those around you creating more peace and harmony in your life - and in your relationships.  Purchase Book from AMAZON - Canada Link Purchase from Amazon – USA Link Why ... Guides You to Understand, Connect the Dots (with its worksheets) - and Deal More Effectively With ... ?Your Hurt Feelings: Learn Why You Often Feel Hurt (or Disappointed) by Others' Behavior (or Non-behavior), and How to Understand - and Work Through those Feelings. ?Others' Bad Reactions: Understand Why Others React the Way they Do - and Learn how to Respond Effectively - so that You Come Away Feeling Peaceful.  Learn how to Not Tune Others Out, or Incite Conflict or More Harmful Reactions. ?Conflicts in Your Relationships: Learn Why Your Relationships are So Difficult or Full of Conflict, and How to Soothe Difficult Situations and Avoid Hostile Communications. ?Your Unhelpful Reactionary States: Understand Your Default Reactionary States and How to Overcome them - so that You Get the Results YOU want when When Your Communications Start to Get Difficult. Why ...  Teaches You the Importance of - and How to ... ?Express Yourself Effectively: Learn How to Express Yourself In Ways [...]

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