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Overcome Your Unconscious Influences, such as Anger, Frustration, Hurt Feelings, Neediness, and Blaming Others for Your Unhappiness ...

… is your guide – that helps you Overcome what is Keeping you Unhappy, Frustrated, in Mediocrity, or in Conflict with Others, by …

Explaining that the Path to a happy, peaceful, empowered, and conflict-free life requires that you see life and situations through a clear lens and others as who they really are – a lens unmarred by Unconscious Influences.

Showing You that When You See Life and others through that clearer lens, you no longer bring echoes of the past into the present – echoes that caused you to feel bad, take things personally, think or act in disempower ways, or create disharmony with others by your reactions.

Guiding You to Incorporate the Two Elements Needed to overcome the Unconscious Influences that run your life – without your consent – and keep you unhappy, in mediocrity, or in constant conflict with others.

  • Firstly, you must ensure you are connected to the love, power, and wisdom of your True Self  – connected to your essence – who you are at our core.
  • Secondly, you must dismantle any Unconscious Influences that are in the way of you accessing the connection.

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Other Books in this “Our Journeys to Peace Series”

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Book 1 of  ‘Our Journeys to Peace ‘ SeriesWhy We Are the Way We Are – Published.

Upcoming Books

About Book 2 Relationship Intelligence, Choose Your Ideal Partner, Improve Your Current Relationship, Heal Your Family Relationships  (Title was Relationships in an Evolving World) –  due out Spring 2023.

About Book 3 – Overcome Your Unconscious Influences, such as Anger Frustration, Hurt Feelings, and Blaming Others for Your Unhappiness– is due out Summer 2023

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Overcome  Your Unconscious Influences  … 

?Recaps concepts from Book 1, Why We Are the Way We Are, which helps you understand why people behave in the ways they do

?Offers deeper insight into why you may feel stuck in certain areas of your life

? Guides you HOW to get unstuck

? Helps you to understand WHY you feel hurt, get angry, are constantly frustrated, and tend to blame others for your unhappiness – and for not being at your emotional beck-and-call.

In this book 2 of my ‘Our Journeys to Peace’ series, …

you learn  how to better navigate life – so that you can have

a more peaceful existence, and create more harmonious relationships.

Overcome .. shows you how to? pinpoint ?acknowledge ?and override any attitudes or habitual patterns – conscious or unconscious – you may have that are holding you back from becoming your Best Self.

In this book, I also offer,

  • Worksheets to help you “Connect the Dots” helping you pinpoint how shifting your thoughts, attitudes, expectations, or behaviors can help you become more calm, peaceful, contented, and able to create happier relationships
  • Simple Meditations,
  • Word and Mind Talk hints to help you ensure you are keeping a positive vibration.
  • Energetic Attunements, Exercises / Releasing Techniques, and Visualizations.

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