Why We Are the Way We Are

(Book 1 in, ‘Our Journeys to Peace’ Series)

(available in print and e-book)

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Why We Are the Way We Are … Guides You to Better Understand Yourself –  and Others – so that …

?You Feel Happier, More Peaceful, Contented, and Satisfied in Life 

?You Create Harmony in Your  Relationships

?You Become More Empowered – In All Areas of Our Life.

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Why We Are the Way We Are … Explains Why You May Often Feel Bad, and Guides You to Deal More Effectively with Others to Get the Results You Want When You ...

?Get angry, ?Feel frustrated,?Get hurt feelings, ?Feel uninspired, ?Often feel disappointed, ?Lash out at people. ?Are ineffective in your efforts to express yourself, get the results you want, or create harmony in your relationships.

Why … shows you how to deal with people who behave badly. And it explains the importance of – and how to make peace with people who have different beliefs or ways of navigating life than you do. 

This first book in ‘Our Journeys to Peace’ Series also explains how Humanity, we, and others, got to be the way we are, why the world is the way it is, and how we perpetuate this – individually and collectively – and without even realizing it.

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With its simple worksheets, Why …  will help you to uncover any habitual thought, reactive, or behavioral patterns that may be causing your upsets and frustrations.

We are usually unaware that it is our habitual thought, reactive, and behavioral patterns that are keeping us from being happy, feeling calm and peaceful, and having harmonious relationships.

These newfound understandings will inspire you to no longer judge, blame, or criticize those around you creating more peace and harmony in your life – and in your relationships. 

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Why … Guides You to Understand, Connect the Dots (with its worksheets) – and Deal More Effectively With ...

?Your Hurt Feelings: Learn Why You Often Feel Hurt (or Disappointed) by Others’ Behavior (or Non-behavior), and How to Understand – and Work Through those Feelings.

?Others’ Bad Reactions: Understand Why Others React the Way they Do – and Learn how to Respond Effectively – so that You Come Away Feeling Peaceful.  Learn how to Not Tune Others Out, or Incite Conflict or More Harmful Reactions.

?Conflicts in Your Relationships: Learn Why Your Relationships are So Difficult or Full of Conflict, and How to Soothe Difficult Situations and Avoid Hostile Communications.

?Your Unhelpful Reactionary States: Understand Your Default Reactionary States and How to Overcome them – so that You Get the Results YOU want when When Your Communications Start to Get Difficult.

Why …  Teaches You the Importance of – and How to …

?Express Yourself Effectively: Learn How to Express Yourself In Ways that Make You Feel  Empowered and Energized – so that Get You the Results You Want.

?Learn to Shift Your Reactions and Behaviors – When Necessary to Avoid things Spiraling Downwards.

?Respond to Others’ Inappropriate Reactions and Behaviors – in Ways that Deescalate – instead of Further Antagonizing a Situation.

?Improv Your Decision-Making Skills: Understand Why You Keep on Making Bad Decisions – Decisions that Do Not Ultimately Get You What You Want. Learn how to Make Better Decisions that Serve Your Best Interests.

?Improve Your Communication Skills: Learn the Importance of Good, Healthy, and Empowering Communication, How to Improve Your Communication,  as well as Respond More Effectively to Others’ Weak or Missing Communications – so that You have Fewer Frustrations and Misunderstandings in Your Life – and in Your Relationships.

?Become More Empowered: Learn How to Take Charge of Your Life. Understand – and  Overcome Habitual Patterns that Are Keeping You from Becoming the Best You Can be in All Areas of Your Life.

Why We Are the We Are Will Guide You to Become the Best, Most Empowered Version of Yourself. 

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Our  Journeys to Peace and the World

This first book in ‘Our Journeys to Peace’ Series also explains how Humanity, we, and others, got to be the way we are, why the world is the way it is, and how we perpetuate this – individually and collectively.

Making peace with others and having a peaceful existence is no small thing.

Why ... also explains how to make peace with the world around us – especially when we see negativity splashed all over the newscasts. You will learn why even small shifts to positive, loving, fair, and inclusive attitudes and behaviors not only help our relationships but also help the world as a whole.


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