Happy Fall, and to Embracing New Ideas and Change

My message this month on embracing new ideas and change is inspired by the recent new idea I am following through on to offer the concepts in Your Journey  to Peace in smaller, more manageable formats, and the shifts/changes this has brought about in my attitudes and way of looking at life. As Humanity continues to evolve, we are all being guided to shift, change, and be open to new ideas.

Society is evolving. We are being guided to. Change is not easy for many of us, however, to create the world we all want society has to change its perspective. Society changes its perspective when individuals do.

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I also want to introduce my new series of books ‘Our Journeys to Peace’ Series. These will be small books based on and updated from the main chapters in Your Journey to Peace, with the first 3 soon published (projected dates below). They will be available in print (approximately $9.99 – 14.99) and in e-book formats.

See here to read about the first 3 books in ‘Our Journeys to Peace’ Series.

Why We Are the Way We Are – Book 1 – (to be published December 2018).
Becoming Our Best Self – Book 2 – (due out April 2019).
Relationships in an Evolving World – Book 3 – (due out June 2019).

To be informed when these books do become available email me at rosemary@yourjourneytopeace.com

Rosemary McCarthy, October 2018