(This is Part 1 of 3, and a companion post to “Worksheet 19: Small Attitude Shifts I Can Start With,” which I will publish in a few weeks).  

Our unconscious doesn’t distinguish between small and large issues. So, when wanting to improve our life any small shift in any negative attitudes, habits, or behaviors is helpful for our overall future.

We can start by noticing the little things in life we do or attitudes we hold that keep us disempowered and/or distanced from others: what makes us feel bad, annoys or angers us, steers us into losing our peace, or reinforces our passivity.

The first principle of A Course in Miracles is that there is no hierarchy of illusions. We are either aligned with our True Self (Source), or we are misaligned from it. We either experience the love it holds, or we do not. We either feel empowered, or we don’t. We are either able to extend love’s qualities, or we are not able to.

While it may appear that making peace with (forgiving) small issues say, like the guy cutting us off in traffic, can’t do much to change our thought process and positively impact our default attitudes and behaviors, they do. Small shifts start the ball rolling!

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Our higher Self is on board with us wanting to be happier, more peaceful, and feeling empowered. And consistently making small attitude shifts has a huge impact on our psyches. Our thought processes and behaviors will automatically start to shift as we continue to consciously choose positive ones.

When we make the effort to shift our propensity to react negatively to even minor upsets and reap the benefits of feeling more peaceful, we are encouraged to continue with more peaceful responses.  Our trajectory starts to change.

For those of us who tend to be passive, taking small steps like speaking up with regard to minor matters builds confidence. In continuing to speak up we will feel more empowered. We will become more confident around bullying, controlling, or manipulative people. This is an immeasurable self-esteem booster!

Once we recognize how much better we feel when we exchange calm responses for aggressive reactions, or how confident we start to feel when we speak up for our self instead of burying our thoughts, ideas, or feelings, we are ready to tackle larger issues.

Next week I will post Part 2,  “Better Attitude Suggestions”

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