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Many Possible Passions / Many Possible Callings

If your passion calls you to create – do it! You will be uplifting others by bringing beauty into the world. If it calls you to work for the betterment of people, animals, the Planet, or the world in general – do it! You will be bringing forth concrete efforts for change.

  • If your passion calls you to teach—become an educator! You are one of the lucky ones, as you will have the honor of guiding the next generation who have come at this time of the Shift fully open and aware of what the world needs;
  • If passion calls you to create a loving family—do it! The children you bring into the world will further our efforts to create a loving and compassionate world;
  • If you feel passionate about cooking, farming, or the food industry in general―embrace it! You will be nourishing people’s bodies, which nourishes their minds and souls;
  • If passion calls you to the business community, technical industry, or any other seemingly everyday job or career path—answer the call! You will be filling the needs of people in their day-to-day lives as well as those whose life purpose is to directly help others;
  • If you feel passionate about art, music, dance, writing, and so on—embrace it! You will be helping people connect to their heart spaces through the vibrations your creations hold.

It doesn’t matter what we do in life. What is important is that

we answer the call of our hearts, make conscious decisions, and

have passion for and bring integrity into all we do.

The Importance of Embracing Our Passions

We must answer our calls to passion. It is what makes us happy – feel alive. And sometimes we have to go looking for it, even in non-traditional ways.

Robin McGraw is a true believer in the need to go looking for what makes us happy. In her book, Inside My Heart: Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose, she explains that this was the driving thought behind her wanting to lead a Brownie troop when she was newly married but had no children yet. This satisfied her passion to nurture children.

If you cannot tap into your passions, allow the Universe to guide you. You can,

  • Set your intention and allow your thoughts and words to flow on paper;
  • Sit quietly in prayer or meditations and ask Spirit, (God, the Universe) to guide you;
  • Make lists of what you like to do or have wanted to try or do. Notice how each makes you feel. Consider exploring those that generate good feelings.

Our passions must make us feel excited. While embracing our passions helps us feel joy, it also helps the world in practical ways as we share our gifts, energy, and knowledge. Doing so also raises the vibration of the Planet. As we embrace our passions we connect to the joy within. Joy has a quality of lightness of being. Lightness of being raises the vibration of the Planet.

We are living in a time of planetary evolution. It is our cosmic time to embrace the lightness and expansiveness of the next stage of Humanity’s evolution. To live open-hearted. Tap into joy. Our passions. Become our best self. Loving. Fair. Accepting of all others.

It is our time to leave behind the heaviness of our past and its harsh ways of being and bring lightness into our lives, to those around us, and to the world.

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