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The Indigenous ‘Secret of Enough’ – Part 1/2


Even though there is still much need and poverty in the world, thereFlorida state seminars jerseys Florida state seminars jerseys brock bowers jersey OSU Jerseys OSU Jerseys OSU Jerseys custom football jerseys OSU Jerseys florida state football jersey johnny manziel jersey johnny manziel jersey 49ers jersey custom made football jerseys custom made football jerseys Florida state seminars jerseys is enough for all of us – to survive, to live with dignity, and even to thrive. We just have to use what our Planet has bequeathed to us wisely. Our ancient societies lived balanced lives. Our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives were in balance. And we understood the Concept of Enough.  Most native people worldwide, and other groups like the Mennonites, live off the land, free of most unnecessary material possessions. Links to 2 other associated blog posts are at the end I also offer a variety of Writing Services. The Indigenous peoples believe the earth will provide them with the basic necessities, and they take only what they really need to survive. Most still adhere to the concept of enough.  They love and revere the Planet and understand our deep connection to it. They appreciate that it nourishes us with water, air, and food: it supports us, and they understand that maintaining the purity of these is crucial. The Indigenous people around the world recognize the Planet as a gift from our Creator and that every molecule on it lives and breathes. Embedded in their histories is the belief that we are all its stewards. Throughout the world, most native peoples understand and maintain a reciprocal connection with Gaia. This connection is their spirituality. What is enough? Enough is different for everyone. Most of us in the Western world do want some luxuries and modern commodities and some of these can be supported by Mother Nature (if we are wise about it), but many of us have gone overboard. In The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight Thom Hartmann reminds us that our current society lives under the myth that “if some stuff will make you happy, then twice as much stuff will make you twice as happy, and ten times as much will make you ten times as happy, and so on, into infinity.” (1) This - and all my articles/blog posts are based on concepts in my book:  Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science.  And although greed has been around for eons, it has only recently extended to such abusive actions towards our Planet as to threaten her (and thereby our) very survival. Where did this current greed come from? In his essay, “The World of Wonder” in Spiritual Ecology, Thomas Berry explains that in North America this attitude of acquiring grew as a result of our lack of embracing or understanding the concept of “Earth-based spirituality” when we first came here from Europe. Barry reminds us that not only did the Indigenous people understand the relationship between heaven, earth, and its people, evidenced [...]

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The Universal Law Of Authenticity – Part 2 / 2


(Link for Part 1 is at end of article) Our True Self is subtle. Unemotional. Quiet. It speaks through our heart. To truly come from an authentic place within our self we have to be able to connect to the subtler parts of our self. Honestly in touch with and acknowledging our feelings (hurts and fears), desires, and motivations – calmly. And to be authentic with others we have to express from an open and clear heart. Void of any created barriers or neediness. Check out my newly released book, Why We Are the Way We Are, Book 1 of my new ‘Our Journeys to Peace’ Series here Being authentic means that we are able to: In tune with what we want out of life – but also why. (Not necessarily the details but the general idea and how this would make us feel); See ourselves clearly ― who we are being, what we are doing, and why; Able to recognize, look at, and address when we fall into negativity – be it succumbing to anger, aggressiveness, neediness, deep set fears, revenge, passive aggressiveness, or any other negative pattern that causes us or those around us angst; Connect to and accept the fact that we may not always have been acting consciously regarding past attitudes, behaviors, or actions; Be honest with our self about any past attitudes or behaviors that hurt others or did not serve us well; Not be afraid to acknowledge our errors or bad choices, while at the same time forgive our self. We are all only ever doing our best within our current awareness. This also helps us to forgive others; Express our hurts and our needs honestly – even if the words are not eloquently formed; Know when to let go of old habits or outdated beliefs or ideals that are no longer serving our highest good, or that of those around us; Spend a day, a week, or even longer alone because we are comfortable with our self and accepting of who we are; Not be overly discouraged by failure as we know something else will come about. Becoming authentic and getting acquainted with our essence – our True Self brings us joy, peace within our self, harmony with others, and gives us a clearer vision of our future. Being authentic is to live and speak from the heart. Without inner fears, unconscious influences, or any neediness our heart-space is open and we are able to feel confident and express honestly to others. As we start to peel away the layers between our created Self and our True Self our authentic self starts to shine through. We are embracing the Laws of Openness and Authenticity. This is based in my writings in Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science. About book found here   and my Newly Released Why We Are the Way We Are . Link with image above. Rosemary McCarthy, © September 2018, updated December 2018. For Part 1  see here  (You will be directed to [...]

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Cherishing Moments – Making Memories (December 2018 Newsletter)


(From my December Newsletter - sign-up link below) At this Holiday Season with its business and the many celebrations that comes along with it,  let’s remember to cherish the special moments this time of the year offers us. It is the cherished moments – moments we allow to penetrate our being – that create memories we can draw on later to warm our hearts – even years from now. Whether we celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, any other holiday, or simply find our self caught up in the excitement of the season, this time of the year comes with lots of cheerful gatherings with family and friends, but may also be fraught with stress, or disappointment. Focusing on cherishing the special moments each season – instead of trying to create perfection, saying yes to everything, or attempting to please everyone – will help create a bank of memories you can draw on for years to come. Check out my Newly Released Why We Are the Way We Are, Book 1 of my new 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series - with Book 2. Becoming Our Best Self - due Feb 2019, and  Book 3 Relationship in An Evolving World - due April 2019. For details see  here Let’s all remember that the purpose of this season is to feel joy, to experience and to express love to those around us, and to offer it to those less fortunate than us. Reveling in the small things this special time of the year offers us – what brings a smile to our face and warms our heart ensures we tap into this season’s meaning. We can take in special moments like: Allowing the awe of seeing the streets all lighted up penetrate your being; Breathing in the first whiff of your favorite traditional dish; Seeing the smile or appreciation on the face of someone you he Singing along to your favorite holiday tune; Playing it over and over again; Taking in the warmth, liveliness, and even quirkiness of loud and spirited get-togethers; Fully appreciating that quiet stolen moment with a child, parent, spouse, or friend – amidst all the chaos; Allowing the sight, smell, or crackling sound of a fireplace warm your heart; Basking in the satisfaction of cleaning up with your spouse, or a loved one, after a holiday gathering. And knowing that anything we do (no matter how big or small, whether monetary or hands on) to help another(s) feel loved or cared for in this season of giving not only helps the other(s), but opens our heart to the season’s special graces. Rosemary McCarthy, ©  December 2018. To keep updated on new articles or book releases follow my Facebook page  here  or, here for sign up for my free monthly newsletter with various themes related to our personal and collective journeys to peace. You can share this article with others as long as you include the full © notation below. When you share through Facebook, the message automatically copies. --------------------- Copyright © 2018 by Rosemary McCarthy. All rights Reserved. To [...]

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