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At this Holiday Season with its business and the many celebrations that comes along with it,  let’s remember to cherish the special moments this time of the year offers us.

It is the cherished moments – moments we allow to penetrate our being – that create memories we can draw on later to warm our hearts – even years from now.

Whether we celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, any other holiday, or simply find our self caught up in the excitement of the season, this time of the year comes with lots of cheerful gatherings with family and friends, but may also be fraught with stress, or disappointment.

Focusing on cherishing the special moments each season – instead of trying to create perfection, saying yes to everything, or attempting to please everyone – will help create a bank of memories you can draw on for years to come.

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Let’s all remember that the purpose of this season is to feel joy, to experience and to express love to those around us, and to offer it to those less fortunate than us. Reveling in the small things this special time of the year offers us – what brings a smile to our face and warms our heart ensures we tap into this season’s meaning. We can take in special moments like:

  • Allowing the awe of seeing the streets all lighted up penetrate your being;
  • Breathing in the first whiff of your favorite traditional dish;
  • Seeing the smile or appreciation on the face of someone you he
  • Singing along to your favorite holiday tune; Playing it over and over again;
  • Taking in the warmth, liveliness, and even quirkiness of loud and spirited get-togethers;
  • Fully appreciating that quiet stolen moment with a child, parent, spouse, or friend – amidst all the chaos;
  • Allowing the sight, smell, or crackling sound of a fireplace warm your heart;
  • Basking in the satisfaction of cleaning up with your spouse, or a loved one, after a holiday gathering.
  • And knowing that anything we do (no matter how big or small, whether monetary or hands on) to help another(s) feel loved or cared for in this season of giving not only helps the other(s), but opens our heart to the season’s special graces.

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