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Our True Self is subtle. Unemotional. Quiet. It speaks through our heart. To truly come from an authentic place within our self we have to be able to connect to the subtler parts of our self. Honestly in touch with and acknowledging our feelings (hurts and fears), desires, and motivations – calmly.

And to be authentic with others we have to express from an open and clear heart. Void of any created barriers or neediness.

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Why we are the Way We are

Being authentic means that we are able to:

  • In tune with what we want out of life – but also why. (Not necessarily the details but the general idea and how this would make us feel);
  • See ourselves clearly ― who we are being, what we are doing, and why;
  • Able to recognize, look at, and address when we fall into negativity – be it succumbing to anger, aggressiveness, neediness, deep set fears, revenge, passive aggressiveness, or any other negative pattern that causes us or those around us angst;
  • Connect to and accept the fact that we may not always have been acting consciously regarding past attitudes, behaviors, or actions;
  • Be honest with our self about any past attitudes or behaviors that hurt others or did not serve us well;
  • Not be afraid to acknowledge our errors or bad choices, while at the same time forgive our self. We are all only ever doing our best within our current awareness. This also helps us to forgive others;
  • Express our hurts and our needs honestly – even if the words are not eloquently formed;
  • Know when to let go of old habits or outdated beliefs or ideals that are no longer serving our highest good, or that of those around us;
  • Spend a day, a week, or even longer alone because we are comfortable with our self and accepting of who we are;
  • Not be overly discouraged by failure as we know something else will come about.

Becoming authentic and getting acquainted with our essence – our True Self brings us joy, peace within our self, harmony with others, and gives us a clearer vision of our future.

Being authentic is to live and speak from the heart. Without inner fears, unconscious influences, or any neediness our heart-space is open and we are able to feel confident and express honestly to others.

As we start to peel away the layers between our created Self and our True Self our authentic self starts to shine through. We are embracing the Laws of Openness and Authenticity.

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