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Why We Are the Way We Are – Now Available


Why We Are the Way We Are, Book 1 of my new 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series. See here for About Book and Purchase Info Book 2 - Becoming Our Best Self - due out March 2019 - see here for About Book (see below for covers) Book  3 - Relationships in an Evolving World - due May 2019 - see here for About Book                                                 

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Universal Laws Guide Us to Become Our Best Self


To become the creators of our realities rather than at the effect of our Unconscious Influences, we have to recognize that the energetic vibrations we emit into the Universe are our requests for life experiences. Every thought, emotion, attitude, belief, response, action, and word spoken emits a vibration. And our vibrations are held within every cell of our being and make up the fabric of our Life Matrix. To shift anything held within our Life Matrix, we must change the vibrations we give off. To shift our vibrations, we need to shift our inner beliefs and corresponding thoughts and attitudes. The reason we attract people, things, and situations into our life is that we have requested them through the vibrations our thoughts, emotions, words, and attitudes emit. When we emerged from the Oneness God-energy the gift of conscious co-creation came with us, and it was through the vibrations of our thoughts, desires, and ideas that our creations could come about. Having lost the awareness that this is how we create, we have also forgotten that this is how the Universe responds to us. It recognizes our Life Matrix as our blueprint. This blueprint also holds our intentions and intensity. The vibrations we emit from our blueprint act like requests, and the intensity these vibrations hold translates as a barometer of the importance of our requests. As do our intentions - however subtle they are. The stronger the emotional attachment to something, be that an intense like or dislike, the stronger the pull to attract the same back to us. It is like a resonating energetic vibration and acts like a boomerang. The Law of Attraction is always at play. The more loving and accepting we are toward others, the more we will draw love and acceptance into our spheres, as that is what we have requested with our energy. The more we are critical and judgmental toward others, the more we will draw criticism and judgment toward us. Paradigms We Get Stuck In It is so easy to get stuck in the “he said/she said” or “they made me feel” paradigms. This is how we are programmed, and this is what we know. But it doesn’t get us what we want! If we keep focusing on the wrongness, we inevitably invite more of the same into our experiences. We are sullying our vibrations and becoming vulnerable. And this affects not only us but others too. Because we are all energetic beings, we may infringe on each other’s’ energetic vibrations—especially when we are tired, stressed, or being negative, as we are then energetically weak and vulnerable. In these energetically weakened states we are distanced from our power-base, and are susceptible to picking up another’s energy. Sometimes when we start to feel drained, agitated, or conflicted it is because we have picked up another’s energetic output. So, we must be attentive to what we are absorbing from others. Once we realize we have picked up something from another, we just have to [...]

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Today’s Understanding of Angels and Miracles (Part 1/2)


(Link to Part 2, on Demystifying Miracles is below) (You can return to Journey's ... blog page here ) Angles: Light-Beings  Angels are God’s representatives whose purpose is to offer us love, comfort, reassurance, and guidance, or to deliver messages. They are androgynous in nature and can manifest with feminine or masculine qualities and appear in whatever form is appropriate to us or the situation. If our religious background taught us that angels with wings love and protect us, we will feel Spirit’s love and protection through angels. What we call angels are really light-beings. They are the etheric, energetic beings who currently reside in the higher spiritual realms whose purpose is to serve as behind-the-scenes support for us and the universe as a whole. Check out my newly released book, Why We Are the Way We Are, Book 1 of my new 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series here They have either returned there by overcoming the constraints of duality while in form, like the Masters, or chose never to take form during the creation of the universe, like the archangels. The energies who speak through Esther Hicks call themselves Abraham (as in Abraham-Hicks) are light-beings and reside in the highest realms. The well-known Archangels Gabriel and Michael also abide in the highest realms, with Michael being the protector and comforter, and Gabriel God’s messenger. In Meetings with the Archangel, Stephen Mitchell writes of his encounter with Archangel Gabriel, who at first appeared to him in all his winged, magnificent glory in a masculine form dressed in kingly garb, but later changed into a “seven-foot-tall ellipse of light.” Gabriel said he was just a mirror of Mitchell’s consciousness, and his visit was to help Mitchell overcome his judgments of those who derive comfort from angels. In a previous book Mitchell had declared the use of angels as guides and comforters as nonsense. (1) This article in an amalgamation of a few sections from my book Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science. About book found here   See Here for Part 2 (you will be directed to my other website, but there is a link there to return to this site's blog page). Rosemary McCarthy, © September 2018, updated December 2018. To stay updated on new articles or book releases follow my Facebook page  here  or, here for sign up for my free monthly newsletter with various themes related to our personal and collective journeys to peace. This article  was recently published in Awareness Magazine's November / December issue (on page 8) found here You can share this article with others as long as you include the full © notation below. When you share through Facebook, the message automatically copies. --------------- Notations (1)Stephen Mitchell, Meetings with the Archangel: A Comedy of the Spirit, advanced uncorrected proof (HarperCollins, n.d.), 1, 2, 5–9. ---------------- Copyright © 2018 by Rosemary McCarthy. All rights Reserved. To copy, share, or distribute this post simply ensure the content is copied in its entirety, is unaltered, and is distributed freely and [...]

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Ensuring a Lightness of Being – Part 1/2


In order for us to access our greatness—become our Best Self—we must be living from a place of lightness of being. Having a positive, accepting, and easy-going attitude, outlook, and approach to life creates a lightness of being. This allows for a free-flowing connection between us universal flow. If lightness of being does not come naturally to us, we have to consciously create it by choosing light-hearted activities and pastimes, while at the same time become aware of and address any negative thoughts, attitudes, or behaviors that block it. Anger, biases, judgments, harsh words, being mind-centered, or anything that makes us hyper or scattered acts like a barrier to universal flow. Spirit’s nature is gentle and quiet. And it is continuously communicating insights and subtle messages to us to help us evolve and become the best, happiest, most empowered, and highest version of ourselves. This blog post is based on Book 1 of my new ‘Our Journeys to Peace’ Series, which has just become available (in print and e-book). See here for About Book We cannot always choose our circumstances, but we can choose our attitudes. If we are under the effect of any negative Unconscious Influences,* we can consciously choose to override them. Shifting any negative attitudes or ways of being takes awareness, self-forgiveness, and the courage to approach life from a different perspective. Being told we need change our perspective makes us feel insecure. Our attitudes, beliefs, and ways of being in the world define us. Admitting our thinking was wrong scares us. We may think admitting one thing will open a can of worms, although, it would be helpful in these times to remember that people do often change their minds and ideas about things. We may once have thought one way about, for example, education, marriage, politics, our career, or where we want to live, but then, something changed our perspective and thus, we changed our mind. *Unconscious Influences: Our attitudes, biases, habitual thought and reactive patterns, and inner beliefs that we unknowingly erected from past experiences, what we witnessed, and/or appropriated from others that are now part of our makeup. These can have a positive effect on our perceptions about life and how it should be, or a negative one. Part 2 will be posted early next week. Following my Facebook page will give you access. Link to my page is here    © Rosemary McCarthy, January, 2019 About Your Journey to Peace …  my first book, is found here - available in print and e-book formats. (This will direct you to my other website.) See here for my other blogs on this site -  here for many more on Journey to Peace's blog here for sign up for my free monthly newsletter with various themes and to stay updated on my new books’ publication dates. You can share this article with others as long as you include the full © notation below. When you share through Facebook, the message automatically copy. ———— Copyright © 2019 by Rosemary McCarthy. All rights Reserved. To copy, share, or distribute this post [...]

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