In order for us to access our greatness—become our Best Self—we must be living from a place of lightness of being.

Having a positive, accepting, and easy-going attitude, outlook, and approach to life creates a lightness of being. This allows for a free-flowing connection between us universal flow.

If lightness of being does not come naturally to us, we have to consciously create it by choosing light-hearted activities and pastimes, while at the same time become aware of and address any negative thoughts, attitudes, or behaviors that block it.

Anger, biases, judgments, harsh words, being mind-centered, or anything that makes us hyper or scattered acts like a barrier to universal flow.

Spirit’s nature is gentle and quiet. And it is continuously communicating insights and subtle messages to us to help us evolve and become the best, happiest, most empowered, and highest version of ourselves.

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We cannot always choose our circumstances, but we can choose our attitudes. If we are under the effect of any negative Unconscious Influences,* we can consciously choose to override them.

Shifting any negative attitudes or ways of being takes awareness, self-forgiveness, and the courage to approach life from a different perspective.

Being told we need change our perspective makes us feel insecure. Our attitudes, beliefs, and ways of being in the world define us.

Admitting our thinking was wrong scares us. We may think admitting one thing will open a can of worms, although, it would be helpful in these times to remember that people do often change their minds and ideas about things.

We may once have thought one way about, for example, education, marriage, politics, our career, or where we want to live, but then, something changed our perspective and thus, we changed our mind.

*Unconscious Influences: Our attitudes, biases, habitual thought and reactive patterns, and inner beliefs that we unknowingly erected from past experiences, what we witnessed, and/or appropriated from others that are now part of our makeup. These can have a positive effect on our perceptions about life and how it should be, or a negative one.

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