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As We Continue to Evolve Our Relationships Will Improve


Relationships are the vehicle that best allow us work out our issues – our pains, fears, reactionary styles, protective devices and all other unconscious influences that keep us from feeling peaceful, living in harmony with others, and becoming our Best Self. (Link to Part 1 is below) This is especially true in our familial relationships – and in particular with our significant others. However, this Shift of consciousness Humanity is going through is encouraging us to find harmony with others. When we acquiesce, our current relationships will improve, and we will be more conscious choosing new partners. Often we are drawn to one another so that we get together to love, help, support each other in life, to work through our unconscious influences, and/or to play out what our soul contracts dictate. Issues that come out in our relationships are opportunities to heal them. This is always a good thing and in doing so we grow spiritually. So working towards healing a relationship is most often recommended. However, sometimes the chemistry people feel with each other does not necessarily have to end in a long or even short-term relationship. A heart connection with a strong chemical attraction may be a left-over energetic pull from a past-life association. We may have an unfinished lesson to learn with the other and we are only to get together for a time (a reason or a season), a purpose, learn a lesson, and then move on. It may also be that we are not meant to act on the connection we feel, and the lesson to learn through the energetic pull we feel towards the other is to rise above the chemistry and use discretion in choosing a partner. This blog post is based in concepts from my book “Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science" See here for About Book (available in print and e-book) Relationships create emotional entanglements and the unraveling from those based in neediness or left-over energetic pulls that hold drama usually carry unpleasantness and emotional pain. As the effects of this Shift of consciousness Humanity is going through continues to encourage us to find joy, lightness in living, compassion and understanding towards others, and the impetus to overcome any unconscious influence we hold that undermine our self and/or create conflict with others, all aspects of all our relationships will improve. Current relationships will become healthier, as the conflicts that have their roots in seriousness, neediness, Perceived Needs, Hidden Agendas, and Protective Mechanism will begin to dissolve. As we start to become more mindful, those of us entering into new relationships will choose our partners more consciously. We will feel empowered enough to seek out people whose character, lifestyle, and values complement and align with ours. These pairings will have many less conflicts than those based in neediness and unconscious influences, but when conflicts do arise they will be resolved with calmness and integrity. Children will benefit greatly from these attitudes. Many young parents today are already parenting consciously and embrace many of the [...]

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Understanding Universal Law – Part 2/3


Universal Laws (Kingdom Principles and Hermetic Laws, among some of the names given) are esoteric in nature. They are over-arching principles of how the Universe works – just like gravity is a scientific principle on earth. They are guidelines to live by to become our Best Self. (Links to Part 1 and 3 below) Many of the rules to live by in the various religions have some basis in Universal Law. Universal Law and Our Past History Universal Law and its principles have been passed on to us throughout history – through numerous holy people, in many ways, and in various forms. Through their gods, teachers, and philosophers the ancients attempted to explain the laws and principles that pertain to creation, the cosmos, and our link to them. They also attempted to explain the subtler aspects of the creative principle – as they relate to us. Based on these principles, texts were written that influenced many of the religions and thought-systems of the day. In his investigation regarding human consciousness and religion, Stanislav Grof tells us in The Holotropic Mind that this creative principle, or cosmic consciousness, that has been written about in many ancient religious scriptures is known by different names: “Brahman in Hinduism, Dharmkaya in Mahayana Buddhism, the Tao in Taoism, Pneuma in Christian mysticism, Allah in Sufism, and Kether in the Kabbalah.”(1) One of the much-revered spiritual teachers of the ancient Egyptians was Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, who they later declared to be their god Thoth. From his teachings emerged the Hermetic Laws. This is an except from my new book, Why We Are the Way We Are  (Book 1 of my new ‘Our Journeys to Peace’ Series) See Here for About Book. (Available in print and e-book from Amazon) Many of these writings made their way into religious and spiritual texts we still use today. However, we have to make the distinction between the Universal Laws and the religious rules we are to live by, such as the 613 rules of Judaism. We Are Creative Consciousness In his same book, Grof also tells us that when physicists explored the micro world, they concluded that what “appears to be made up of solid objects” is actually an interweaving “complex web of unified events and relationships.” He says that we can then conclude that “consciousness does not just passively reflect the material world; it plays an active role in creating reality itself” (2). Everything in the Universe is vibration and in a constant state of flux, and so everything – including us is – always being influenced by these governing principles – whether we are aware of it or not. And because everything holds a consciousness, outcomes can be directed. We now understand the connection between scientific findings like quantum physics and spiritual concepts like the Law of Attraction’s premise that “we create our own realities.” Outcomes in the natural world and individual outcomes can be consciously altered. Grof’s findings also show that the message is the same across all the religions he investigated [...]

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Revitalizing our Relationships – (February 2019 Newsletter)


Let’s Use this Month Deemed for LOVE to Revitalize Our Relationships Mainstream media promotes this day as showing our significant other our love through gifts and sweeping gestures. Yet, the main benefit of this day/week is of spending quality time with our loved one. Of sharing. Of making each other feel our love. But the most benefit of spending quality time with our loved one this week is that we focus on each other and the love we share – feelings that may have weakened or gotten overlooked in the business of everyday life. For those of us married or in relationship, we can consciously use this time when love is in the air to strengthen our love and connection, or even to reawaken feelings of love we once had that may have faded – just like renewing wedding vows can strengthen a marriage. For those of us not in relationship, we can use this month to revitalize all our relationships. Expressing love and appreciation for those in our life and feeling loved and part of other’s lives is what keeps us grounded. Feeling connected. Happy. Here are a few of the many things couples can focus on in this month deemed for love to keep the love alive, or to rekindle it: Based in concepts in both my books, Your Journey to Peace ... and Why We Are the Way We Are - Cover images and links to About Books below. To continue to read the message, see here Rosemary McCarthy©, February 2019. See here  to Join my Free Monthly Publication with various themes. (You can also see past ones there). here for Journey's ... Blog Page  ...  here  for this site's Blog Page You can share this article as long as you include the full copyright message below. If you share through Facebook (link is below), the message will automatically copy. Why We Are the Way We Are See Here for About Book (available in print and e-book from Amazon). ---------------- Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science See here for About Book (available in print and e-book from Amazon and other booksellers). ———————– Copyright © 2019 by Rosemary McCarthy. All rights Reserved. To copy, share, or distribute this post simply ensure the content is copied in its entirety, is unaltered, and is distributed freely and for no monetary or personal gain, and that this copyright notice and the link for the article and the website www.yourjourneytopeace.com are included. You can contact me at: rosemary@yourjourneytopeace.com. Blessings and thank you kindly. Rosemary.            

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Understanding Universal Law – Part 1/3


Just as there are proven laws such as gravity that govern our physical world, there are also laws that govern our Universe. (Link to Parts 2 ad 3 below) Everything in the Universe, including us, emerged from and is still connected to and intertwined with the energy of the original creative source – embodied by a Oneness and often referred to as God, Source, Creator, etc. And there is a perfect divine plan – a creative principle – that holds it all together. Based on this creative principle, invisible codes were set out at the creation of our cosmos. Throughout history, the sages who were guiding us gave us governing principles based on the Universal matrix’s invisible codes. This is an except from my new book, Why We Are the Way We Are  (Book 1 of my new 'Our Journeys to Peace' Series) See Here for About Book. (Available in print and e-book from Amazon) Many of these codes became known as the Universal Laws, Kingdom Principles, and Hermetic Laws. However, these laws and principles do not hold commands. They are about vibrations. These laws are meant as guidelines to help us align our vibrations – through our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and ways of being to that of our original creative source. The more aligned we are to Source the easier it is for us to become our Best Selves and reach our highest potentials – in form here on earth, as well as in assisting our soul’s journey into its next phase. Micro and Macro Universal Principles of Form On a macro level the Universal principles govern the creation and maintenance of all form: the planets, the stars, the galaxies, etc. – and hold it all in perfect divine balance. On a micro level, Universal principles affect the subtler aspects the creations, like evolution, or the natural laws of the animal kingdom whereby the stronger survive. It is the subtler aspects of these governing principles that influences us. It is in the understanding and application of the principles of the creation codes, like the Oneness paradigm and the Universal Laws that pertain to us, that help us to evolve – individually, collectively, and in conjunction with our Planet. They also help us to recognize our connection to the cosmos. These Universal Laws and their principles influence our relationship to our self, to others, and to the part of us that still holds the link to our creative source (higher Self, God, Source, Creator, Spirit, Holy Spirit – or whatever we feel comfortable calling that connection). ~  Rosemary McCarthy© February 7, 2019, Return to my other Blog Page here See here for Part 2. Here for Part 3  (You will be directed to my other website blog, but there will be a link to return here) For quick access to my posts, Follow my Facebook page Here . You can share this article as long as you include the copyright message below. If you share through Facebook (link is also below), the message will automatically copy. ————–  Copyright © 2019 [...]

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