Relationships are the vehicle that best allow us work out our issues – our pains, fears, reactionary styles, protective devices and all other unconscious influences that keep us from feeling peaceful, living in harmony with others, and becoming our Best Self.

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This is especially true in our familial relationships – and in particular with our significant others.

However, this Shift of consciousness Humanity is going through is encouraging us to find harmony with others.

When we acquiesce, our current relationships will improve, and we will be more conscious choosing new partners.

Often we are drawn to one another so that we get together to love, help, support each other in life, to work through our unconscious influences, and/or to play out what our soul contracts dictate.

Issues that come out in our relationships are opportunities to heal them. This is always a good thing and in doing so we grow spiritually. So working towards healing a relationship is most often recommended.

However, sometimes the chemistry people feel with each other does not necessarily have to end in a long or even short-term relationship.

A heart connection with a strong chemical attraction may be a left-over energetic pull from a past-life association. We may have an unfinished lesson to learn with the other and we are only to get together for a time (a reason or a season), a purpose, learn a lesson, and then move on.

It may also be that we are not meant to act on the connection we feel, and the lesson to learn through the energetic pull we feel towards the other is to rise above the chemistry and use discretion in choosing a partner.

This blog post is based in concepts from my book “Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science”

Archetypes Act As Conduits to Help Us, and to Strengthen Latent Qualities Within Us

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Relationships create emotional entanglements and the unraveling from those based in neediness or left-over energetic pulls that hold drama usually carry unpleasantness and emotional pain.

As the effects of this Shift of consciousness Humanity is going through continues to encourage us to find joy, lightness in living, compassion and understanding towards others, and the impetus to overcome any unconscious influence we hold that undermine our self and/or create conflict with others, all aspects of all our relationships will improve.

Current relationships will become healthier, as the conflicts that have their roots in seriousness, neediness, Perceived Needs, Hidden Agendas, and Protective Mechanism will begin to dissolve.

As we start to become more mindful, those of us entering into new relationships will choose our partners more consciously. We will feel empowered enough to seek out people whose character, lifestyle, and values complement and align with ours.

These pairings will have many less conflicts than those based in neediness and unconscious influences, but when conflicts do arise they will be resolved with calmness and integrity.

Children will benefit greatly from these attitudes. Many young parents today are already parenting consciously and embrace many of the concepts in Shefali Tsabary’s ground-breaking book, The Conscious Parent.

– Rosemary McCarthy© February 2019

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