Let’s Use this Month Deemed for LOVE to Revitalize Our Relationships

Mainstream media promotes this day as showing our significant other our love through gifts and sweeping gestures. Yet, the main benefit of this day/week is of spending quality time with our loved one. Of sharing. Of making each other feel our love.

But the most benefit of spending quality time with our loved one this week is that we focus on each other and the love we share – feelings that may have weakened or gotten overlooked in the business of everyday life.

For those of us married or in relationship, we can consciously use this time when love is in the air to strengthen our love and connection, or even to reawaken feelings of love we once had that may have faded – just like renewing wedding vows can strengthen a marriage.

For those of us not in relationship, we can use this month to revitalize all our relationships. Expressing love and appreciation for those in our life and feeling loved and part of other’s lives is what keeps us grounded. Feeling connected. Happy.

Here are a few of the many things couples can focus on in this month deemed for love to keep the love alive, or to rekindle it:

Based in concepts in both my books, Your Journey to Peace … and Why We Are the Way We Are – Cover images and links to About Books below.

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Why We Are the Way We Are

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Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science

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