Many Messages in Easter and Passover

Although Easter and Passover are based on past historical events and practitioners of the Christian and Jewish faiths partake in symbolic traditions that uplift their life today, there are also metaphoric meanings in these important holidays that a non-practitioner can benefit from.

Christianity at Easter is based on the Crucifixion and Suffering of Jesus –

and Then focuses on his Resurrection.

Judaism’s Passover is based on the Exodos of the Israelites Out of Egypt

and Out of Slavery – 

and Then into the Promised Land.

Both of these Holy Holidays bring with them the acknowledgment of past pain and suffering, but also the celebration of overcoming the pain and suffering. The prayers, rituals, and gatherings are powerful and evoke emotions in us. And they fill us with grace.

The ideas of suffering and overcoming, and of slavery and freedom are good metaphors for us overcoming our mental suffering, and of being freed from being a slave to our egoic mind and the unhappiness and conflicts caused as it influences how we navigate life.

I also discuss these topics below as they relate to us today and our healing. To continue reading the full message see here 

Overcoming Suffering by the Resurrection of the Mind      

The Exodus and 40 Years in the Desert 

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~  Rosemary McCarthy© April, 2019.

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