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The Cavern between “You and Others” Is in Direct Relationship to the Cavern between “You and You,” Part 1/3


The hurts or conflicts that arise in our relationships are mostly due to Unconscious Influences that run our lives. I say mostly, because for some, conflicts with friends or in our intimate relationships are due to a mismatch, or the relationship has served its purpose, and we are meant to take our cues and move on. For others, conflicts arise because one or the other is evolving more quickly, the relationship needs to shift and change to meet new circumstances, or one of the individuals is making life-altering changes that affect the relationship. When we do not heed the signals and make the necessary adjustments, compromises, do a bit of self-reflection, or seek help for a relationship that is in the throws of shifts and changes, the hurts and conflicts will continue and worsen, and both parties suffer unnecessarily. Sadly, sometimes a relationship even ends that could be saved and a family kept intact because of the inability of one or both or parties to face his or her part of its breakdown. Except for when a relationship has played out and is intended to end, we are meant to work through our hurts and conflicts with those in our lives. This is spiritual growth - and what this time in Humanity's evolution is asking of us. Because it is not by only making peace with ourselves, but with all (including others) that upsets us, or makes us feel bad, frustrates us, or angers us - that we evolve. This article is based on my books, "Your Journey to Peace ... " and "Why We Are the Way We Are" (both available in print and e-book from Amazon) Cover Images and Links to About Books Below. One of the higher purposes of relationships, whether it be with a life-partner, a sibling, a parent-child or child-parent bond, an extended family member, a friend, or even a long-term working partnership, is for the unconscious influences of both parties to the surface - for healing. And except for the rare occasion where one party feels empowered in life and is the “light-holder” and stabilizer to the other as they work through a huge misalignment from their power base and feel and act from states of disempowerment, both in the relationship are usually misaligned to the same degree. These misalignments would not necessarily show up in the same way, but the degree of misalignment would be similar. Being/Feeling Empowered vs Disempowered Feeling empowered in life comes from being connected to our power base, which comes from a strong connection to our True Self – of “us-to-us.” (Our True Self is defined below, and I used the term as synonymous with Source energy, Spirit, higher Self, God, etc.). This connection gives us our confidence allowing us to reach for what we want in life, while doing so with integrity and creating harmony with others and around us. We are able to become our Best Self. (Book 2 of my new "Our Journeys to Peace' Series [...]

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June 2019 Newsletter – The Value of Ritual and Ceremony


For eons, humans have celebrated and created ritual and ceremony around important events. We still do, by celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, accomplishments, etc. And most of us do celebrate our basic religious holidays with joyful family gatherings – which is great. However, when we celebrate it is often without much ceremony or the honoring of the original intention of the day or season. But there is so much more we can celebrate and gain from. It is clear from what we now know about structures like the Pyramids and Stonehenge that the ancients understood the impact that the stars and the solstices have on us, and that they observed these cosmic signposts by creating much ritual and great ceremony around them. Ritual and ceremony have been one of the main practices of sages, seers, holy people, and the Indigenous peoples around the world. Those following a spiritual path usually adhere to some sort of ritual on a regular basis, and ceremony and ritual have always been prominent in the many religions. Ceremonies act as signposts, connect us to each other, and bring blessings into our lives. However, as many of us have turned away from our religious backgrounds and life has become more informal, we have lost touch with some of the valuable ceremonies and rituals that were once the norm. Whether we are alone and simply lighting a candle during our prayer or meditation time, or honoring cosmic events like the solstices in a group, we are inviting in Universal love, grace, and the wisdom of the ages.The group dynamics raises the consciousness of the gathering – giving all participants a spiritual boost.They offer us a renewal of spirit.  Planned ceremonies and rituals – especially when held in groups, such as those adhered to on religious holy days or seasons, or for cosmic events such as the solstices offer us a renewal of spirit.  And during peak cosmic events like the solstices, the veil between our third-dimensional world of form and the ethereal spiritual world is thinned giving us more access to the love, grace, and wisdom that lies beyond what we normally have access to. The ancients knew this. This is why many of their ceremonies were founded around cosmic events. In the newsletter I discuss this all more fully, to read full message see here ~  Rosemary McCarthy© June, 2019. You can sign up to receive future newsletters  Here This and all my blog posts (links below) are based in concepts in my books. See here for my 2016 book, “Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science…” Both my books available in print and e-book from Amazon. See here for About “Why We Are the Way We” – Book 1 of my new series, published December 2018. (Books 2 and 3 due out shortly – more info below) See here  for this site’s Blog Page  …    here  for Journey’s Blog Page See here for Book 2 of “‘Our Journeys to Peace’ Series,” Becoming Our Best Self  –   and here for Book 3,  Relationships in an Evolving World   You can share this article as long as you include the copyright message below. [...]

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Micro and Macro Universal Principles


On a macro level the Universal principles govern the creation and maintenance of all form: the planets, the stars, the galaxies, etc.—and hold it all in perfect divine balance. (There are links below to posts on some of the Universal Laws) On a micro level, Universal principles affect the subtler aspects the creations, like evolution, or the natural laws of the animal kingdom whereby the stronger survive. It is the subtler aspects of these governing principles that influence us. It is in the understanding and application of the principles of the creation codes, like the Oneness paradigm and the Universal Laws that pertain to us, that help us to evolve—individually, collectively, and in conjunction with our Planet. They also help us align to our connection to the cosmos. These Universal Laws and their principles influence our relationship to our self, to others, and to the part of us that still holds the link to our creative source (higher Self, God, Source, Creator, Spirit, Holy Spirit—or whatever we are comfortable calling that connection). This is an except from my new book, Why We Are the Way We Are  Link for About Book is below We Are Creative Consciousness / We Are the Creative Principle The ancient gods, teachers, and philosophers attempted to explain the Universal laws and principles to us that pertain to creation, the cosmos, and our link to them. These explanations have been passed on to us throughout history—through numerous holy people, in many ways, and in various forms. The ancients also attempted to explain the subtler aspects of the  creative principle—as they relate to us. These subtler aspects are embedded in our holy books through stories and allegories—that speak through our hearts. This is why they are timeless and can still offer us comfort and insight today. Although the ancient philosophers and evolved, holy people had a full understanding of Universal laws and principles and how they relate to us, the every-day people were not evolved or educated enough to understand the full scope of how the scientific and cosmic understandings intertwine and support each other. This has changed. Today we expect full explanations—and we are getting them. In his investigation regarding the creative principle and cosmic and human consciousness as they relate to ancient philosophy, religion, and modern scientific understanding Stanislav Grof tells us in The Holotropic Mind ...   that when physicists explored the micro world, they concluded that: "what appears to be made up of solid objects” is actually an interweaving “complex web of unified events and relationships.” He says that we can then conclude that: “consciousness does not just passively reflect the material world; it plays an active role in creating reality itself.”[1] Grof then relates creative consciousness to quantum principles, because it shows us that physical boundaries are arbitrary, illusory, and can therefore be transcended. He says that it is in our enlightenment moments that we transcend these boundaries and experience the cosmic consciousness. He concludes that not only can we connect with the creative principle, but in a sense, we [...]

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I Want to Live in A Word That …


We all want to feel loved and safe, and have all we need to survive and thrive. These are our basic and general desires, and below are some more specific desires that will help bring our general desires about. We want to live in a world that is compassionate and fair towards us and our families. We want to live in a world where we are accepted just as we are - without judgment, prejudice, or biases aimed at us or that undermine our efforts. We want to live in world where we have the opportunities to become all that we can be. We want to live in a world where we feel empowered and in control of our own destinies. And we all want to live in a world where all this is possible for everyone on the Planet. To make the world we want manifest we have to believe it is possible. To support that belief, we have to ensure we are inviting into the world we want. We have to think, say, and do what will bring it about. We have to claim it! We now know the impact our thoughts have on our personal experiences. And as our attitudes and actions are extensions of our thoughts and inner-beliefs, they also affect our personal experiences. We may know, or at least have an inkling, that what we put out into the world is affecting the world around us. However, we aren't often convicted enough to change it all, or don't quite know how to go about it or where to start. What many do not know is how much our seemingly small everyday attitudes and choices affect the world we live in. If we have a positive attitude, are fair, compassionate, and accepting of others, we are inviting these qualities into the world. However, if we are negative, greedy, unfair towards others, or critical and judgmental of people, we are inviting greed, unfairness, criticism, and judgment into our world. As a rule, our past has not taught us to be positive, giving, and accepting of others. It has not taught us the importance of promoting attitudes that are life-affirming. So, our default is to focus on the negative - regarding ourselves, others, and situations. This blog article is based on concepts in my 2 books  “Your Journey to Peace …”    and “Why We Are the Way We Are” (Links to About Books below. Both available in Print and E-book)  Our minds have become accustomed to focus more on the ins and outs of a problem, rather than on the possible solutions. This is true with our difficulties, our issues with others, and with what is going on in the world. To override this negative default position we inherited from Humanity’s past, we have to: Consciously seek out life-affirming solutions. Choose to extend to others the qualities we want to see in the world. Proclaim what we want to see in the world with our attitudes, words, and actions. This [...]

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Self-Forgiveness and Becoming Our Best Self – Part 2/2


Self-forgiveness frees us. However, it requires giving up and releasing the guilt and shame that goes along with what we have or have not done that is causing us guilt. Guilt is the principal thief of emotional happiness, but it is only a trick of the mind and has no substance. The underlying causes of guilt are in the past and should therefore be relinquished. (link for Part 1 is below) Knowing why we said or did hurtful things makes it easier for our psyche to exonerate itself from our attitudes or actions that have hurt our self, or others. We carry guilt and shame for both hurting ourselves and others. People who hurt themselves or others are acting from past hurts. When we understand that we were only projecting our past hurts onto ourselves or onto others helps us to allow for the release of the guilt and dissolution of any associated shame. We have to first honestly acknowledge how we behaved, what we have said, or have or have not done in the past that is causing us to be sad, unhappy, lethargic, or dysfunctional in the present, or that caused rifts with others. We then release the emotions of it all - and free ourselves the effects on us. Room is then made in the deepest part of our self to connect to the peace and general feeling of well-being that is our intended state and that allows us to become our Best Self. This blog article is based on concepts in my 2 books  "Your Journey to Peace ..."  About here  and "Why We Are the Way We Are"  About here (Both available in Print and E-book - Cover images below)  Depending on both our innate personality and what we need to forgive our self for, this can be immediate or take years of work. Even those who have committed crimes and are in jail can tap into universal unconditional love and the forgiveness within it and experience a sense of well-being. However, during this process of acknowledgement and release we must remember to not get stuck in the old story of what we have or have not done.  We practice self-forgiveness when we recognize that the thoughts we had, words we uttered, deeds we did, or things we didn’t do that are causing us angst, guilt, shame, discomfort, or caused us to become dysfunctional or even an addict, and then release the associated negative emotions surrounding the issue. Understanding that we only acted because of being misaligned from our True Self allows us to face what we have done – for release – not for self-condemnation. Peace and feelings of well-being are the goals of self-forgiveness. Adding more guilt is not. It is the denial and burying of these shadow parts of ourselves that keep us in emotional bondage, take away our current peace of mind, and cause us to continue to act in ways that hurt ourselves or others. We forgive ourselves for undermining becoming our [...]

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