I Want to Live in A Word That …

I Want to Live in A Word That …

We all want to feel loved and safe, and have all we need to survive and thrive. These are our basic and general desires, and below are some more specific desires that will help bring our general desires about.

  • We want to live in a world that is compassionate and fair towards us and our families.
  • We want to live in a world where we are accepted just as we are – without judgment, prejudice, or biases aimed at us or that undermine our efforts.
  • We want to live in world where we have the opportunities to become all that we can be.
  • We want to live in a world where we feel empowered and in control of our own destinies.
  • And we all want to live in a world where all this is possible for everyone on the Planet.

To make the world we want manifest we have to believe it is possible.

To support that belief, we have to ensure we are inviting into the world we want.

We have to think, say, and do what will bring it about. We have to claim it!

We now know the impact our thoughts have on our personal experiences. And as our attitudes and actions are extensions of our thoughts and inner-beliefs, they also affect our personal experiences.

We may know, or at least have an inkling, that what we put out into the world is affecting the world around us. However, we aren’t often convicted enough to change it all, or don’t quite know how to go about it or where to start.

What many do not know is how much our seemingly small everyday attitudes and choices affect the world we live in. If we have a positive attitude, are fair, compassionate, and accepting of others, we are inviting these qualities into the world.

However, if we are negative, greedy, unfair towards others, or critical and judgmental of people, we are inviting greed, unfairness, criticism, and judgment into our world.

As a rule, our past has not taught us to be positive, giving, and accepting of others.

It has not taught us the importance of promoting attitudes that are life-affirming.

So, our default is to focus on the negative – regarding ourselves, others, and situations.

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“Why We Are the Way We Are”

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Our minds have become accustomed to focus more on the ins and outs of a problem, rather than on the possible solutions. This is true with our difficulties, our issues with others, and with what is going on in the world.

To override this negative default position we inherited from Humanity’s past, we have to:

  • Consciously seek out life-affirming solutions.
  • Choose to extend to others the qualities we want to see in the world.
  • Proclaim what we want to see in the world with our attitudes, words, and actions.

This does not mean that we ignore bad things that are happening to us or in the world. We do have to give some attention to our issues and understand their whys and wherefores. This helps us develop appropriate solutions and to possibly avoid them happening again.

However, for us, and to bring about the world we want, we have to give more attention to the solutions for the issue at hand or what we want changed, rather than to the whys, wherefores, and the drama surrounding them.

On a personal level, to override the negative and claim what we want and who we want to be and to support it becoming manifest, it is helpful to repeat many times daily what that will look like.

For example, if we are struggling in our job situation or having conflict with those close to us we might repeat to our self: “I am happy and satisfied with my job,” or “I am patient with those around me.”

Claiming what we want or who we want to be as if it is already manifest

helps to override negative thought-patterns that keep us focused on what we do not now have,

or who we now are.

This is a vital aspect to bringing about change, as focusing on what we do not want invites more of the same into our sphere.

To bring about change, our being must hold the prevailing inner-belief that what we want is possible.

Negative thought-patterns support the belief of not having, rather than of having.

Claiming what we want as already manifest helps shift our inner-belief of not having, to having. And as our prevailing focus is positive and on what we want, rather than negative and on what we don’t want, we will be able to bring what we want to fruition more easily – and without it being influenced by the pessimistic aspects of negativity, which may bring in something new, but not of a positive nature.

In the same way, we must claim what we want to see in the world.

We still have to acknowledge and do what we can when see injustices of any kind, but our main focus has to be on the solutions and what we want to see in the world – not on blaming, ranting, or complaining about what is now happening.

We help bring about the world we want by focusing our thoughts, words, and attitudes on what we like and want, not on what we don’t like.

To help us override our negative thought patterns about what we see going on around us, we must also claim what we want to see manifest by proclaiming it here.

If we find ourselves falling into negative though-patterns or attitudes about the world around us, claiming how we want to see it already manifest helps change our prevailing focus from pessimism to optimism so that we are sending good vibs out into the world. We can do this in our minds or out loud – alone, or with others. And writing them down and keeping them handy helps us remember.

This hopeful attitude increases the possibility for it to come about. Here are a few examples of how we might proclaim the world we want to see. Feel free to add your own, ignore some, or tweak aspects of any to more closely resemble your concerns about the world.

I Want to Live in a World – where we all feel safe and have all we need to survive.

I Want to Live in a World – where we extend respect and the qualities of love to each other.

I Want to Live in a World – that promotes hope and optimism.

I Want to Live in a World – where everyone is treated fairly – no matter their sex, race, creed, social standing, sexual orientation (add in others if you want).

I Want to Live in a World – that promotes compassion towards everyone.

I Want to Live in a World – where all people are accepted just as they are – without judgment, prejudice, or biases aimed at them or that undermine their efforts.

I Want to Live in a World – where everyone on the Planet has the opportunity to become all that they can be.

I Want to Live in a World – where everyone feels empowered and in control of their own destinies.

I Want to Live in a World – where we are taught how to deal with conflicts respectfully, and avoid them whenever possible.

I Want to Live in a World – where we are proud to say we live in a country where our people are happy, feel safe, have all they need to survive and thrive, and are empowered to become all they can be, (instead of being proud that our country is the richest or most powerful in the world, or because it has the strongest armies).

I Want to Live in a World – where we live by the lessons in our religions, like unconditional love, sharing, and compassion, which unite us, (instead of the dogmas that separate us).

I Want to Live in a World – where we are taught to respect other religions than our own.

I Want to Live in a World – where the politicians show respect for each other and discuss the issues and their different beliefs and approaches calmly.

I Want to Live in a World – where businesses are run honestly, efficiently, and fairly, and adopt practices whereby the good of the many outweigh the good of the few.

I Want to Live in a World – where we ensure fairness for all as we balance the benefits of democracy and the freedoms of entrepreneurship.

I Want to Live in a World – where we respect and care for our Planet.

I Want to Live in a World – where we believe that Gaia, our loving home, can be returned to her beautiful pristine original self – and work together towards that end.

I Want to Live in a World – where we value the importance of reconciliation efforts with people who we disregarded or abused in the past, like the Indigenous people, the mentally ill, the disabled, the poor, or any group society marginalized.

Just like when attempting to shift our though-processes for our personal growth and we are encouraged to keep a written sheet of our proclamations handy, we can do the same when attempting to shift to more positive mind-talk regarding what we want to see in the world.

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