For eons, humans have celebrated and created ritual and ceremony around important events. We still do, by celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, accomplishments, etc. And most of us do celebrate our basic religious holidays with joyful family gatherings – which is great.

However, when we celebrate it is often without much ceremony or the honoring of the original intention of the day or season. But there is so much more we can celebrate and gain from.

It is clear from what we now know about structures like the Pyramids and Stonehenge that the ancients understood the impact that the stars and the solstices have on us, and that they observed these cosmic signposts by creating much ritual and great ceremony around them.

Ritual and ceremony have been one of the main practices of sages, seers, holy people, and the Indigenous peoples around the world. Those following a spiritual path usually adhere to some sort of ritual on a regular basis, and ceremony and ritual have always been prominent in the many religions.

Ceremonies act as signposts, connect us to each other, and bring blessings into our lives. However, as many of us have turned away from our religious backgrounds and life has become more informal, we have lost touch with some of the valuable ceremonies and rituals that were once the norm.

Whether we are alone and simply lighting a candle during our prayer or meditation time, or honoring cosmic events like the solstices in a group, we are inviting in Universal love, grace, and the wisdom of the ages.The group dynamics raises the consciousness of the gathering – giving all participants a spiritual boost.They offer us a renewal of spirit. 

Planned ceremonies and rituals – especially when held in groups,

such as those adhered to on religious holy days or seasons,

or for cosmic events such as the solstices offer us a renewal of spirit. 

And during peak cosmic events like the solstices, the veil between our third-dimensional world of form and the ethereal spiritual world is thinned giving us more access to the love, grace, and wisdom that lies beyond what we normally have access to. The ancients knew this. This is why many of their ceremonies were founded around cosmic events.

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