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Understanding Universal Law – Part 1 / 3


Just as there are proven laws such as gravity that govern our physical world, there are also laws that govern our Universe. Everything in the Universe, including us, emerged from and is still connected to and intertwined with the energy of the original creative source – embodied by a Oneness and often referred to as God, Source, Creator, etc. And there is a perfect divine plan – a creative principle - that holds it all together. Based on this creative principle, invisible codes were set out at the creation of our cosmos. Throughout history, the sages who were guiding us gave us governing principles based on the Universal matrix’s invisible codes. This post is based on concepts in my recent book, Why We Are the Way We Are See Here for About Book. Available in print and e-book from Amazon. Some became known as the Universal Laws, Kingdom Principles, and Hermetic Laws. However, these laws and principles do not hold commands. They are about vibrations. These laws are meant as guidelines to help us align our vibrations – through our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and ways of being to that of our original creative source. The more aligned we are to Source the easier it is for us to become our Best Selves and reach our highest potentials - in form here on earth, as well as in assisting our soul’s journey into its next phase. Micro and Macro Universal Principles of Form On a macro level the Universal principles govern the creation and maintenance of all form: the planets, the stars, the galaxies, etc. – and hold it all in perfect divine balance. On a micro level, Universal principles affect the subtler aspects the creations, like evolution, or the natural laws of the animal kingdom whereby the stronger survive. It is the subtler aspects of these governing principles that influences us. It is in the understanding and application of the principles of the creation codes, like the Oneness paradigm and the Universal Laws that pertain to us, that help us to evolve – individually, collectively, and in conjunction with our Planet. They also help us to recognize our connection to the cosmos. These Universal Laws and their principles influence our relationship to our self, to others, and to the part of us that still holds the link to our creative source (higher Self, God, Source, Creator, Spirit, Holy Spirit – or whatever we feel comfortable calling that connection). Universal Law and Our Past History Universal Law and its principles have been passed on to us throughout history – through numerous holy people, in many ways, and in various forms. Through their gods, teachers, and philosophers the ancients attempted to explain the laws and principles that pertain to creation, the cosmos, and our link to them. They also attempted to explain the subtler aspects of the creative principle – as they relate to us. Based on these principles, texts were written that influenced many of the religions and thought-systems of the [...]

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Adhering to Universal Laws Helps Us become Our Best Self


To become the creators of our realities rather than at the effect of our Unconscious Influences we have to recognize that the energetic vibrations we emit into the Universe are our requests for life experiences. Every thought, emotion, attitude, belief, response, action, and word spoken emits a vibration. And our vibrations are held within every cell of our being and make up the fabric of our Life Matrix. To shift anything held within our Life Matrix,we must change the vibrations we give off. To shift our vibrations, we need to shift our inner beliefs and corresponding thoughts and attitudes. The reason we attract people, things, and situations into our life is that we have requested them through the vibrations our thoughts, emotions, words, and attitudes emit. When we emerged from the Oneness God-energy the gift of conscious co-creation came with us, and it was through the vibrations of our thoughts, desires, and ideas that our creations could come about. This is an except from my new book, Why We Are the Way We Are See Here for About Book. Available in print and e-book from Amazon. Having lost the awareness that this is how we create, we have also forgotten that this is how the Universe responds to us. It recognizes our Life Matrix as our blueprint. This blueprint also holds our intentions and intensity. The vibrations we emit from our blueprint act like requests, and the intensity these vibrations hold translates as a barometer of the importance of our requests. As do our intentions - however subtle they are. The stronger the emotional attachment to something, be that an intense like or dislike, the stronger the pull to attract the same back to us. It is like a resonating energetic vibration and acts like a boomerang. The Law of Attraction is always at play. The more loving and accepting we are toward others, the more we will draw love and acceptance into our spheres, as that is what we have requested with our energy. The more we are critical and judgmental toward others, the more we will draw criticism and judgment toward us. Paradigms We Get Stuck In It is so easy to get stuck in the “he said/she said” or “they made me feel” paradigms. This is how we are programmed, and this is what we know. But it doesn’t get us what we want! Only adhering to and expressing the qualities of love does. If we keep focusing on the wrongness, we inevitably invite more of the same into our experiences. We are sullying our vibrations and becoming vulnerable. And this affects not only us but others too. Because we are all energetic beings, we may infringe on each other’s’ energetic vibrations—especially when we are tired, stressed, or being negative, as we are then energetically weak and vulnerable. In these energetically weakened states we are distanced from our power-base, and are susceptible to picking up another’s energy. Sometimes when we start to feel drained, agitated, or conflicted [...]

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The Cavern Between You and Others … Part 3/3


In part 2, I discussed how our neediness and neutral and reactionary responses ultimately affect our peace, happiness, and our relationships. In this part 3, I explain how passive responses also affect us, and explain how we can become aware, and override, conditioned responses that do not serve us best. You can read  Part 1 HERE   Part 2 HERE  Passive Responses: Passive responses come from feeling disempowered. Although passive responses may appear to be neutral, as there are no blatant outward signs, they are very different because passive responses hold an emotional component – just like aggressive ones. Sometimes the hurts, feelings, disappointments, or perceived injustices are not voiced at all, while at other times they are, but are tinged with so much emotion and/or neediness that the other individual turns a blind ear. In both cases, we are not heard. Either way, the emotions are internalized affecting both the individual and the relationship. These internalizations harm us because buried emotions add another layer to the cavern between “us and us,” and our connection to our True Self is further weakened. This article is based on my books, “Your Journey to Peace … ” and “Why We Are the Way We Are” both available in print and e-book from Amazon. Info Below. Passive responses harm the relationship because as our true feelings are not voiced (or heard) we have not addressed the hurt or disappointment we feel, and we remain inwardly angry towards the other for not understanding or taking into consideration our feelings, or seeing our viewpoint. And if we are do try to make ourselves heard but are ineffective, before we approach the subject again, reflecting on our approach last time and possibly adjusting it could help us getting heard this time. We can ask ourselves: Are we being needy – only thinking about our needs and perspective? Are we negative – only focusing on what is wrong or may go wrong? Are we overly emotional – crying at any perceived slight or criticism? Could we be acting passive-aggressively – sighing or putting on a sad face rather than sharing our thoughts or feelings? Whether we elect these attitudes because we don’t like to speak our mind, are unable to articulate or feel embarrassed by what we feel, or are simply trying to keep the peace against an aggressive person, passive attitudes do not bring long term solutions. Overly passive attitudes are dishonest and come from fear, they do not come from being aligned with love. Being honest is one of love's qualities. Overly passive responses keep our emotions buried. Not only is the issue not addressed or resolved, but the approach may even backfire, as buried feelings come out – one way or another – and may one day cause a major blow-up from where there is not turning back. Passive responses create and increase the cavern between “us-and-another,” because until we address and resolve the issue with them that caused the feelings we buried, each future interaction is tainted. [...]

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