In parts 1 and 2 I discussed how even though the Universal Laws are over-arching principles of how the Universe works, they also pertain to us because we too exist within the same Universal matrix. (Link to parts 1 and 2 below)

I also discussed their history and showed that all major religions and thought systems offer us at least the concepts held within the major and well-known Universal Laws.

Here is a recap of the Universal Laws that affect us – excepted from book 1, Why We Are the Way We Are, of my new released series ‘Our Journeys to Peace Series, Book 2, Becoming Our Best Self out later this Fall. (info links and cover images below).

1st,the Law of Openness denotes that we have to be in a state of receptivity to be able to access the love, joy, sense of empowerment and other gifts available to us from the Universe.

2nd, the Law of Authenticity indicates that we need to come from an honest place within ourselves. We must understand where our motivations come from.

3rd, the well-known Law of Attraction confirms that we are vibration and maintains the principles that “like attracts like” and “we are the creator of our own realities.”

4th, the Law of Cause and Effect clarifies that we are the cause of our experiences, not at the effect of the world around us.

5th, the Law of Balance suggests that we should strive to live in a way that promotes a sense of equilibrium in our lives and harmony in our beings. To become balanced, we also have to make peace with all parts of ourselves as well as the world around us.

And finally, the Law of Expansion comes into play in our lives once the other laws are well integrated into our beings, whereby the exponential function allows us to take a sharp upward turn and expand into all that we can be.

This is an except from my new book, Why We Are the Way We Are 

(Book 1 of my new ‘Our Journeys to Peace’ Series – see end for Book 2)

See Here for About Book. (Available in print and e-book from Amazon)

Universal Law and the Planes of Existence

Universal Law and its principles apply to, link, and govern the various planes of existence – the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. Everything in the physical plane is either in a phase of growth, or decay.

The mental plane, or consciousness, is either in a state of thinking, planning, or creating – whether through the individual or the collective mind.

The spiritual plane embodies the All – the Oneness: it sees the big picture. Our higher Self resides on this spiritual plane. This is why it is always encouraging us to understand the big picture and to embrace attitudes that align with the qualities of Oneness, like love, compassion, fairness, etc.

Even though we and our bodies are on the physical plane, aligning with the Universal Laws allows us to access the spiritual plane – and all that it embodies.

When our vibrations are aligned with the principles of the Universal Laws, they are in harmony with those of the universal creative force and we can tap into its unconditional love and the power it holds.

Being positive, joyful, having hope, having an open heart, and being fearless are some of the qualities that align us with universal flow. So do all aspects of love and anything that upholds harmony and aims to unite.

When we are being negative, closed off, angry, judgmental, despondent, or pessimistic etc., we are distanced from universal flow, and by default we are stuck within the restrictions of our human limitations. Our power-base is weak and unconditional love is almost inaccessible.

~  Rosemary McCarthy© September 25, 2019.

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