Just like the cosmos is built on a matrix that is fluid, ever-changing, and affected by internal and outside forces, so are we.

What we think, say, do, our attitudes, and our perceptions about ourselves, others, and the world around us create an invisible web of interconnection with whatever or whoever we come into contact with. I call this our Life Matrix.

Our Life Matrix is the lens by which we see life.

It dictates how we navigate the world.

And therefor how life shows up for us.

What we think, do, our attitudes, and our perceptions and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world around us stem from our inherent personalities, filtered through past and current influences: familial, generational, cultural, and social.

How we view the world or navigate life can be based in perceptions and beliefs we hold can be based on truths, or they can be false and based on Unconscious Influences* we unknowingly hold. *(definition below).

The tendency to allow false perceptions to be created has its roots in Humanity’s past, which we perpetrated without knowing we were doing so.

All of our conscious and Unconscious Influences work together like threads in a patchwork quilt that link the interweaving patterns of how we deal with life—like a matrix that overlays our lives. I call this our Life Matrix.

  • Our Life Matrix: Is the lens through which we see and navigate the world. Fueled by our heart beliefs, which come from our conscious and Unconscious Influences, our Life Matrix holds all of our underlying perceptions and misperceptions. It supports what we think we need to be and what we think we need to do to be happy, fulfilled, empowered, and to have harmonious relationships. It upholds all of our perceptions—whether they are real or false.

Our Life Matrix can be positive or negative, and brings about experiences that reflect what it holds.

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We usually develop a dominant Life Matrix, but since living is an organic ebb and flow of thoughts and emotions, we may vacillate between the positive and negative influences of both forces.

If something causes us to react out of character, our heart beliefs cause us to quickly revert to our normal attitudes.

Our Life Matrix will predispose us to deal with life, others, issues, and situations calmly, passively, or by reacting aggressively.

*Our Unconscious Influences: Our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and ideas based on past emotional impressions that we unconsciously constructed or appropriated from others, or from past situations. These may have created true positive perceptions about ourselves, others, situations, or the world around us. Or, they may have created negative false misperceptions that have us see ourselves and others through false lenses of separation and division.

In next week’s post I will more fully discuss the qualities of the Positive and Negative Life Matrix, how they affect our life and our relationships, and explain how even small shifts in how we navigate the world can positively affect our Life Matrix.

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~  Rosemary McCarthy© updated October 23, 2019.

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