Understanding Our Emotional World    


Our emotions are ever changing and they shift with the ebbs and flows of how we are perceiving life – at any moment in time. How we feel now ... and how we interpret what happens to us, how we allow others’ behaviors to affect us, how much we focus on the past, how anxious we are about the future; how involved we are in others’ lives and/or dramas, and how concerned we are with our physical, financial, professional, and spiritual well-being ALL THESE AFFECT OUR EMOTIONAL WORLD. Our emotions show us a picture of how much we trust life. They show us whether we believe that life is good and benevolent – or not, and how connected we are to our True Self. This article is based on my writings. See here for more information on this and purchase link. Below for my other books We all have influences that affect us: how we feel, how we think, how we react, and how we behave - all without our conscious consent. I call these our Unconscious Influences, and they can be positive or negative. Positive Unconscious Influences If our emotions are stable and we are happy, content, calm, and peaceful most of the time, then we have faith in life and a good connection to our True Self. We likely deal with upsets or disappointment at face value, without bringing a disproportionate amount of emotion from the past or exaggerated fears about the future into current situation. And even if we do get upset or feel bad for any reason, it usually only lasts for a short time. Our Unconscious Influences are mostly positive, and we mostly deal with life in positive, life-affirming, and empowering ways. Negative Unconscious Influences When our emotions are unstable and/or we are unhappy, depressed, worried, or anxious, there are past wounds inside us that need healing. When we are often stressed, critical of others, impatient with those around us, or become judgmental around people who are different than we are or who hold differing beliefs, we are reacting to Unconscious Influences. When we get angry and easily fly off the handle when we don’t get our way or something unexpected happens, we are reacting from past emotions that were never processed, but that need at outlet. Negative Unconscious Influences are at play that need to be addressed. Emotions need to be acknowledged and addressed. If they are not, they will come out in aggressive or overly-passive ways that affect our relationships, or, in disempowering ways that undermine our ultimate happiness. Our emotional world is like an onion. Sometimes when we acknowledge one layer of a past hurt and think we have dealt with it, something else may crop up and we have to address the original hurt at a deeper level. Our Emotional World Is Ever Changing Although our emotions and our reactions are effected react to the ebbs and flows of life, when our way of being in the world is mostly calm and [...]