The more consciousness we bring to our dating, the better they turn out for us.  The more consciousness we bring to our current relationships, the more easily they flourish.

And the more evolved and conscious we become – aware of our wants, needs, and expectations – as well as any ways of being that may be detracting us from getting what we want from our dating or relationships, the more confident and empowered we become.

Being more conscious allows us to more easily trust our hearts – that they are showing us a true picture when choosing a spouse or life-partner (or even friends or a business partner) – instead of one created from denial or neediness. Consciousness brings maturity to dating, and to relationships.

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The more evolved and conscious we become, the less we will have to be wary of our unconscious influences (hurt feelings, neediness, aggressive or overly-passive reactions, etc.) luring us into hurtful or chaotic situations. Nor will we have to be so vigilant at continuously examining our emotions, desires, or motives.

Neither will we have to be so cautious of others’ motives. When we bring consciousness and the maturity it holds to our dating and relationships, we are be working at higher vibration capacities. Our radars become better attuned to the vibrations of others, and if something is off we will cue into it more easily.

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The more conscious we become, the greater our connection to our True Self, and the more we feel guided towards partners based on true soul parings where both can thrive. Where there is equality, acceptance, and forgiveness – instead confusion, hot then cold attitudes, jealousy, possessiveness, or flip flopping about where the dating or relationship will go.

In conscious relationships, we encourage each other to be the best we can be.

And because our strength and self-confidence comes from within, we are not invested in changing our partner or making them acquiesce to our desires.

We also understand that our partner gets his or her strength and guidance from their True Self, and if that guidance is calling them to move on from the relationship we will not be so inclined towards drama, anger, revenge, or the plethora of negative responses breaking up has caused in the past.

As we uncover and work through unconscious influences that affect how we think, react, and act, we will choose our partners, spouses, and life-partners more consciously. We will become stronger in ourselves, and have more clarity. We will no longer be inclined to choose partners from a place of confusion, neediness, or to fill a void. This will soon become the norm.

Separating Consciously Will Also Start to Become the Norm

In our most recent history an intact family provided the foundations we needed to grow emotionally healthy, and when divorce or separations occurred, even if the family life was not perfect, the children felt like the rug was being pulled out from under them.

The sense of security children feel when a family is intact and they are

surrounded by at least some love and caring echoes God’s unconditional love for us.

When a family breaks up, the sense of loss is somewhat due to changed circumstances, but much of it is due to the drama and emotions surrounding how most separations and divorces are dealt with – at  least how they have been in the past.

When there is  drama, conflict, blame, revenge and the many negative  attitudes and behaviors that often come about in the midst of divorce or separation, that sense of love and security is eroded.

Even when a family is not perfect and there is some conflict, an intact family still offers a sense of security to the children.

As we become more evolved individually and are more closely connected to our True Selves, our separations will occur without the dire effects that has been so common and fueled by hurt, anger, rage, revenge, and blame.

We are already encouraging our children to look into their hearts and trust their inner guidance, and so their connection to their True Self is stronger than in past generations. This gives them an inner-strength that follows them everywhere.

As couples are inspired to separate or divorce with integrity, they will honor the promises made and will be able to agree on shared child rearing duties, day-to-day obligations, and fair distribution of finances.

The children will then be much less inclined to internalize the effects of the break-up and succumb to dysfunctional attitudes or behaviors, or pass on the effects of unresolved issues regarding their parents’ separation onto their own children.

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