How we view and what the male and female energies mean is changing. Over the past century the lines between how males and females behave have been challenged. This is part of our evolutionary growth, but it has caused what have been our traditional roles to become somewhat blurred.

Part of the reason for much of the confusion and many of the conflicts between males and females has been, and still is, the misunderstanding of our male and female energies, the understanding of their interrelationship, and how to use them as they were intended.

The male and female energies are the epitome

of the duality that underlies all aspects of the Universe.

The concept of Yin/Yang in the Chinese philosophy suggests that this duality is made up of opposing forces – which at the same time are complementary, and that these contradictory forces need to be in balance, otherwise chaos ensues.

We all hold both male (doer, builder, protector*) and female (passive, nurturer, communicator*) energies within our beings, however, this has nothing to do with being in a male or female body. They are energetic vibrations – and neither is more important than the other. (*These are not perfect examples, but are generalities and simple guidelines).

And even though we all do hold both of these energies within us, we usually have an overriding male or female energetic slant.

The degree to which the standard male and female qualities

manifest within us is influenced by our individual personalities,

as well as by our sexual orientation – no matter which body we are in.

Many in male bodies hold the dominant male energy, while others hold the dominant female energy. Similarly, many in female bodies hold the dominant female energy, while others hold the dominant male energy.

Within both sexes, those who have held the opposite dominant energy to what society has deemed appropriate have been shunned, or worse – especially when they expressed their sexuality as true to themselves.

Our dominant energy is intended to be our main way of being in the world, with the secondary one – the less prevalent energy, supporting it.

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When we are emotionally balanced and being true to our self the positive features of the overriding energy lead the way, with the secondary one influencing it. It keeps it in check.

Although diametrically opposed, these male and female energies both hold the same value. They are intended to complement and support each other.

Those holding the dominant male energy are intended to boldly create, while still maintaining a compassionate approach. Those with the gentler female energy are to bring nurturing to the world, while remaining empowered.

Taking into account the strength of the overriding energy, both of these energies are required to maintain somewhat of a balance between doing and being. Properly allowed, the secondary energy ensures this balance.

The male and female energies are both necessary for balance because although they are separate, they are part of each other, as illustrated in the Yin/Yang symbol. In The Soul of the Messenger, G. W. Hesketh explains:

“The Yin/Yang symbol [image shown below] contains an element of its opposing force within each half by depicting a white dot in the black half of the symbol, and a black dot in the white half. The element of each within the other conveys that dual natures are not separate from each other; rather they are inclusive, and represent extremities of the same thing.” (1)

The Importance of Balancing Our Male and Female Energies

These two energies are a part of each other and are vital to each other – as they are to all aspects of our existence. Ensuring that they shine forth in us individually – as our personalities and life purposes dictate will help bring balance to our world.

We need to ensure that whichever dominant energy

people hold that they are validated for who they are.

People who are doers and achievers need to be given respect for all that they are and encouragement in all that they do, or attempt to do.

Gentle nurturing people need to be given respect for all that they are, the space to voice their thoughts and ideas – and be listened to, and appreciated for the more-subtle aspects they bring to their relationships, and to the world.

Until this is all fully reintegrated within us as individuals, we still have to deal with the ripple effects of how society has expected us to behave regarding our gender roles and sexual orientations. And although we are all just looking to have balance and harmony in our lives, there are underlying forces that are seeped into our DNA that often undermine our efforts.

Our attitudes and how it should bes’ are so entrenched in who we are it will take time for many of us to find the appropriate balance of allowing our male and female energies to guide us, for our dominant energy to shine forth in positive ways, and for society and our laws to catch up in allowing and supporting people to express their true natures without repercussions.

Whether we are in male or female body, whichever dominant energy we hold, and however our sexuality wants to express itself, many of us have had to suppress the parts of our true nature that did not align with what society accepted in an effort to fit in and/or to protect ourselves. This is left-over from our past history.

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Notation: (1) G.W. Hesketh, The Soul of the Messenger (Nine Hawks Books; 2015). 62.

~  Rosemary McCarthy ©  March 2, 2020.

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