In Part 1, I discussed how the recent challenging of the roles males and females play is part of our evolutionary growth,but that it has caused what have been our traditional roles to become somewhat blurred, causing further confusion in how to we should think, be, and act towards each other and in the world.

I also explained that part of the reason for much of the confusion and conflicts between males and females has been, and still is, the misunderstanding of our male and female energies, the understanding of their interrelationship, and how to use them as they were intended.

This Imbalance Is a Left-over from Our Past

The world we have grown up in has focused on, been built upon, and promoted males – men who held the alpha, doer, protection-oriented energy. It denounced males with a dominant female energy and females with a dominant male energy.

This created pushes-and-pulls between the sexes.

Conflicts and inequalities arose. Imbalances followed. 

And this all perpetuated itself. In reality, we are all gods and goddesses. And when we access the fullness of our true natures we express our godliness out into the world – with confidence and integrity. When part of our true nature is suppressed, our dominant energy can become corrupted and negatively affect our attitudes and behaviors.

As those with the dominant male alpha energy suppressed the female energy within them, the power it held often morphed into aggression, control, and cruelty. They became power-hungry.

Those with the dominant female energy not only had to suppress the male energy within themselves, they were often the target of the controllers and aggressors. Their passive nurturing qualities often transformed into neediness, deviousness, passive-aggressiveness, and victim mentalities. They lost their sense of empowerment.

Many of both genders suppressed the parts of themselves that did not line up with societal norms. Some overrode their dominant energy and embraced the traditional male and female roles in an effort to protect themselves. Others ignored the supportive energy and fell prey to the negative aspects of the dominant energy. They weren’t embracing the fullness of their true natures.

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In not accessing these complementary parts of ourselves our divine natures became subdued: we forgot about nurturing the gods and goddesses within us.

As power and control became the mainstay of society,

little importance was placed on the subtler aspects of living.

The feminine energy was ignored in those who held it as a supportive energy and muffled in those who held it as a dominant energy. We became hardened. Life became hard and harsh. (Below is a link to a YouTube video to help us embrace our feminine energies).

This has been our history and we hold remnants of the reasons we choose to suppress within our cellular memory. This is why power, control, greed, unfairness, inequality etc. are so hard to overcome.

However, we all hold a distant memory of our beginnings within us – of when we had this balance and could wholly express ourselves. Our soul remembers!

This imbalance we now hold has caused inner-conflicts within our unconscious. Inner-conflicts have to be expressed – one way or another – either through self-sabotage and/or projection onto others.

These flawed ways of expressing ourselves created a fertile ground for the negative aspects of both the male and female energies to flourish. This created imbalances and conflicts in the sexes, and added to disharmony in the world.

If society had been more evolved and individuals balanced emotionally and spiritually we would not have been in danger because of the way we expressed our sexuality. Gender roles would not have been so fixed, and whichever roles people took on would not have created problems for them.

The differences between the traditional male and female energies would have been recognized as complementing each other, and all qualities, however overt or covert, appreciated for their value – whether the person expressing them was in a male or female body.

Up until recently the negative aspects of both our male and female energies have continued to prevail over the positive ones. This is starting to change, but it has affected individuals, groups of people, and the collective.

It is time for us to acknowledge and address the unfairness and inequalities this imbalance of our male and female energies has created. It is time to move into our next evolutionary phase.

Rebalancing Our Male and Female Energies is a Win / Win Undertaking

Next week, in Part 3 I will discuss how this rebalancing of our male and female energies is a win/win – for all.

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