In this Part 3 of my article, Balancing Our Male and Female Energies, I continue this theme by discussing the value of balancing both of these innate – and important parts of ourselves that we all hold.

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Rebalancing Our Male and Female Energies is a Win / Win Undertaking

Humanity is at the pinnacle of our evolution. We are moving into a phase where we are to discover and embrace our true natures. To find balance within all areas of our life.

Part of this rebalancing and rediscovering of our true natures is the understanding of and allowing for both the male and female energies within us to be acknowledged, recognized for their full value, and allowed to emerge – without negative repercussions.

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At this time in our evolution we are being encouraged – individually and collectively, to reach for what represents love: authenticity, self-love, and empowerment for ourselves; and compassion, fairness, equality, and acceptance for all others.

It is time for us to overcome the negative attitudes and behaviors that stem from both our innate male and female energies that have gone awry, and that have plagued Humanity for so long.

To do so, we must address what is hidden. Although it may seem that prejudice, unfairness, inequality, and mental, physical, and sexual abuse are more rampant than ever, this is because these are being brought to the surface – for healing.

The unearthing of all of these negative attitudes and behaviors is what will cause the dictates of society to change. And we are demanding changes.

In all areas of society, equality for all, a voice for people to speak out, and empowerment for those who have been mistreated or disenfranchised is being supported by mainstream. Imbalances of our norms and in our laws that affect individuals and groups of people are being challenged.

Part of this challenge is being brave enough to address how we allow our male and female energies to play out. Questioning what we know – and how society has encouraged and supported us to feel, act, and the roles we play is scary. To rise up to this challenge:

  • We have to allow for the less dominant of the male and female energies within people to come forth. This will start to alleviate the negative attitudes and behaviors of the unconscious inner-conflicts the suppression of these triggered.
  • We have to allow for peoples’ sexuality to be expressed whichever way feels natural and authentic. We have to allow for our true natures to come forth

With this rebalancing, those who hold a predominant powerful, male energy will be inclined towards its positive aspects, as allowing for the secondary female energy’s influence will soften the edges of their attitudes, behaviors, and decisions.

Those holding a predominant gentle, nurturing female energy will confidently allow the positive aspects of their nature to shine forth, while allowing the secondary male energy within them to ensure they remain empowered.

Those in female bodies will be able to tap into the builder, protector part of themselves if they wish to, but without needing to employ aggressive tendencies. Those in male bodies will be able to tap into the communicator, nurturer parts of themselves without being needy, demanding, or falling prey to victimization.

These shifts will create win / win situations

for individuals – and for Humanity as a whole.

Those who suppressed feminine energy and start to access it will feel calmer and less pressured. And we will all benefit from reduced aggressive, controlling, and power-hungry tendencies.

Those who suppressed male energy and now start to access it will feel more confident and empowered. These individual shifts will have ripple effects and cause less pressure on society.

To create the space for this to happen we have to let go of beliefs and ideals that are outdated – especially those that were born from within eras or societies where control, aggression, and unfairness were rampant.

We have to understand that the patriarchal society we inherited no longer works. We have to let go of judgement: of what we don’t agree with or understand.

We want to become a fully functioning society. And to do that we have to become balanced mentally, physically, and spiritually. Finding the balance between our male and female energies will help us balance our physical and spiritual realities.

In The Soul of the Messenger, G. H. Hesketh makes the comparison between the balance of our male and female energies to “the compatibility of body with spirit.” He suggests that when body and spirit are out of balance “either body dominates spirit to the point of outright denial of anything non-physical, or that spirit cannot reconcile an existence in a material world leading to unfulfilled purpose and disconnection with life – a stranger in a strange land.” (1)

Making Space for the Negative Aspects of the Male Energy to Heal.

We all know that the victims of this patriarchal society we were born into need a safe space to heal. But so do the aggressors!

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Notation: (1) G.W. Hesketh, The Soul of the Messenger (Nine Hawks Books; 2015). 64.

~  Rosemary McCarthy ©  March 16, 2020.

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