Making Space for the Negative Aspects of the Male Energy to Heal – is the theme of this part 4 of Balancing Our Male and Female Energies,

In Part 1, I discussed that the reason for much of the confusion and conflicts between males and females has been the misunderstanding of our male and female energies; in Part 2, I showed that the imbalance is a left-over from Humanity’s past where the positive aspects of these energies morphed into aggressive and victim modes; and in Part 3 how re-balancing our male and female energies is a win / win undertaking .

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Making Space for the Negative Aspects of the Male Energy to Heal.

We all know that the victims of this patriarchal society we were born into need a safe space to heal. But so do the aggressors!

Our history has shown that those with the dominant male energy used its power and unleashed aggressive tendencies to control, marginalize, and abuse women, anyone who was vulnerable, and other males with the female energy – emotionally, physically, and sexually.

Many movements in the last century aimed to dislodge the inequalities our patriarchal society brought about, such as a women’s right to vote early in the 20th century and the feminist movement of the 1960’s.

Great roadways were made. However, the problem was always seen, perceived, and discussed as a women’s issue. Women do need to heal from all inequalities. and abuses put on them.

However, perpetrators also need to heal- heal from is causing them to act in abusive ways. As a society, we also have to look at the whys and wherefores of the perpetrators.

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As we move into this next phase of our evolution we will continue to address the issues these controlling and abusive behaviors brought about for both women and men (and any other minority who has been marginalized or abused) and work together to support their healing and movement towards equality.

But we will now also be addressing the real cause. The misuse of the male energy. Recent events have brought male aggression to the surface.

The recent focus of the rampant misuse of power and sexual misconduct have given us all cause to examine our pasts. Many women are discussing their experiences, however subtle, among themselves.

Some are probing their pasts to see if they were ever treated unfairly – because of their gender, sexual orientation, or of another having power over them – and how and why this was allowed to happen. Many men who have been sexually mistreated or abused are also breaking their silence.

And there is support from all levels of society for those who are stepping forward. Women and men who have been manipulated, sexually maligned, or even sexually abused are eager to find their voice and step into their empowerment. Be allowed to recover their sacred selves.

Some courageous men are also examining their conscience to determine if they have held or have acted upon any of the negative aspects of the patriarchal attitudes our society is based on.

Most must be afraid to look.

Our society is built on judgment and blame,

not on understanding why we do what we do,

so men’s fear is justified.

Just like we have to create the space for women to heal, we also have to create the space for men to heal – in safety. But before healing comes acknowledgement. We can only acknowledge something when we know there is safety in the knowing.

When we understand that all our negative and disempowering attitudes and actions are a left-over affect of our past history, recognize that we can change them, and believe that we will be supported in our efforts, safe havens will be created to examine and deal with disempowering attitudes and behaviors towards others.

Most men’s attitudes and behaviors towards women are fair. In light of recent events, some men may be examining their attitudes, motives, or behaviors and decide to make minor shifts.

And of course, any manipulative or outright abusive behavior, or any kind or criminal actions need to be treated appropriately.

We don’t manifest here on earth to be abusive,

controlling, or power-hungry.

But, we are born into a society that endorsed and promoted it –

 and still does to a certain degree.

Men too are eager to step into their sacred masculinity – to learn to use their power wisely and as was intended. It may not be at the forefront of their awareness, but many are feeling rumblings within their beings that something is off. And a new wave of pioneers are stepping up to guide us.

Today some brave and enlightened souls, like Dr. Jackson Katz and Charles Eisenstein, who are stepping forward to address the negative attitudes of our patriarchal society head-on. (See links to some of their work at end).

They are attempting to unravel it all. To explain how to recognize any subtle attitudes men may hold that undermine others that they are not aware of.  To encourage them to address and make amends – if necessary – for any negative and/or disempowering attitudes or patterns of behavior they may hold or have held regarding women, or men with the dominant female energy.

We are all being guided towards understanding why we do what we do, to question our motives, and to take responsibility for how our attitudes and behaviors affect others.

It is a wonderful time to be alive – and a bit scary too – to witness and/or partake in this evolutionary stage we are in. In most areas of the world equality will blossom this century. It is our cosmic time to do so.

We just have to look at the young souls here on earth now – listen to how the youth of today think – and hopefully heed their advice and follow their lead.

They have shown up on the planet at this time in our evolution – demanding fairness, equality, acceptance, and safety for all – so that they can help us all more clearly navigate our way to a brighter future.

We must always remember that extending love, fairness, and empowerment to others brings love, fairness, and empowerment into our lives.

Let’s allow for and support everyone in being authentic; of expressing their true natures – the fullness of their beings – without fear of repercussions; So that we too can express the fullness of our beings and become all that we can be!

(See here  for one of Dr. Jackson Katz’s many videos on violence against women being a man’s issue. See here: For Charles Eisenstein’s article on healing the masculine).

Rosemary McCarthy ©  March 23, 2020.

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