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Living Expanded – Instead of Contracted


When we live life from an expanded place, our whole being feels loose and free. We are happy, open, curious, and we feel unlimited in what we can do, or attain. When we live from a contracted place, we are serious, and feel tight and restricted. We are closed, cautious, and feel limited in what we can do, or attain. Living expanded we feel light, calm, contented, and trusting that our life will go well: our life flows easily. Living contracted we feel heavy, concerned, and tentative about life and unsure that it will go well: our life often seems like a struggle. We are meant to be happy, open, and feel unlimited. We now understand the importance of living in this way, but putting it into practice in difficult times is not always easy. Still, it is in challenging times like this that we have to make the extra effort to remain happy and open, so that we can live expanded - not contracted, and still able to reap the benefits of living from the higher states of consciousness living expanded bring to us. This article is from my upcoming book, Overcoming Our Unconscious Influences, like Anger, Frustration, Hurt Feelings, Neediness, Impatience, and Control and Blame Tendencies.  It is tweaked a little to address what we are currently facing. Due out in early 2021, about this book and my published ones see here  Living expanded we are aligned with Universal flow, which embodies love, trust, hope, co-operation, and fearlessness. Living contracted we are aligned with our mind and emotions, which embody fear, doubt, competition, suspiciousness, and limitation. The more we are conscious and connected to our True Self, the easier it is to live from an expanded place. Some of us live from an expanded consciousness most of the time. But most of us live life from an expanded consciousness some of the time – mostly when life is going well. When life is going well, it is so much easier to be positive and approach life with openness, and free of worry and restrictive and thinking.  With a bump here and there along our path, most of us can weather life’s ups and downs, and easily return to being positive and open to life’s possibilities. However, when too many bumps or real concerns cross our path at the same time or consecutively, even those of us who are conscious and have a strong connection to our True Self, fall prey to worry, doubt, stress, and become tentative and distrustful of life, and our future. However, to lessen the blow, we must remain hopeful, instead of fearful. We must keep dreams of a good future alive in us, instead of constant worry about it. This not only makes us feel better now, it helps set up a good future for us. Because the cumulative effect of constant worry shifts our energy level. When too much is thrust upon us – especially the unexpected, the cumulative effect can wreck havoc on our confidence – in ourselves [...]

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Creating Loving Feelings


Most of us aspire to be positive and express love out into the world. However, sometimes we simply cannot feel love in our heart, at least not enough to be loving towards others. We were intended to live connected to love, effortlessly tapping into joy, and naturally able to express love outwards into the world. Eons ago, we could. However, at some point in history, negativity arose, and as this played out, our connection to joy and loving feelings inadvertently became weakened. Many of us were victims of and/or inherited these ways of being from past generations, and so our connection to loving feelings may be weak, or even blocked. This article/blog post is based on concepts in my books. See here  We now know that light, positive, uplifting high-vibration thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors create feelings of general well-being. They burst through any weakness or blocks we may have to loving feelings. They send sparks of light and love to our whole being. This allows us to reconnect to loving feelings. The more we embrace high-vibration thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors, the better we feel. The better we feel, the more easily we can express love out into the world. For those of us who cannot easily tap into joy or loving feelings, we can conjure them up. Creating Loving Feelings  We create loving feelings by passionately evoking loving feelings with our thoughts, words, attitudes, and behaviors. Doing so with gusto, relishing, delighting in, reveling in, and with exaggerated feelings gets the ball rolling. We are attempting to override years, generations, and even eons of our feelings of love being dulled and subdued, so we must approach this with enthusiasm. Hug yourself or your pillow. Create a practice by summoning up love feelings as if you were hugging a baby, your child, your most precious loved one, a cute kitten, or whatever will create pure, unabashed childlike pleasure within you. This creates love feelings within your being, which you can later connect to more easily. Embrace joy and light-heartedness. Regularly do what brings you joy. Bring fun and light-heartedness to whatever you do, as this creates a sense of joy around it anchoring joy into your being. Joy then becomes part of your make-up. Be passionate and bring abandon to all you do. Being passionate and bringing abandon to whatever you are doing creates a positive vortex around it. This makes every-day tasks pleasurable. The mundane starts to feel extraordinary. Life starts to feel extraordinary. Delight in small things. When you allow yourself to delight in the small things in life, like the bubbles in the sink, spring’s first bloom, or a baby’s smile, you are evoking loving feelings. This creates a sort of love muscle memory, and you will automatically start to feel sparks of joy and loving feelings in small things, each time strengthening your connection to love. Allow for wonder and awe. Whenever possible, embrace what creates wonder and awe in your being. Whether it be the sky and [...]

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Newsletter March 2020 – Gratitude: In Good and Challenging Times


As I was recently going over my section on “Gratitude” in the upcoming book 2 of my ‘Becoming Our Best Self’ Series, and the thought came to me to expand it to include a bit about the importance of being grateful – especially in difficult times. I also shared a few meditations. Links are below. Gratitude: In Good and Challenging Times  A little quote from Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet, expresses the power of gratitude perfectly. Gratitude seeps through any denseness created when we fall prey to low vibration thinking or ways of being and connects us to our heart-space. It bursts through any blocks we inadvertently created – like those caused by worry, fear, blame, anger, etc. that keep us disconnected from our heart-space. Wear gratitude like a cloak, and it will feed every corner of your life ~Rumi Along with joy, freedom, and love, gratitude and appreciation are listed as the highest on Abraham Hicks’s Emotional Guidance Scale (1). And just like love, joy, and all the high-vibration attitudes, appreciation and gratitude send sparks of light, love, and healing to our cells, allowing for mental stability and feelings of physical well-being. This helps us override as gratitude connects us to our heart-space, we are propelled into higher levels of consciousness. This helps us to override any habitual, negative / unhelpful thought, attitudinal, and behavioral patterns. Worry, fear, anger, blame etc. dissipate, and we see life with more clarity and from a more hopeful – and helpful perspective. With clarity of vision, what we really need to do not only becomes clearer, it also somehow happens more easily. The cobwebs of worry, fear, anger, blame, and what if’s simply fade away. Clarity of vision is not a small thing – especially in these confusing and challenging times. Gratitude does not come that easily to many of us, but there is much we can do to help bring feelings of gratitude and appreciation into our every-day life. Cultivating Gratitude The best way to cultivate gratitude is to consciously and consistently make it part of our every-day life. Including gratefulness and appreciation in our prayer, meditation, quiet or reflection time anchors them into our being.  Feelings of gratefulness and appreciation then become second-nature. Creating a gratitude journal is also helpful. Included it in our everyday practice, or whenever we feel stressed or succumb to fear or negativity, spending a little time writing out what we can be grateful for puts us in gratitude mode. To Read Full Message see  HERE To Sign-up for Future Newsletters see  HERE Louise Hay’s Gratitude Meditation is useful any time of the day. See Here Marianne Williamson’s recent meditation aims to help us physically and emotionally in these challenging days by 1) infusing our bodies with protective and healing light; 2) waylay any fears we may hold about all that is happening regarding the corona virus. See Here Rosemary McCarthy ©  March 31,2020.   To stay updated on new posts and book publish date(s)you can also Follow my Facebook page here  See here  for [...]

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