When we live life from an expanded place, our whole being feels loose and free. We are happy, open, curious, and we feel unlimited in what we can do, or attain.

When we live from a contracted place, we are serious, and feel tight and restricted. We are closed, cautious, and feel limited in what we can do, or attain.

Living expanded we feel light, calm, contented, and trusting that our life will go well: our life flows easily. Living contracted we feel heavy, concerned, and tentative about life and unsure that it will go well: our life often seems like a struggle.

We are meant to be happy, open, and feel unlimited. We now understand the importance of living in this way, but putting it into practice in difficult times is not always easy.

Still, it is in challenging times like this that we have to make the extra effort to remain happy and open, so that we can live expanded – not contracted, and still able to reap the benefits of living from the higher states of consciousness living expanded bring to us.

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Living expanded we are aligned with Universal flow, which embodies love, trust, hope, co-operation, and fearlessness. Living contracted we are aligned with our mind and emotions, which embody fear, doubt, competition, suspiciousness, and limitation.

The more we are conscious and connected to our True Self, the easier it is to live from an expanded place. Some of us live from an expanded consciousness most of the time. But most of us live life from an expanded consciousness some of the time – mostly when life is going well.

When life is going well, it is so much easier to be positive and approach life with openness, and free of worry and restrictive and thinking.  With a bump here and there along our path, most of us can weather life’s ups and downs, and easily return to being positive and open to life’s possibilities.

However, when too many bumps or real concerns cross our path at the same time or consecutively, even those of us who are conscious and have a strong connection to our True Self, fall prey to worry, doubt, stress, and become tentative and distrustful of life, and our future.

However, to lessen the blow, we must remain hopeful, instead of fearful. We must keep dreams of a good future alive in us, instead of constant worry about it. This not only makes us feel better now, it helps set up a good future for us. Because the cumulative effect of constant worry shifts our energy level.

Living Expanded – Instead of Contracted

When too much is thrust upon us – especially the unexpected, the cumulative effect can wreck havoc on our confidence – in ourselves and the world around us, and in our sense of security and well-being. We can very easily go from living expanded to living contacted.

Only at the highest levels of consciousness can we weather storm upon storm and remain calm, cool, collected, positive, and worry free. Only very few in the world, like the Masters, holy people, and enlightened ones have ever reached those states.

For the rest of us, we just have to do our best to maintain, or attain, a sense of equilibrium when all we are familiar with crashes down around us.

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Concerning the challenges associated with the corona virus, our health, our future, our financial stability – and those of our loved ones are threatened. And we are almost helpless, as we are at the beck and call of the disease, those making the decisions, and the unknown financial fallout.

We cannot change the circumstances. To ensure our physical health, we must of course stay informed and follow what feel right for us. We must figure out what is appropriate to our financial situation. And we must also look after our mental and emotional stability.

Focusing completely on all that is going on is counter-intuitive and will bring us down. We can easily get lured into focusing on, checking out, and discussing and arguing about the ins and outs of it all. Of who said what, and who did what – the right or wrong way. The drama of it all is not good for us. It will contact our being.

We must not allow the appropriate concerns

of today – and the necessity of educating ourselves and having to change

our lifestyle contract our being.

To Stay Expanded We Must Nurture Ourselves: Be Selfish

Once we have done what we need do and have all the facts relevant to us, we help our mood and state of mind by ensuring we are giving our minds and souls an extra boost of love and and light-hearted positive energy – so that we stay balanced, hopeful, and expansive in our being.

It is vital at this time that we pay extra attention to how we feel emotionally. Most of us do have real concerns. But focusing on them – the ins and outs of them all and the what if’s – does not help the outcome. Nor does it nurture our already challenged emotional state. And it actually weakens our decision-making abilities, which need to remain strong now more than ever.

To remain strong, we must embrace whatever makes us feel good, happy, and light-hearted  – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And do it as often as needed.

It may seem selfish how much we have to focus on ourselves and our mental health at this time, but we are attempting to deal with what is the hardest time most of us have ever encountered in our lifetime. Here are a few examples that will keep us engaged in life in a positive way.

  • Listen to or watch whatever lightens your mood. Comedy, beautiful music, uplifting podcasts.
  • Get out and walk – of course in safety. Look for a quiet bench to sit on.
  • Go for a drive in the country or by a lake or river. Pack snacks and lunch.
  • If you have a yard, enjoy it, or play in the snow.
  • Do in-house projects – those that make you happy and feel grounded – not any that will create more stress.
  • Reminisce of when you were a child lying on the grass in summer or making snow angels – and take in that feeling of freedom.
  • If you have nice views from inside or outside you home take in trees in the neighborhood, the snow or light ice glistening off the branches, or the sky with the sun and clouds in the day and the stars and moon at night. Daydream of what you will shortly be able to do more freely.
  • Do light-hearted things. Play games. Learn games.
  • Get silly.
  • Take up, add to, or increase the time spent in your spiritual practice.

If you have fallen down the rabbit hole of getting overly stressed or concerned, don’t feel bad. Even those of us who know all this can easily get caught up in the negativity of it all and be affected. We have simply learned to catch ourselves, and do what it takes to pull ourselves back up emotionally.

The people who have become sick or who have lost loved ones have born the brunt of all this, as have the angels on the front lines looking after the sick, and the people looking after our daily needs. So will those who will be forever financially impacted. Our hearts surely go out to all of them.

Living Expanded – Instead of Contracted

This is giving us all time to reflect on what is really important to us. Most of us will become much more appreciative for the simple things in life, and the easy-breezy lifestyle we once had, but lost for a while. Spending time with loved ones. Having all we need easily attainable and at our fingertips. Hopping in the car and going anywhere, and with anyone. We all miss this freedom. But it will return.

The reality is that we will have to tough this out at least through most of the winter. To ensure we come out of this emotionally stable, let’s do what we need to to become, or remain, expansive in our being. Let’s focus on the good. The light. The positive. The simple. The beautiful. Let’s keep hope and good feelings at the forefront of our minds, hearts, and entire beings.

Enjoy these first weeks of 2021 and take advantage of the quiet that is imposed on us, while at the same time dream about the freedoms that will return shortly. May you find joy, peace, and lightness of being as the winter continuous, and stay healthy and safe during this challenging time.?❤️

Rosemary McCarthy© originally April 14, 2020, updated Jan 6th, 2021.

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