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I Want to Live in a World That …


Focusing our energies on what we want – not what we don't want or on what is wrong – creates the energy vortex for what we want to come about. And our focus must be positive and uplifting. This article is from a few years ago that I post from time to time; I have tweaked it a bit to address what we as individuals and the world are now going through. There is so much love, support, community banding together, and hundreds of ways we are all supporting each other – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually going around. And we MUST keep it up. At this difficult time, it is even MORE important than ever to focus on what we want – in our lives and in the world – so that we come out of this as unscathed as possible and the world a much, much better, fairer, more compassionate, and egalitarian place. At the end of this post are a few links to aids that have recently crossed my path to help us navigate this time. ---------------------------- Here is the original post - tweaked just slightly. Add to the list near the bottom if you wish. We all want to feel loved and safe, and have all we need to survive – and to thrive. Everyone in the world should have the opportunities for these – to have access to their basic and general needs, and to the paths to help them reach their potentials. This desire to feel loved and safe is born out of remembrance – of a time before we feel negativity – into greed, judgment, inequality, divisiveness, and non-co-operation. And although what we are going through now is harder than what most of us have seen in our lifetime, it is giving us the opportunity to bring about that ideal world we all yearn for. It is forcing us to band together – in love and co-operation – as we have never seen before. And we are passing with flying colors. It is the focusing on love, compassion, sharing, co-operation – and what we want (for ourselves, others, and the world), rather than on blame, criticism, and greed – and what we don't want – that is creating the upward spiral of energy that will usher in the changes we long for – and keep the momentum moving forward. Focusing on the negative, the drama, what we don't want, what frustrates us, or makes us angry blocks the flow to positive change. I'm not saying that today it is easy today to be fully positive and not fall into fear or get involved in some of the drama. None of us can fully do that. But we can try – and check ourselves when we do. In our ever-changing world where one day we are witness to love and compassion and are uplifted because we feel people and the world are finally moving towards being more loving, compassionate, and supportive of one another, and [...]

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Newsletter May 2020 – Evoking the Power of Nature


Evoking the Power of Nature We are all going through various emotions and reactions to all that is going on because of this pandemic. None of us are 100% immune to falling into stress, worry, or fear at least on occasion. We are human and this is normal. Because of the extra stress that cannot be avoided, we must ensure we keep our physical, mental, and emotional bodies balanced. There are many ways to do this, and people are offering up so much. The sharing of beautiful and heartfelt music, uplifting stories, stunning images that evoke awe in us, jokes to make us laugh keeping us light-hearted, as well as free support, meditations, and prayer circles, give us many options to help keep us keep somewhat up and balanced. All of these offerings reach into our heart-space and connect us to the love within – the place where we can feel more peaceful. (Below are links to a few helpful practices and the download of a free e-book I recently came upon). (All my writings are based on my books, Your Journey to Peace ... and Why We Are the Way We Are - Links to About Books and Cover Images are below) It is connecting to the love within and staying light-hearted that helps us navigate these times more easily, and in the long run, helps heal the world. Stress, worry, anger, focusing on the drama, etc. keeps us tethered to our mind and its limited viewpoints, which distances us from the healing aspects of being connected to our heart-space, where our perspective is much broader. And then there is our connection to Nature – our most powerful ally. Being in nature helps us to reconnect to our origins.  Nature can communicate truths to us, because it is the cleanest and purest channel within our realm. Nature speaks directly to our hearts. It’s trees, water, rocks, plants, sky, moon, sun, and stars, the animals, the insects, etc. are brimming with love, light, and wisdom that can override the stresses and worries of our minds. And it is through a strong connection to our heart-space that stresses and worries abate. Void of stress and worry, we gain clarity. Clarity guides us to make good decisions – not influenced by drama, echoes of the past, or concerns about the future. The Indigenous peoples have always revered – and have had a reciprocal relationship with Mother Nature. As did the ancients. In Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha, which is about a man seeking enlightenment in Buddha’s time, this relationship is noted. At one point, Siddhartha tells his friend Govinda that nature in its purest form can speak to us, and tells him the tale of a wise ferryman who said “the river’s voice spoke to him.” The ferryman also told him “every wind, every cloud, every bird, every beetle is equally divine and can teach just as well as the esteemed river.”(1) There is more ... to read the full message see here Stay safe and well, with much [...]

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