In parts 1 and 2, I discuss why all of us need a gentle touch – especially now. In part 2 I also suggest that we extend that gentleness to all living beings on the Planet – on Gaia, as she is home to beings that walk upon her.

In this part 3, I maintain that we must also be gentle to Gaia – our home – to Mother Earth. As we have progressed and modernized, we have abused and disrespected our home, and we need to help her heal.

(This is a re-post of an article I wrote a couple of years ago and post from time to time – and felt it was a good time to present it again, as these days we all need a gentle touch: compassion and understanding as we navigate these challenging times. I addressed our current situation a little in Part 1, and here this is mostly just a re-post of the original article, but that is always relevant).

Gaia is a living breathing being. The Indigenous peoples know this and show her the respect she deserves.They have a strong connection to our Planet, and they are teaching us the importance of respecting her – and all her inhabitants.

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Our Home; Mother Earth

In past times, we held a reciprocal relationship with Gaia. She gave to us through her bounty. We took and shared  her gifts – with gratitude, and we looked after her. The Indigenous peoples still adhere to this concept of reciprocity, and still believe in the premise of “enough.”

Our planet has suffered physically through industrialization and our greed. We have been inconsiderate of her air, water, land, forests, and resources.

We are now seeing the repercussions of many of the decisions made decades ago. Some of these we made unaware of the long-term consequences; others, we knew there would be consequences and either ignored or buried the research.

We have gotten used to the many luxuries that we now consider our right – many of them attained at her expense. We have gone beyond the concept of “enough.”

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Our planet has also suffered from the emotional abuses we have put upon her.

All the unfairness, judgments, prejudices, hate, injustices, and cruelty we have directed towards each other, groups of people, like through genocides and wars, or even towards the animals have affected her. Because she is a living, breathing organism and it all happened within her boundaries, she too has suffered when those living upon her suffered.

Gaia, Mother Earth, our beautiful planet has had to shrug off all of these physical and emotional abuses. And even though she is still in an evolutionary stage and some upheavals are normal, many of the recent turbulent weather patterns are because of her releasing this negative energy we have put upon her.

She too requires our gentleness to help her overcome what she has suffered. It is urgent that we now not only consider her air, water, land, forests, and resources when making our current decisions, but also aim to repair damage already done to her.

We Are All Doing Our Little Parts – One Way Or Another

We have to work on two different levels to bring about the world we all want where love, peace, compassion, kindness, gentleness, fairness, and equality reign, and where we look after everyone and care for everything on the planet, including Gaia herself. We need to work on both the practical and spiritual levels.


The World Needs our Gentle Touch

There is enough in world to go around, and we have the know-how to ensure everyone on the planet has what they need to be healthy and thrive. Society needs to address the many practical issues that are hindering us bringing this about.

We must ensure people are and feel safe, have enough food and clean water to become and stay healthy, and continue to work on everyone having access to sanitary plumbing systems.

Working towards solving these issues is paramount to making the necessary changes, but we also have to create the atmosphere to inspire people to do so.

We do this by raising the awareness about the issues, while at the same time raising the consciousness of the planet – raising its vibration, which we do through every positive and uplifting thought, word, and deed.

This will help us rekindle the feelings of love within and our connectedness to each other – to the Oneness we are all a part of, and inspire us to work towards the good of all.

There is a lot of need in the world – individually and collectively, and nobody can answer it all: we can only do our little bit.

And we must be careful not to judge what people are, or don’t seem to be doing to bring it about. Most of us are doing something to help Humanity and the planet – in one way or another. Some efforts have a large visible impact; most do not.

The World Needs our Gentle Touch

  • From monks and yogis spending their days in prayer and meditation;
  • to people doing their best to live their lives with joy, passion, compassion, kindness, acceptance, and/or integrity;
  • to people working for animal and human rights
  • to those working in associations and governments for the betterment of us all;
  • to those who rally others into action.

Every little thing we do to raise our vibration – and that of everyone and everything living on the Planet, as well as all expressions of gentleness – towards people, animals, and the Planet work in tandem, so that we can all heal by reconnecting to the love within and move towards the loving, caring, and sharing individuals we are all meant to be.

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