Self-Forgiveness Reconnects Us to Love – Part 2/3

Self-Forgiveness Reconnects Us to Love – Part 2/3

In Part 1, I discussed how we only ever hurt our self, others, or act badly in any way, because we are disconnected from our True Self and misaligned from the unconditional love within it.

(link for Part 1 HERE)

Valid fears, and continual onslaughts of unexpected changes, bad experiences, and stressors – much of what many of us are now experiencing because of the corona virus can cause us to become misaligned, and therefore act badly – act uncharacteristically. Recently we, or those around us, may have acted or reacted badly.

And even though these days we may have less patience than usual, at this time we all need extra compassion and understanding – for our self and for others.  This is why it is so vital to forgive our self, and those around us – for recent or current poor attitudes, reactions, or behaviors. This post/article focuses mainly on self-forgiveness.

As we are all evolving, which is about reconnecting to the love within

and living life from that place of love

we have to clear our emotional bodies of what blocks this connections.

The ways we view and approach life and the attitudes, reactions, and behaviors that stem from these all affect our sense of peace, happiness, empowerment, and our relationships.

Hurts we experienced, or those we put upon our self  as well as those we put onto others, create blocks in our emotional bodies. We are not aware of these blocks, nonetheless, they affect us. Because unless or until addressed and dealt with, blocks in our emotional bodies distance us from our power-base causing us to see and navigate life in ways that may be ineffective for our self, or hurtful to others.

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The ego loves to incite drama, and it will instill guilt and/or shame into our psyche over anything it can – especially anything with a hint of negativity. This causes us to experiences subtle feelings of unease, and we further start to think, act, and react in ways that do not serve our ultimate peace and happiness.

The underlying causes of this unease are from the past, and therefore have no substance. As such, they are only a trick of the mind and should be relinquished. Although we have the ability to move past hurts, guilt, shame, and how these affect us, we inherited Humanity’s habit of  holding onto to them.

Self-forgiveness frees us from the hold the past has on us. It requires looking at and releasing the underlying past buried emotions that actually cause any negative, hurtful, or disempowering way we may have approached life that did not come from a loving place.

Clearing Our Emotional Bodies

We clear our emotional bodies by:

  • acknowledging and working through past hurts others put upon us that we ignored, didn’t deal with, or even completely buried
  • clearing any underlying emotions attached to how we hurt or disempowered our self
  • clearing what lurks in our psyche associated with how we treated others when we were not coming from a place of love.
 When we act or react in ways that hurt our self

When we act or react in ways that hurts or disempowers us, we are navigating life disconnected from our power-base and the love it holds. From this disconnected state, current stressors may cause us to become frustrated and impatient. We may make unhealthy, unwise, or bad decisions, or become apathetic.

Wounds from past hurts can cause us to be tentative, fearful, or retreat into protective mode in attempts to avoid future hurts. Although these may offer us some emotional relief as we are not allowing our self to be vulnerable in any way, they are temporary fixes. The original issue is not being resolved. We are not free of its effects.

We hurt others from present stressors or echoes of the past.

We hurt or lash out at others from an emotionally injured state left over from the past, or from onslaughts of stress, frustration, and confusion – like we are experiencing these days because of the corona virus.

Buried and unacknowledged hurts need an outlet, and projecting our emotions outwards towards others are feeble attempts to rid our self of the pain. When we lash out at others because of being frustrated or stressed, we are attempting to ease and/or shake off how we are feeling.

Past hurts never properly dealt with caused us to contract.

Unaddressed hurts cause us to develop a contracted view of our self and of our relationship to others and the world. In a contracted state, we see/navigate our life and our responses to others and situations from a limited and protective standpoint. This disempowers us, causes us to shrink from true intimacy with our loved ones, and because we see life from a narrow perspective our choices for solutions are limited.

We can forgive our self when we understand our motivations.

Whether regarding our self or others, we only hurt or disempower from an unconscious state. We only ever acted badly or in any disempowering way because of influences we were unaware of, such as the effects temporary unexpected stressors have on us, or from unaddressed past wounds or bad experiences.

We thrive when we make good, effective, and empowering choices. When do not thrive, our unconscious mind lures us into further bad choices, and we get stuck in a negative/downward cycle. Self-forgiveness breaks this cycle.

We create strong relationships when we navigate them from a place of love and empowerment. If our relationships have been unstable and unfulfilling, we will feel inadequate. We may experience hurt feelings, or become needy and demanding. This is counter-intuitive, causing further feelings of inadequacy to arise, and we get stuck in a negative/downward cycle. Self-forgiveness breaks this cycle too.

What is unaddressed or was buried always comes to the surface – one way or another, and at one time or another. We will continue to hurt our self, or project negativity onto others and the world, until something within us calls us to question our ways of navigating life.

These days, with the extra emotions many of us are now experiencing from the fears, stressors, and restrictions surrounding the corona virus, we have a wonderful opportunity to self-reflect on how we deal with our emotions, especially when we deal with them badly.


Self-understanding is the path to self-forgiveness. And it is sacred work. Working hand in hand, they strengthen our connection to our True Self, which paves the way to peace, happiness, and feeling empowered, and becoming our Best Self.

(Next week I will continue with these themes and focus on Self-understanding. The week after, I will discuss the importance of Connecting the Dots between how we are navigating life with how we are experiencing it),

© Rosemary McCarthy, originally from 2016, updated Sept 18, 2020.

See here for Part 1

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