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The Cavern between “You and Others” Is in Direct Relationship to the Cavern between “You and You” – 1/3


The hurts or conflicts that arise in our relationships are mostly due to Unconscious Influences that run our lives. I say mostly, because for some, conflicts with friends or in our intimate relationships are due to a mismatch, or the relationship has served its purpose and we are meant to take our cues and move on. For others, conflicts arise because one or the other is evolving more quickly, the relationship needs to shift and change to meet new circumstances, or one of the individuals is making life-altering changes that affect the relationship. When we do not heed the signals and make the necessary adjustments, compromises, do a bit of self-reflection, or seek help for a relationship that is in the throws of shifts and changes, the hurts and conflicts will continue and worsen, and both parties suffer unnecessarily. Sadly, sometimes a relationship even ends that could be saved and a family kept intact because of the inability of one or both or parties to face his or her part of its breakdown. Except for when a relationship has played out and is intended to end, we are meant to work through our hurts and conflicts with those in our lives. This is spiritual growth – and what this time in Humanity's evolution is asking of us. Because it is not by only making peace with ourselves, but with all (including people) that upsets us, or that makes us feel bad, frustrates us, or angers us, that allows  us to evolve. This article is based on my current and upcoming books, About Books HERE One of the higher purposes of relationships, whether it be with a life-partner, a sibling, a parent-child or child-parent bond, an extended family member, a friend, or even a long-term working partnership, is for the Unconscious Influences of both parties to surface – for healing. And except for the rare occasion where one party feels empowered in life and is the “light-holder” and stabilizer to the other as he or she works through a huge misalignment from their power base and feel and act from states of disempowerment, both in the relationship are usually misaligned to the same degree. These misalignments would not necessarily show up in the same way, but the degree of misalignment would be similar. Being/Feeling Empowered vs Disempowered Feeling empowered in life comes from being connected to our power base, which comes from a strong connection to our True Self – of “us-to-us.” (Our True Self is defined below, and I used the term as synonymous with Source energy, Spirit, higher Self, Creator, God, etc.). This connection gives us our confidence allowing us to reach for what we want in life, while doing so with integrity and creating harmony with others and around us. We are able to become our Best Self. (Book 2 of my new "Our Journeys to Peace' Series, Overcoming our Unconscious Influences– due out Fall 2020, helps us pave the way to becoming our Best Self. (About link [...]

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Practices, Relaxing/Healing Music, Meditations, Qi Gong, Etc.


Practices, Relaxing/Healing Music, Meditations, Prayers, Qi Gong, etc. There is much available today to help us shift to feeling happier, more relaxed, and peaceful, be more loving, and empowered in life so that we make good, solid decisions and choices that bring us long-term happiness. Here are a few that have helped me    Added October 2021 Meditative Healing Music - For Healing and Cleansing 30-minute Beginner Yoga  Flow  10-minute Meditation. Mindfulness and Focus Meditation from Daily Calm Added September 2021 Tara Bracht's Talk - (with a small meditation): "Facing Fear in a Traumatized World." Tara talks about how stresses and traumas  (like how we may have experienced this past year-and-a-half) can turn us into fear-based ways of navigating life that affect our physical, mental, and spiritual selves. Her guided meditation is at around 53 minutes and is aimed to help us release unwanted feelings and stresses.  At 34 minutes Tara also tells a beautiful story/allegory about how we internalize trauma in ways that aim to protect us, but that may cause others to misunderstand or criticize us. Added August 2021 How to Calm the Voice Inside - Eckhart Tolle's 15-minute guide to calming mind-talk Meditation for Anxiety - Deepak Chopra's. 15-minute meditation to relieve anxiety Meditation for Positive Energy - Deepak Chopra's. 15-minute meditation to shift to feeling more positive Added July 2021 Tapping Meditation - for relieving Stress and Feeling Overwhelmed. Small intro. Approx 15 minutes Tapping Meditation - for shifting from Anger to Feeling Peaceful.  Small Intro. Approx 15 minutes Beautiful, Relaxing Music - 12 hours long Live Guided Meditation from The Buddhist Society of  Western Australia  For July 10th, 3 pm Australia time. You can set a reminder. Added June 2021 Beautiful, Relaxing. Soothing Instrumental Music - 10  minutes  Added: April 2021 10 -minute Meditation Violet Flame Meditation This is is another beautiful - and powerful meditation from Melanie Belkler I have recently been using. It invokes Ste. Germain's Violet  Flame, which helped to put what I was feeling in my heart onto paper when I was first starting to write. I hope it is as powerful for you as it was for me.  Enjoy ??  (Sorry about the add - you can skip it 5 seconds in) 5 hour Beautiful, Healing "Music to Reborn the Soul"  I recently discovered this beautiful music that is so peaceful and soothing. I keep it on during the day as I work, or when I feel stressed, sad, or .... I hope you enjoy it too. ? (Sorry about the add - you can skip a few seconds in) Added: March 2021.   This Lakota Prayer is a beautiful prayer passed down through the generations that encourages us to learn how to trust our minds, our hearts, and our intuition – as it is through listening to the messages they give us that we can “Walk in the Balance” of life.    May it guide you when you need guidance, and uplift you when you need a boost ? The Latoka Prayer [...]

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