Being emotionally open and allowing for feelings of vulnerability engages our soul.

When we are emotionally open – whether in our thinking, speaking, or how we approach life and the issues and situations that crop up, we engage the power of our soul giving us access to the wisdom, ideas, and insights it holds.

When we acknowledge our vulnerabilities, we create a space for our anxieties and fears to express themselves. This allows us to dispel any false ones, and effectively deal with those that are real.

It is emotionally healthy for us to be open

and to acknowledge our vulnerabilities. And although many of us are not

 naturally open, and/or are afraid to face our vulnerabilities,

the ramifications of Covid is giving the perfect opportunity to do so.

The society we have grown up in has been based on power and strength. To get by and survive we have had to be powerful and strong – or at least appear to be. Any show of weakness, physical or emotional, was taken advantage of. To survive we learned to be closed, and to hide our vulnerabilities.

It is time in our evolutionary journey for all of us to become emotionally open and to allow for feelings of vulnerability. And we can see this happening all around us as more and more people are calling out for equality and fairness in the world, and compassion for those going through hard times.

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The repercussions of the corona virus, with all the fear, stress, confusion, and conflict it has brought with it is the perfect vehicle to help individuals who are normally emotionally closed and do not allow for vulnerabilities to surface to do so.

This time is giving us ample opportunities to be open – to live more from our heart-space and be more loving, understanding, and compassionate toward others who are also dealing with upheavals in their life.

With so much pain and fear in the world, it is easier to shift away from the mind’s propensity to judge and criticize. And it is beneficial to do so.

If our tendency has been to judge or criticize others,

the feelings of vulnerability this time is bringing up offers us

a wonderful opportunity to shift

to being more loving, understanding, and compassionate.

Most of us shy away from feeling vulnerable, but sitting in the uncomfortable feelings – for a short while, rather than denying them keeps our emotional bodies clear. Fear, anxiety, stress, change, uncertainty, and loneliness are now part of everyday life.

Acknowledging how these really make us feel – how vulnerable we may feel, is far healthier than burying how we feel or running away from the feelings by keeping busy.

The corona virus has “broken us all wide open.”

This is a wonderful opportunity to allow the emotions

and vulnerabilities that present themselves to arise.

It is not the time to deny or bury them.

We All Deal with Stress, Fear, and Adversity Differently

For some of us being and remaining open and allowing for feelings of vulnerability comes easily. In highly stressful times we may temporarily close up, but we are easily able to return to an open way of approaching life.

For others of us we vacillate between being open and closed and shift between allowing or avoiding feeling vulnerable. In highly stressful times we will likely close up, and will have to work hard to regain a sense of openness and feeling vulnerable.

For those of us who never allow our self to be open or to feel vulnerable, it usually takes a major life event “that breaks us open” to allow for our emotions and vulnerabilities to come to the surface. The potential is there, but it still often doesn’t happen

Even though we can deny the uncomfortable emotions

that feeling vulnerable brings with it by ignoring or fighting them,

or by keeping busy, they still affect us.

Our emotional bodies are set up so that our feelings must be acknowledged; otherwise they will find an outlet. We will either project them out into the world with aggressive attitudes and behaviors, or, we turn the uncomfortable feelings inwards and become despondent, depressed, dysfunctional, overly-passive), or even fall into addiction.

Dealing with Our Feelings of Vulnerability

We can address and deal with our feelings of vulnerability by our self, or with a friend who is a good listener and whom we feel emotionally safe with. If the feelings run deep and/or sadness or anxiety continues, or we feel overwhelmed and can barely function, talking to a professional is advisable.

Addressing Our Current Feelings. We may address feeling sad, angry, frustrated, alone, lonely, anxious, fearful, scared, depressed, etc. – whatever we are feeling. Sifting through feelings – many of which often become exaggerated in our minds (especially these days as we are so bombarded with information that it clouds our perceptions), helps us to distinguish the false or exaggerated ones from the real ones.

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Addressing Old, Buried Feelings. Sometimes when we address current feelings, old, buried ones arise. These may be the cause of exaggerated current fears and feelings. They may also be what was keeping us from becoming our Best Self – possibly stuck in apathy, dysfunction, mediocrity, or with habitual patterns of behavior that were creating havoc in our life or our relationships. This is a deeper level of self-understanding.

Next week I will post another Worksheet on Connecting the Dotsthis will be to connect the dots between our feelings and reactions to how they may be linked to past, buried emotions/events.


My prayer for you is that you and your loved ones, get through the next step of this situation put upon us with as much ease, grace, and positive experiences as possible. May you all be able to access feelings of happiness and joy – amidst all the chaos and uncertainty – and that you all stay safe and healthy. ? ?

Rosemary McCarthy, © September 24, 2020

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