When we are authentic, we come from an honest place within our self. We are open-hearted, and live and speak from the heart. Living from our heart-space we connect to our True Self―our core Self―our essence, and our authentic Self shines through.

When we live, speak from, and are connected to our heart-space

we engage our True Self, giving us access to the love, guidance, courage,

wisdom, clarity of vision, and power it holds.

Having access to all our True Self holds and connected to that honest place within, we feel peaceful, empowered in life, and can easily create―and maintain harmonious relationships.

When we come from that honest place within our self, we are connected to the subtler parts of our self.  We know our self. We are in tune with our true feelings. We have clarity about our life. We know where we are in life; and where we want to go in life. Or, if we are shifting and changing and don’t have a clear picture of our future, we are confident it will reveal itself to us―in a timely manner.

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Because we are connected to the subtler parts of our self, we can express them to others. Our exchanges with others are honest. We can allow our self to be vulnerable with people. We can honestly and easily express our feelings and concerns―without fear of judgment or criticism. With the confidence and sense of security our connection to our True Self brings us, we do not take things personally.

We are only connected to the honest and subtler parts of our self

if we have acknowledged―and regularly

deal with our innermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Denied / Buried Feelings Cause Unconscious Influences to Arise in Us

If we cannot, or do not, acknowledge our true feelings and emotions to our self, we bury and deny them. Good feelings do not affect us badly, but hurtful ones do and create emotional wounds below the surface of our awareness that easily get triggered. They are like emotional scars, and we have an unconscious need to protect them.

As we protect these old scars, we unknowingly

create barriers that block us living from our heart-space,

weakening our connection to our True Self.

We then live with our feelings and emotions raw and close to the surface, causing us to get triggered by innocent, small inconsequential comments, actions, or non-actions by others that have nothing to do with the original hurt. We are simply overly sensitive and protective of our feelings.

Because we take things personally, people always seem to be pushing our buttons or disappointing us. We often feel frustrated or get hurt feelings. We may become reactive, defensive, or overly-passive. These become habitual ways of dealing with life and others, and they act upon us without our conscious consent. I call them our Unconscious Influences.***

Becoming Authentic

To move from living from our surface emotions and reacting from habitual patterns, to connecting to our true feelings and emotions and becoming honest, open, and authentic, we must be willing to look at the reasons behind how we feel, and why we react the way we do. We must be willing to bring down the barriers to being open-hearted, so that we can reconnect to feelings of love, and able to express from a place of love.

(In my next 2 posts on Authenticity, I will continue with Becoming Authentic, and further explain how self-reflection works, as well as how to Connect the Dots from current feelings and emotions to past ones – and how this works to release the affect they have on us). See below to Stay updated.

***Our Unconscious Influences: Are the attitudes, biases, inner beliefs, and habitual thought and reactive patterns we unknowingly erected from past experiences, what we witnessed, and/or appropriated from others that have become our operating system.

– © Rosemary McCarthy, November 12,  2020

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