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Loving – Instead of Missing What Was


As the Seasonal Holidays will be so different this year, and we will surely not have all the celebrations we are so used to and hold so dear, I felt is appropriate to repost part of a previous message from my April Newsletter. Human contact and regular get-togethers with family and friends are so important to our sense of well-being. However, Even when missing our loved ones or longing to spend time with good friends, there are ways to help waylay the sadness, keep our spirits up, and our connection to them alive in us. Life is ever-changing. With its the ebbs and flows, things and people come into our life, and go out of our life. Circumstances change. It is human nature to miss what was – especially what we loved and were comfortable with. However, it is more helpful to us that we love what was, rather than miss what was. Remembering what was with love creates loving feelings within us. Loving feelings dispel sadness, longing, and loneliness. They create expansion in our being. When we live from an expanded place, we are connected to Universal love. Connected to Universal love, we more easily find contentment and happiness with whatever we are doing. Appreciation for what is. Our sense of belonging comes mainly from this connection; not so much from others or circumstances. Missing what was creates negative feelings within us. Our consciousness reads missing as lack. As despair – void of love, hope, and appreciation. This creates contraction in our being. When we live from a contracted place, we rely mainly on our human emotions for our contentment and happiness, where sadness, longing, and loneliness can easily thrive. Move to Loving What Was – from Missing What Was. To move to LOVING – from missing what was, we simply remember what we miss lovingly. We do this by: Bring into your heart the feeling of what you miss created within Revel in the feeling. Hugging yourself – or a pillow help to create the feeling. Smile about it. Write about it. Bring to mind the details. The sights. The sounds. The smells. Dig out old pictures and lovingly gaze at them, embrace them, and hold them to your heart. Do, or bring to mind, whatever creates that positive and loving feeling you remember about what you miss. The more we connect to the feeling what we miss created in us, the more the nice, loving feelings associated with it become alive in us, and the less we actually miss them. Although loving what was will not bring us physical hugs, we can still summon up some of that warm and fuzzy feeling getting a big hug from a loved one brings us. I wish you health, safety, ease in getting all you need, and some connection with loved ones throughout this challenging time. However you spend this holiday season, I wish you a blessed time – hopefully with some nice treats, good food, and at least a call [...]

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Newsletter #36, Dec. 2020, Feeling Blessed: I Have Loved Ones Who Usually Grace My Table


My wish for you is that however you celebrate this Holiday season, that you can feel the love and spirit of it – even though our usual ways of preparing for and celebrating it is, and will be, greatly altered from what we are used to. (This was sent out Dec 20th, but I was only able to post here today, so my apologies if some of it seems outdated now;  the sentiments still remain :) Sign up to my newsletter here Link is also below). Myself, I’m focusing on feeling blessed because I do have loved ones nearby who I would be celebrating Christmas with, and will feel comforted that my son and his family who live far away are safe, doing ok, and have each other. I also have a few creative ideas to help me feel close to my family, and that will also help keep the spirit of the season alive in me. Sadly, not everyone does have loved ones to see during the Holiday season. Others do, but they live very far away and cannot ever get together, while some people are estranged from family members and never see them. Those of us who do have loved ones we usually celebrate with are truly blessed. Focusing on this, and getting creative in ways that help us  feel close to them, will help get us override any sadness or loneliness that may arise in us this Holiday season. This year we are all being called to dig deeper to feel the full spirit of the season. Our usual traditions will be altered, as well as our usual gatherings. Year after year, these bring a magical and mystical feeling to the season, and they reconnect us to loved ones in a special and spirited way no other time can. However, traditions and gatherings only create a framework for the magical feelings of the season to arise in us. The feelings actually belong to us. We all have the capacity to create wonderful feelings within us, and the warm feelings the Holidays bring with it are no exception. (My recent posts, I Have Loved, and Loving - Instead of Missing What Was, follow and expand on these themes. See HERE for I Have Loved, and for Loving - Instead of Missing What Was see HERE  Links also at end of message). To create the special and magical feelings our usual traditions and gatherings give us, we can: Bring to mind past celebrations/gatherings where we felt the love, connection, and spirit of the season, and focus on the feelings these created in us. Those feelings come from within us, and we can recreate them. So does dreaming of wonderful future gatherings. Both of these uplift us. Missing our loved ones, or focusing on what was or should be, depresses us. It is also helpful to let go of “the ideas of how things were – and should be,” Becoming more flexible in our ideas around how the Holidays should play out, helps us to [...]

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