This is a companion post to “Understanding Our Feelings, Emotions, and Reactions,” See HERE to access.

Always start with a small two-minute meditation/prayer/attunement. Invite in your Best Self, True Self, Higher Self, Spirit, Holy Spirit, Buddha, Jesus, or any other deity to join with you as you aim for self-understanding. This ensures we do so only for our highest good.


When we feel hurt, or are angry or frustrated with another(s), it is our feelings of anger. So, we must address or deal with it. We either turn these inwards and allow the feelings to fester, or we project them outwards toward others, either way, both hurt us in the long run.

You can use this worksheet for when you:

1) feel hurt or bad in any way in your dealings with another,    or

2) when you react to people in ways that create conflict, or do not get you the results you want.

Acknowledging and putting words to our feelings and reactions helps get to the crux of the matter – so we can effectively deal with it.

You can use the few examples I give below as guidance or inspiration for your own self-understanding.

Get paper and pen and try to pinpoint — with words how you felt: hurt, angry, frustrated, less than, etc., and/or how with another you reacted badly or in an ineffective way.

We can only ever work on our part of any issue. 

Below,  we will name the feelings and/or reactions that may be keeping us from feeling happy and peaceful, and from allowing for harmonious relationships.

Later, we can connect the dots to the reason behind our feelings and reactions.

Eg 1: Ways I May Feel Hurt or Frustrated:

  • He/she forgot.
  • He/she disappointed me – again.
  • I feel hurt when others don’t keep their promises to me.
  • I feel hurt when others don’t show appreciation for my efforts.
  • I feel frustrated others don’t meet my expectations.
  • I get frustrated when he/she/they don’t listen to me.
  • I feel hurt when he/she ignores my wants, desires, opinions.
  • I feel hurt when he/she/they don’t say or show that they value, appreciate, or respect me.
  • I feel less than when he/she yells at me, is impatient with me, or treats me badly.

Fill in your own. Use the person’s name, and give a specific circumstance.

Eg. 2: When I May React Badly or Ineffectively

You can use any of the examples from above; here are a few others that focus more on not getting enough or proper help from another that may cause us to react badly or aggressively.  

  • He/she doesn’t listen to me.
  • I don’t get enough help.
  • I have to do everything.
  • I don’t feel appreciated for all I do.
  • There is never enough time for all there is to do.
  • When I ask for help, they won’t help, or they don’t do it right.

Fill in your own. Use the person’s name, and give a specific circumstance.

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This is a companion post to “Understanding Our Feelings, Emotions, and Reactions” – which can be accessed HERE  

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