Being quiet allows us to tap into Universal flow, giving us the advantage of connecting to the love, peace, wisdom, and guidance it holds.

Making peace with inertia gives Spirit a chance to work on our unconscious and psyche in unseen, positive ways.

The Value of Quiet – of Slowing Down

We have all recently been forced to slow life down. Some of us have embraced – and even welcomed the extra quiet time; some of us have hated it. Some of us have recognized the value of it; others of us have become frustrated with it, or even angry about it.

Having this recent forced quiet in our life is a gift.

It has made us slow down – out of business, and able to take stock of our life.


  • Robs us of the peaceful feelings we all so yearn for.
  • Keeps us from giving fully to the really important people or things in our life.
  • Creates stress in us, reducing our capacity to tap into joy.
  • Business keeps us tethered to our mind, as it is constantly beset with all the details it must hold in attempts to keep everything organized.
  • It distances us from the wisdom and guidance found when we live connected to our heart.
  • Keeping busy also acts to delay us facing issues we don’t want to face, don’t know how to face, or are afraid to deal with.

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Whether we have been unaware of how our business has affected us, simply got caught up in always being busy, or have been keeping busy to avoid facing things, we have been given the opportunity to take quiet, personal, or family time to recognize – and embrace what is really important to us, and/or to deal with what our business has been masking.

Working with – rather than fighting what is currently

happening in our life, holds great opportunities for personal growth.

If your tendency is to fight having extra or quiet time, shifting from the frustration of it all or the anger it brings up in you – to using the time effectively by getting things done – with gratitude for the opportunity to do so will make life more pleasant for you once restrictions are lifted, as well as lift your mood.

At the same time, allowing yourself to get comfortable with some quiet time will help you get through this next little while more relaxed and less anxious about it all.

All my writing focuses on some aspect of “Our Journey to Peace,” from understanding our anger, frustration, blame, hurt feelings, etc., and how to make the shifts to finding peace with ourselves – and harmony with others.  About my books here

These newfound skills of working with “what is” and “allowing for some quiet time” can be brought forward in life, and will benefit you in the future.

Working with what is happening – rather than fighting against it, shifts your mindset to a more positive one, bringing more positive experiences to you. Allowing for some quiet time in life gives us access to the wisdom and guidance of Universal flow.

Inertia – Not a Bad Thing

When inertia hits us – as it often does in times of deep stress and frustration like we are in now, our tendency is to fight it – or at least feel bad about it.

When something has caused us to not know what to do, where to go, how to act, or what to place importance on, we often get frustrated and confused – sometimes to such an extent that we give up, and do nothing. Apathy often arises. Once apathy arises, inertia usually follows.

Our tendency is to fight the not knowing and the uncomfortable feelings inertia brings with it. However, allowing for the discomfort – making peace with it – rather than fighting the uncomfortable feelings holds great personal growth opportunities.

Newsletter #37, January 2021, Allowing Quiet and Inertia Do their Work

As inertia and apathy often lure us into giving up – of not caring, we may become despondent, depressed, lazy, or even slovenly. These responses create more negativity around the idea of doing nothing, and we fall into an even deeper sense of despondency.

From society’s perspective, “doing nothing” has no value. This is inbred in us. We have been taught that we always have to be moving forward in life.

However, the type of moving forward that is deemed important is of a physical nature – of our progress in the world. It does not take into account moving forward emotionally, or spiritually.

Moving Forward Emotionally / Spiritually

 The times we are in are challenging us to move forward emotionally – to grow emotionally. And growing emotionally is tied to growing spiritually.

It is the stability of our emotional world – how we deal with upsets

and negativity, and our ability to connect to and express through our heart-space

that allows for personal, and spiritual growth.

 With all the current uncertainties and changes put upon us, we have many opportunities for personal, and emotional growth. With just a little self-reflection, we can:

  • Re-evaluate our thought processes, attitudes, reactions, behaviors, and beliefs.
  • Ask ourself, where we want to put our focus and energy?
  • What, and who is important in my life?
  • What really adds value to my life?
  • Who do we really resonate with? Do they uplift us?

We cannot measure this type of progress like we measure our progress in moving forward in the world, as there is no tangible evidence of it: we cannot see it.  Well, we can see it, but in much more subtle ways – ways that have no degree, paper trail, or promotion attached to them, and that have no associated monetary value.

Although not a popular viewpoint, emotional and

spiritual growth has much more value than worldly growth.

We move forward emotionally and spiritually when we learn to navigate life more consciously, effectively, and lovingly. This is evidenced by us dealing with life, others, and situations in more positive, and uplifting ways:

  • We become more empowered in life.
  • More confident. Calmer. More patient.
  • Our outlook becomes more positive.
  • We are more trusting of our self – and of life.
  • We become more loving and caring towards others.
  • We respond more calmly and confidently – rather than react aggressively or passively towards people and situations.

Whether we make the decision to grow emotionally / personally / spiritually, or something else precipitated it – like a great loss or the imposed upon changes brought on by the coronavirus, much of how we shift and change is guided by our higher-Self – by Spirit.

Newsletter #37, January 2021, Allowing Quiet and Inertia Do their Work

There are many layers to break through into our unconscious to help us let go of what no longer serves us – of our old programming and the patterning that grew from it.

However, as we let go of our comfortable ways of seeing and navigating life, we are often thrown off balance. We no longer know how to think, what to believe, how to behave, or what to do.

Alone, we cannot figure out how to navigate our unconscious to bring about positive changes in our life. This is why it is so important to bring a spiritual element into any self-help practices we partake in.

Our unconscious and psyche are made up of millions of files from our past,

as well as more recent ones – such as our experiences, emotions, and things we have

learned – that are all haphazardly stored away.

Like an iceberg, much more is below the surface than what we are aware of. It is these files below the surface that are being removed, worked on, or refiled and put in order by Spirit.

As these are put in better order, we gain insights and have ah-ha moments that help us put things into perspective.

We do some of the work by choosing to accept or move on insights given to us, but Spirit does the heavy lifting of going through it all and choosing what to present to us.

If in this past year, old buried emotions or feelings have risen to the surface in you, these have been brought to your awareness for release. For healing.

~ ~ ~

(Later this Spring, I will be offering Online Workshops on understanding, working through, and overcoming, what causes us to feel bad, and act and react in ineffective ways. So stay tuned)

In the meantime, you can check out my Worksheet “Connecting the Dots to Our Feelings, Emotions, and Reactionshere and its associated postUnderstanding Our Feelings, Emotions, and Reactionshere).

~ ~ ~

On the surface, it is hard to imagine that a challenging time like this can bring with it gifts. But it has. We just have to shift our awareness to something different, better, or what will bring us a higher level of peace in our life.

Allowing for quiet time as we shift and grow with the process keeps it moving forward smoothly, gives us access to insights and guidance to help us be discerning, and tunes us into the nurturing love and peaceful feelings of Spirit as we manage the ups and downs of shifting and changing.

Newsletter #37, January 2021, Allowing Quiet and Inertia Do their Work

Making peace with any inertia that comes along when we shift and change reduces our interference as the files in our unconscious are cut out or refilled in ways so our path forward is made easy and our life and improves.

With love, light, and my best wishes that you have a peaceful rest of the winter, and that you and your loved ones all stay safe, keep well and have all you need to live a good life. ???


©Rosemary McCarthy, January 15, 2021.

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