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The Cavern Between You and Others – Is In Direct Relationship Between You and You – 3/3


In part 1, I discussed how the hurts or conflicts that arise in our rohio state jersey custom made football jerseys Ohio State Team Jersey custom made football jerseys florida state football jersey 49ers jersey 49ers jersey OSU Jerseys micah parsons jersey ohio state jersey micah parsons jersey custom football jerseys florida state football jersey OSU Jerseys Ohio State Team Jersey elationships are mostly due to Unconscious Influences  – to habitual thought and reactionary patterns that run our lives. In part 2, I discussed how our habitual thought and reactionary responses often do not get us the results we are looking for, and how they can create hurt feelings in us, and conflicts in our relationships. In this part 3, I explain how neediness and passive responses also affect us, and I sum this 3 part article up by explaining how we can become aware of – and override any conditioned unconscious responses that may bring us initial satisfaction, but do not ultimately give us the results we want or the sense of peace, happiness, and harmonious relationships we yearn for. You can read  Part 1 HERE   Part 2 HERE  But before I continue, I'd just like to mention that the main takeaway from this series is basically that: Improving our connection to our True Self improves – and deepens our connection to others. They are intertwined.  Passive Responses: Passive responses come from feeling disempowered. Although passive responses may appear to be neutral, as there are no blatant outward signs, they are very different because passive responses hold an emotional component – just like aggressive ones. Sometimes the hurts, feelings, disappointments, or perceived injustices are not voiced at all, while at other times they are, but are tinged with so much emotion and/or neediness that the other individual turns a blind ear. In both cases, we are not heard. Either way, the emotions are internalized affecting both the individual and the relationship. These internalizations harm us because buried emotions add another layer to the cavern between “us and us,” and our connection to our True Self is further weakened. This article is based on my books, “Your Journey to Peace … ” and “Why We Are the Way We Are” both are available in print and e-book from Amazon. Link to About Books       Link to Amazon. Passive responses harm the relationship because as our true feelings are not voiced (or heard) we have not addressed the hurt or disappointment we feel, and we remain inwardly angry towards the other for not understanding or taking into consideration our feelings, or seeing our viewpoint. And if we are do try to make ourselves heard but are ineffective, before we approach the subject again, reflecting on our approach last time and possibly adjusting it could help us getting heard this time. We can ask ourselves: Are we being needy – only thinking about our needs and perspective? Are we negative – only focusing on what is wrong or may go wrong? Are we overly [...]

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Newsletter #38, February 2021: Is What I’m Feeling Coming from Me, or Others?


Energy is all around us. We all emit energy – to different degrees – and of different strengths and qualities. And all the energy swirling around can be felt by others. Harsh, strong energies emit far and wide, and we can easily pick them up. Gentle energies also emit, but they have a shorter reach.  Because of their gentler nature, these don't bother us, however, sensitive people do pick up on them more easily.  It is sometimes hard to distinguish if what we are feeling is coming from within us, or from outside us. This year, with all the repercussions of the coronavirus, we've felt more vulnerable. This has caused us to become more emotionally sensitive, allowing us to be more negatively affected by the energies outside of us. However ...., Not all that we are feeling – or have been feeling – this past year may belong to us. This past year has been a monstrous attack on all areas of our life. And we have all been affected in different ways – and to different degrees. We may have had to deal with real-life situations, like keeping someone safe, losing a loved one, or having our livelihood affected. Or, we may have become stressed, angry, fearful, frustrated – or even fallen into dysfunction. However, all of what we feel doesn’t always belong to us. There is an invisible energy thread that connects us all – that connects everyone to everyone. It is because of this connection that we sometimes pick up on another’s energy, or on the atmosphere around us. I’m sure you have experienced this at some point in time when walking into a room where the atmosphere was palpable – where it felt positive and uplifting or negative and heavy. What Emits Positive Energy Uplifts Us What Emits Negative Energy Depletes Us To feel good, positive, and hopeful, we must ensure our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, reactions, and behaviors are positive. We must also ensure that what we expose our self to has positive energy around it. That it uplifts us. Stress, anger, fear, frustration, doubt, conflict, judgment, etc. all hold negative energy. These deplete us. However, acknowledging and allowing for any negative feelings we are experiencing is healthy. Burying our feelings puts up blocks to connecting to the good feelings and other benefits of Universal flow. Having said that, holding on to our feelings or frustrations for longer than the time it takes to process them or to figure out if – and what action needs to be taken is counterproductive. It creates a negative energy field within us that we must consciously break out of. We Can Create Negative Energy; We Can Also Pick It Up from Around Us As well as creating a negative energy field by allowing our inner feelings and emotions to percolate, we can also negatively affect our energy field by our habits, such as: What we focus on – television or videos we watch, the music we listen to, games [...]

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