Energy is all around us. We all emit energy – to different degrees – and of different strengths and qualities. And all the energy swirling around can be felt by others.

Harsh, strong energies emit far and wide, and we can easily pick them up.

Gentle energies also emit, but they have a shorter reach. 

Because of their gentler nature, these don’t bother us, however,

sensitive people do pick up on them more easily.

 It is sometimes hard to distinguish if what we are feeling is coming from within us, or from outside us.

This year, with all the repercussions of the coronavirus, we’ve felt more vulnerable. This has caused us to become more emotionally sensitive, allowing us to be more negatively affected by the energies outside of us. However ….,

Not all that we are feeling – or have been feeling – this past year may belong to us.

This past year has been a monstrous attack on all areas of our life. And we have all been affected in different ways – and to different degrees.

We may have had to deal with real-life situations, like keeping someone safe, losing a loved one, or having our livelihood affected.

Or, we may have become stressed, angry, fearful, frustrated – or even fallen into dysfunction. However, all of what we feel doesn’t always belong to us.

There is an invisible energy thread that connects us all – that connects everyone to everyone.

It is because of this connection that we sometimes pick up on another’s energy, or on the atmosphere around us. I’m sure you have experienced this at some point in time when walking into a room where the atmosphere was palpable – where it felt positive and uplifting or negative and heavy.

What Emits Positive Energy Uplifts Us

What Emits Negative Energy Depletes Us

To feel good, positive, and hopeful, we must ensure our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, reactions, and behaviors are positive. We must also ensure that what we expose our self to has positive energy around it. That it uplifts us.

Stress, anger, fear, frustration, doubt, conflict, judgment, etc. all hold negative energy. These deplete us.

However, acknowledging and allowing for any negative feelings we are experiencing is healthy. Burying our feelings puts up blocks to connecting to the good feelings and other benefits of Universal flow.

Having said that, holding on to our feelings or frustrations for longer than the time it takes to process them or to figure out if – and what action needs to be taken is counterproductive. It creates a negative energy field within us that we must consciously break out of.

We Can Create Negative Energy; We Can Also Pick It Up from Around Us

As well as creating a negative energy field by allowing our inner feelings and emotions to percolate, we can also negatively affect our energy field by our habits, such as:

  • What we focus on – television or videos we watch, the music we listen to, games we play – anything that is rough, violent, or highly competitive.
  • Concentrating on the drama and/or negative aspects of something that is going on.
  • Scrutinizing and forming harsh options – and feeling compelled to share and justify them.
  • Constantly discussing or arguing about all that is being done – or not done by the decision-makers regarding an issue.

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We can also pick up on the negative energies from outside of us:

  • From another.
  • Groups of people.
  • The media.
  • Our surroundings – like being in a store.
  • Negative energy can also come from the prevalent, collective energy that is all around us.

If we are feeling low, we may realize that we have been focusing on the negative, and we can shift our focus to a more positive viewpoint and reap the benefits of doing so. If it is from what we are immersing our self in, we can change what we are watching, listening to, or playing. This is all in our control.

However, being affected by energies outside of ourselves is not in our control. Most of us have not even been aware that this happens. And those of us who are, may not be aware of how subtle it can be.

It is Hard to Distinguish What is Coming from Us, or from Outside Us

Here is a little story that may help you understand how easily we can be affected by energies outside ourselves completely unawares.

I recently asked my current guide why I felt so tired when in the grocery stores. I thought she would say it was mostly coming from me. Surprisingly, she said it was only 20% me.

I had been dealing with a few minor health issues from early last year that never really got dealt with properly because the clinics all got shut down. On phone consultations, I was told my immune system was low, so I should be extra careful.

I haven’t enjoyed being in the grocery stores this past year at all, and I always returned home very tired.

I know all about energy – mine, and what we can pick up on. I knew my dislike of being in the stores was not a good thing. But I couldn’t really overcome the dislike for being in the stores I had started to feel. So, I was sure she would say it was mostly me.

Newsletter, February 2021: Is What I’m Feeling Coming from Me, or Others?

It wasn’t. Because I am so open spiritually, I was picking up on all the negative, nervous, stress vibs in the stores – without even being aware of it. I had figured this might have accounted for some of my fatigue after shopping, but I was so surprised she said it was 80%.

Now, I just do one of the many protection techniques before I go out, and I no longer feel the same fatigue when shopping. (Link for my new post “Energy Protection Tools” is HERE. Link is also at end).

Many of Us Have Become More Sensitive – More Vulnerable to Outside Energies

We are all energy beings that are affected by outside stimuli – both positive and negative – and some of us are more affected than others. And the more sensitive and open-hearted we are, the more we can be affected.

This past year, seeing so many sad, lonely, stressed, lonely, in pain, and losing much of what they have valued in life has made us so much more empathetic towards people. More sensitive to others and their feelings and needs. More open-hearted.

Being more open-hearted we feel more. We also more easily pick up on other’s feelings and the energy around us. This is generally a good thing – as long as we are consciously opening up to what is around us, and we know what energy is around us.

How much we are affected by energies outside of us depends on how open we are, how aware we are of the energies around us, and in our ability to energetically protect ourselves.

Newsletter, February 2021: Is What I’m Feeling Coming from Me, or Others?

Energetically protecting our self is a common practice/tool given to attendees when first delving into spirituality. Being open and protective at the same time may seem contrary, but we are talking about protecting ourselves energetically – in non-confrontational ways.

So, as we continue to have to be careful as we go about, and until we get back to an easy-breezy way of living, if you start feeling down or tired for no apparent reason, it may be coming from an outside influence.

Either way, whenever any feelings arise that I don’t like, I may take a few deep breaths visualizing the fatigue, frustration, or whatever it is leaving, or, I simply ask Spirit to take it away. Within a few minutes, I always feel better.

With warm wishes that you have some fun this last month of winter. ???

©Rosemary McCarthy, February 19, 2021.

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