Sample Emails (Sequential / Autoresponders for Your Funnell

Sequential Emails are part of your Funnel and are aimed at soothing the recipient to buy, sign-up, or subscribe. They are shorter than Sales Letters.

Susan had given her email address to be able to listen to a free personal development video. The series of emails gently guides her to sign up for a personal development/self-help Workshop.

Parts of 2 emails in the sequence to Susan are below. (This is to show content. It is not in proper email form)

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More from Sample 1 Below:  Part of 1st Email to Susan.

[subject line] ?Overcome Anger, Frustration, Impatience, Hurt Feelings, and Blaming Others for Your Unhappiness

Hi there Susan,

I hope you found a few little tidbits of valuable information in my recent “Your Journey to Peace” video. (If you missed it, you can find the replay HERE [This is disabled]

Maybe you even used one of my suggestions and found that you really can change ?how you feel,  ?how you react,  and ?how others respond back to you – once you become intentional and navigate issues more effectively. If you did, I’d love to hear about it?

 Have you ever thought …

I’d Love to …

       ?Be Less Stressed

       ?No Longer Be Impatient


       ?No Longer Get Easily Angered

       ?Worry Less



Wouldn’t this be great … and make life so much more pleasurable?

I’ll bet you’re saying, HECK YES, I WANT SOME OF THAT! 

Make Sure You Read on to see how YOU CAN GET SOME OF THAT ?

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Maybe you’re fed-up of always  …

       ?Being angry

       ? abc

       ?Getting frustrated

       ?Blaming everyone else for –  abc

       ? abc

       ?Constantly lashing out at those in your life – abc


Well, if any of this sounds familiar, You’re in The Right Place … because …

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~

If you’d like to be happier and more contented and learn how to have your life be more peaceful and pleasurable, I invite you to join my …

Online Workshop:  Learn Small Shifts that Make a HUGE Difference in Your Life,Wednesday, abc, ab,  7:00–9:00pn (EST Canada/USA) [*Link is disabled[

Sure hope to see you there so we can start on Your Journey to Peace together.

In Light and Love, ?



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 More from Sample 2 Below – from the same sequence of emails to Susan.

Further along the Funnel, this email is part of one to Susan in the series of emails that were originally set up.

In the previous emails to her, Susan had not signed up. However, we know she has shown interest as she watched the video (this too can be tracked) and so we continue to contact her, with each email intending to pique her interest in the Workshop a little more.

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[subject line] ?‍♀️  5 Ways to Help You Become Empowered in ALL Areas of Your Life

Hello again Susan,

In my video and recent messages, I discussed some of the ways you can Create Peace in Your Life and Have More Harmonious Relationships. (You can watch the replay here) [Link is disabled)

Here today, I will be connecting the dots between …

  1. The small shifts you make when you find Peace in Your Life
  2. The communications skills you learn to Create Healthier and Happier Relationships

… and how these positively impact ALL areas of your life.

By becoming more peaceful as you overcome what was keeping you unhappy, frustrated, stressed, etc.,       and …

by learning new effective ways to communicate that leave you feeling calm and satisfied – instead of your old, ineffective, habitual reactive ways where you would end up feeling angrier, or more hurt or frustrated (This Was Me – Big Time?).

Here are 5 – of many ways you can replace your old constrictive ways of dealing with life with more empowered ones …

Your outlook changes – you become more positive, hopeful, and passionate about life

Your approach to life changes – you direct your life in ways that bring you peace, joy, happiness, and success

Your reactions settle down – and so you  can –  abc


You navigate the world differently – you go about life with – abc


Just imagine how much more wonderful life would be if you could make all this happen?

? GREAT NEWS! ! You can get going on creating that wonderful life you dream of sooner than you think. 

Early next week, I’ll be offering an Introductory Online Workshop – Date: abc   Time: 1:00 – 3:00.[Link is disabled[ where you will …

Learn Small Shifts that Make a HUGE Difference in Your Life

I’d love to work with you to get the ball rolling. We can do this together!

Until next time, I wish you blessed days,?


P.S.: Remember what I mentioned in the video about how every small shift makes a HUGE difference. I get it, maybe you’re still skeptical. if you are and you haven’t already, try some of my suggestions out from the video. Here again, is the replay. [Link is disabled]


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