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I Have Loved


All Love We Feel Comes from Within Us. If We have Ever Loved – Anybody or Anything, We Can Recreate those Loving Feelings. Whatever love we have ever felt – whether for abrock bowers jersey College Football Jerseys micah parsons jersey Ohio State Team Jersey Florida state seminars jerseys custom football jerseys Florida state seminars jerseys OSU Jerseys asu jersey College Football Jerseys OSU Jerseys asu jersey Florida state seminars jerseys OSU Jerseys OSU Jerseys child, lover, family member, or a pet – or anything that evoked a sense of love within us like our home, a walk, our garden, art, music, the sunset, or the exhilaration of a sport – the feeling came from within us, even though it was activated by something outside of us. If we have ever felt a deep sense of contentment – this feeling also came from within us, even though it may have been activated by outside circumstances that caused us to feel satisfied. If We Have Ever Felt Love Activated by Externals, We Can Feel Love from Within Our Self Some people actually live life feeling love all the time. However, for most of us, it is triggered by someone, something, or from a fond memory. Still, knowing/remembering that we have loved – that we have the capacity to feel love is a great comfort. Lately, it has been for me. To keep emotionally above board throughout the pandemic I upped my meditations practices. And since I use mostly guided meditations (I’m simply too hyper to meditate quietly on my own; I need assistance to get me in a quiet state ?), I have discovered some new ones. One of these has been Louise Hay’s morning meditation, which focuses mainly on appreciation. About halfway through the 25 minutes, we are asked to spend a few minutes appreciating the people, things, and experiences we now have, or have had, in our life. Here is the link to Louise's meditation. (These blog posts are all based on my books. About My Books and purchase info is found here  (a list of my books is at the end) I am also a copywriter and offer writing services. About my Writing Services see here) Over time, my appreciation turned into remembering fondly; then it turned into really feeling the love for what I have, or have had – for people, things, and experiences in my life that brings or has brought me joy. At some point, I realized that I Have Really Loved – and have gotten pleasure from so much in my life. I LOVED having children – the fun of it all; I no longer remember any of the hard parts. I have loved my homes. I loved my dance classes, and I still love to dance. I love to paint. I have loved hopping on my bicycle at the end of the day and driving along the Lakeshore. Cooking for my family and hosting family/friend gatherings has always brought me great pleasure. I have [...]

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May 2021 Newsletter: Attached to the “Idea of Things”


Attached to the “Idea of Things” is the theme of my May 2021 newsletter message; here is some of the body of the message. Sign-up to receive future ones  ? ? ? Shifts and change are inevitable in life. Some of us manage change quite easily. For others of us, they throw us for a loop. Sometimes we are truly attached to what has been lost because it feeds our heart and soul, but at other times we are simply attached to the “idea of it.” Our daily habits, jobs, routines and schedules, family and friends time, as well as our passions, hobbies, and social activities bring us a sense of structure, balance, normalcy, and purpose. And our loved ones, passions, and social activities bring joy into our lives. These all work together to create a foundation that we stand on. And without realizing it, we count on these various parts of our life to give us a sense of security and stability. We also derive our sense of identity from all of this. But is this sense of identity real, or are we holding on to the “idea of things” to feel stable and secure? ? ? ? ?I am now offering my writing services as a Digital Copywriter / Marketer (as well as continuing with my personal development / spiritual / self-help writing Full details of my writing services HERE   Oh, and I have extended my “friends and family” rate until June 24th? ? ? ? Our routines, jobs, relationships, families, and even our passions are outward influences that awaken the sense of safety, stability, balance, love, and joy that is already within us at our core. Our True Sense of Identity Comes from the Spark of The Creator In Us In our purest form, we do not need outside influences to create that sense of safety, stability, balance, love, and joy within us. We can access the inner sense of well-being these bring us from within ourselves – at any time, and free of the drama, worry, and unreliability that often comes with “worldly” things, ideas, and values. Outside influences we often draw our sense of safety, value, and identity from, like our status, what we own, the idea of an intact family, the security of a stable job, being a respected member of society, our political views, etc. are not based on solid, long-lasting foundations. These can easily crumble. And then we feel lost. They may give us some sense of security and/or identity – at least for a while. However, outside influences we look to are fickle, undependable, and ever-changing. What’s liked, appropriate, acceptable, and approved changes like the wind. They cannot give us the lasting sense of security and well-being we can find from within. To connect to our internal sense of security and well-being, we must have a strong connection to our Source Creator. To our True Self. To Spirit. However, none of us – except for the Masters and the holiest ones of the past [...]

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Writer/Copywriter/Ghost Writer/ Manuscript Fixer-Upper


Allow me to meld the perfect words together to help You Effectively Connect to Your Audience – Drawing Them to You, as You Bring Your Product, Service, Message, Passion Project, or Book Idea to the World. Whether you are a ... ? Professional   ? Entrepreneur  ?Marketing Director or VP  ? Personal Development / Relationship Coach  ?You are in the Health Industry ? Have a Passion Project to Promote ?or a Book Idea You want to Bring to the World ... And you need ... ?A Bio / LinkedIn Summary / About Page ? Content  / Website Content ? Blog Posts ?Newsletters ? Promotional E-mails ?Sales Letters?a Ghost Writer or Manuscript Collator or Refiner  ? French to English Translator I will ... ? Show YOU – and Your Offering in its best light. ? Have YOU Stand Out from Your Competitors   ?  Create a Connection with Your Current – or potential clients that engage them and  entice them to purchase, or sing-up. ?Help YOU Prepare Your Book Idea or Rough Manuscript so that it is Publisher Ready Let me help YOU bring Your Offering to the World - with Shine and Pizazz (or whatever tone is appropriate) Talk to you soon, Rosemary McCarthy ?‍♀️ Connect with me at:  rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com   Read more at: My Writing Services Page,  

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Writing/Editing/Copywriting/Content/ Website Content/Ghostwriting


Let me help you Effectively Communicate with Your Current or Potential Clients, Subscribers, Followers, or Readers as you ... 🔸Promote Yourself  and Your Offering 🔸Move Your Product, Service, or Message out into the World 🔸Supply Support Material for Current Clients 🔸Promote Your Coaching Business 🔸Craft or Tighten up or E-book Ideas or Manuscript Hello, my name is Rosemary McCarthy, and I am a Writer, Copywriter, Published Author, Editor, Ghostwriter/E-book Writer/ Manuscript Fixer-Upper. My contact is:  rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com Whether you are reaching out to Individuals or Businesses, I will string words together that will have you saying: "this is  what I wanted to say – only better, clearer, and more to the point than I could ever have come up with." This is the beauty of a good writer /copywriter. Whatever our project together, the words I string together will pique your intended audience's interest in an effective, clear and concise manner that keeps them interested in you – and your offering. So whether you need, 🔸A Bio / LinkedIn Summary / About Page 🔸General or Website Content 🔸Blog Posts / Newsletters / Articles 🔸Emails /Sales Letters / Opt-Ins (like small E-books) 🔸An Editor to Ensure Your Communications are Clear and to the Point 🔸A Ghost Writer / E-book Writer / Manuscript Compiler or Fixer Upper, I will ... 🔸Show YOU – and your product, service, coaching business, or passion project in its best light 🔸Ensure YOU stand out from the crowd 🔸Create a connection with your current – or potential clients that will entice them to read on – and follow through 🔸Work with you to bring Your e-book, book idea, or rough manuscript to being publisher ready And whether you are a small or large business owner, a marketer, a personal development / relationship coach, or an individual, ... whatever you offering, I will find the right tone so that your offering Shines, is Effective, and Reflects You, your ideas, and goals – or that of your company. I LOVE to write. It is my passion. It is what feeds my soul. And when I sit down with pen poised, the right words and appropriate tone seem to appear almost magically on paper.  This, along with … … My Writing Experience, Marketing Background, Love of Research – and my Spiritual Slant***  are what allow me to create the perfect combination of words that will best fit your needs. ***My writing is of a spiritual nature, and as such I bring a heightened sense of insight and integrity to each project. This allows me to come up with the perfect tone that will capture your audience’s attention by connecting with them on an emotional level – keeping them engaged with you and interested in your offering. If any of this speaks to you drop me a line at:  rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com telling me a little about yourself, your business or passion project, your needs, and aspirations so that we can set up a discovery call. I would love to help you reach out to your [...]

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