Let me help you Effectively Communicate with Your Current or Potential Clients, Subscribers, or Readers as you …

💥Move Your Product, Service, or Message Out into the World

💥Craft or Tighten up Your Book Idea

💥Need French text Translated into English

Hello, my name is Rosemary McCarthy, and I am a Writer, Copywriter, Published Author,  Ghost Writer/ Manuscript Fixer-Upper, and French to English Translator. My contact is:  rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com

I can help you reach out to Individuals or Businesses. And when you read what I write for you, you will think “this sounds like me – only better, clearer, and more to the point than I could ever have come up with. This is the beauty of a good writer /copywriter.

Whatever our project together, I will weave words together that get to the heart of the matter in an effective, clear and concise manner that generates the reader’s interest in you and your offering.

So whether you need,

💥A Bio / LinkedIn Summary / About Page

💥 Content for Your Website

💥 Blog Posts


💥 Emails

💥Sales Letters


💥Translation from French to English

💥A Ghost Writer / Manuscript Compiler – Fixer Upper

I will …

💥 Show YOU – and your product or service in its best light

💥 Have YOU stand out from your competitors

💥Create a connection with your current – or potential clients/audience that will entice them to read on – and follow through

💥 Make Your ideas or rough manuscript publisher ready

💥Craft English text that perfectly reflects the tone and intention of your French text.

And whether you are a …

💥 Professional;        💥 Entrepreneur;    💥Marketing Director or VP;    💥 Personal Development / Relationship Coach;    💥You Are in the Health Industry;  💥 You Have a Passion Project You Want to Promote,  💥Need a French to English Translator 💥 or a Book Idea or Manuscript that needs a Tweaking or Revamping …

…and whatever you offering, I will find the right tone so that your product, service, manuscript, or translated message shines, is effective, and reflects you, your ideas, and goals and/or that of your company.

I LOVE to write. It is my passion. It is what feeds my soul. And when I sit down with pen poised, the right words and appropriate tone seem to appear  almost magically on paper.  This, along with …

My Writing Experience, Marketing Background, Love of Research – and my Spiritual Slant***  are what allow me to create the perfect combination of words that best fit your needs.

***And I do so with insight and integrity and with just the right tone that will capture your audience’s attention by connecting with them on an emotional level – keeping them engaged with you and interested in your offering.

Let me wield my little ninja pen to help YOU get YOUR product, service, or message out into the world.

If any of this speaks to you drop me a line at:  rosemarys.writingservices@gmail.com telling me a little about yourself, your business or passion project, your needs, and aspirations so that we can set up a discovery call.

if You want to Read More About Me and how I go about creating the perfect copy/words for YOU and YOUR NEEDS visit My Writing Page, – where you will also find some of my samples and a recent testimonial from a client.

* You will see on my website that I also write Personal Development, Self-help, and Spiritual material.  My years of personal development and spiritual work help me to gain insight into how to BEST reach out to your readers while at the same time bring that much needed a sense of integrity to YOUR project.

The most effective messages use good, smart, basic, and honest marketing tools

that maintain that much needed sense of integrity so that you gain the receiver’s trust.

And when you gain that sense of trust, you will bring in the best results possible.

I would love to help you reach out to your audience and draw them to you and your offer.

With my warmest regards and in the hope that we can work together soon 🧏‍♀️

Rosemary McCarthy🦋

P.S. Have More Time to Focus on What YOU Do Best Vis-À-Vis Your Business, Project, or Coaching Business – while I take one to-do-task off your hands. Depending on your project, I WILL💥 Write enthralling copy that will nurture your current clientskeeping them engaged with you or, capture your potential client’s attention – enough so that they become clients.💥 Create the feelings and imagery that bring your book idea to life – transporting your readers into the world you want to create. 💥 Find the perfect combination of English words that perfectly convey the ideas, tone, emotions, and visuals of the original French text.