All Love We Feel Comes from Within Us.

If We have Ever Loved – Anybody or Anything, We Can Recreate those Loving Feelings.

Whatever love we have ever felt – whether for abrock bowers jersey College Football Jerseys micah parsons jersey Ohio State Team Jersey Florida state seminars jerseys custom football jerseys Florida state seminars jerseys OSU Jerseys asu jersey College Football Jerseys OSU Jerseys asu jersey Florida state seminars jerseys OSU Jerseys OSU Jerseys child, lover, family member, or a pet – or anything that evoked a sense of love within us like our home, a walk, our garden, art, music, the sunset, or the exhilaration of a sport – the feeling came from within us, even though it was activated by something outside of us.

If we have ever felt a deep sense of contentment – this feeling also came from within us, even though it may have been activated by outside circumstances that caused us to feel satisfied.

If We Have Ever Felt Love Activated by Externals,

We Can Feel Love from Within Our Self

Some people actually live life feeling love all the time. However, for most of us, it is triggered by someone, something, or from a fond memory. Still, knowing/remembering that we have loved – that we have the capacity to feel love is a great comfort. Lately, it has been for me.

To keep emotionally above board throughout the pandemic I upped my meditations practices. And since I use mostly guided meditations (I’m simply too hyper to meditate quietly on my own; I need assistance to get me in a quiet state ?), I have discovered some new ones.

One of these has been Louise Hay’s morning meditation, which focuses mainly on appreciation. About halfway through the 25 minutes, we are asked to spend a few minutes appreciating the people, things, and experiences we now have, or have had, in our life. Here is the link to Louise’s meditation.

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Over time, my appreciation turned into remembering fondly; then it turned into really feeling the love for what I have, or have had – for people, things, and experiences in my life that brings or has brought me joy.

At some point, I realized that I Have Really Loved – and have gotten pleasure from so much in my life.

I LOVED having children – the fun of it all; I no longer remember any of the hard parts. I have loved my homes. I loved my dance classes, and I still love to dance. I love to paint. I have loved hopping on my bicycle at the end of the day and driving along the Lakeshore.

Cooking for my family and hosting family/friend gatherings has always brought me great pleasure. I have loved all my gardens – creating them and enjoying them, and I now love my balcony and window boxes.

All Love We Feel Comes from Within Us.

I love waking up in the morning and looking out the window – whether rainy, cloudy, or sunny. Sitting in my solarium in the summer with my cat on a chair and the breeze coming through the screens always brought me great joy. I loved relaxing in my yard, or on my step and watching the world go by. I love walking in the snow.

And I LOVE being out in nature: walking, light hiking, watching the sunset or moonrise, and especially sitting by the lake in the summer. Nature is the closest manifestation of the Divine energy, and therefore has the magical power to rejuvenate us and bring us into our heart-space.

Although I always loved all of this, it was not until I focused regularly on the appreciation of them all that the deep feelings of love for them became prominent in my heart.

I have loved

So much in my life was good, and I sometimes did feel sparks of love from it, but often the feeling didn’t last long. It has only been in the past 15 or so years that I could sustain any feelings of joy and love. Before that, I focused more on the negative and I couldn’t appreciate the good parts of my life, so my joy and feelings of love were weak or short-lived.

With a desire to “find a better way to navigate life,” I was guided to books, people, and practices that helped me shift away from my negative attitude and my propensity to always being angry, frustrated, and blaming others for my unhappiness.

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This recent realization that “I Have So Loved” reminded me that my capacity to love – to feel love – is alive within me and that I can shift to those feelings whenever I choose to. We all can!

So, as this Holiday Season is robbing us of much of what activates those warm, peaceful, and fuzzy loving feelings we all so delight in, remember that the love is within you.

This year, we CAN create some of the warm and fuzzy feelings that

our loved ones and fun gatherings usually bring us. They may not be there

in person, but we can feel some of the love they have brought us, 

because We Have Loved.

If we cannot easily bring those feelings to the surface, spending time appreciating who we now have in our life and love, what we now have that comforts us or brings us pleasure, and remembering fondly who or what we have loved will activate the loving feelings within us. And loving feelings grow.

The more we tap into love, the more we see everything from a place of love. The more we see life from the place of love, the more love we feel in our hearts.

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