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Most of us have gone through life without thinking that what we have and rely upon would be challenged. And being optimistic and feeling positive about the future is a good thing. It is a spiritual principle.

The philosophy that our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors create our reality is now a widely held belief that many of us live by – or at least aim to live by.

However, recently something beyond our individual control has occurred – and it has affected everyone – in one way or another – whether our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors have been positive or negative.

And whichever way we believe this virus came about (by accident or on purpose for nefarious reasons), it has been a collective wake-up call.

The Wake-up Call Regarding Ourselves

As well as challenging us in many ways, this past year and a half have also helped us clarify – and value what is really important to us. It is like the universe has shaken us to our bones so that we look deep enough within to make the distinctions as to …

What Truly Bring Us Joy, Feeds Our Soul, and Is Enough

Our “what is normal” sure has been shaken up. And as we move forward with more freedoms, we will all likely …

Embrace the People, Activities, and What We Missed the Most – with More Gusto.

? How could we ever imagine that giving or receive hugs to anyone we want would be a distant memory and that having that first hug from a loved one would feel so good?

? Our appreciation of freedom will sure go up as we can start to go out to eat and shop with ease, and go to the gym, play our favorite group sport, or do an indoor class – all on a whim and without restrictions.

? Maybe we don’t need to return to so many activities. Perhaps we need to embrace just “enough” of what was so that we feel the love and connection with others and that our outings and activities bring us joy – and do not add to our stress or list of things to do.

Letting Go of What No Longer Sparks Joy or Inspires Us

? As we have had time to relax and reflect more and miss what was, most of us will be able to more easily pinpoint what truly brings us joy and recognize what no longer sparks joy or inspires us.

? The quiet time we have spent has allowed us to tap into our soul’s true desires and has calmed the ego’s clamoring for more of this or that – just for the sake of business or acquiring.

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? We may have become aware that some of what we spent time and energy on in the past no longer has the same appeal.

? Maybe we realized that concerning certain activities, we were going through the motions like a robot, did what we always did or was expected of us, or held onto what felt normal or comfortable.

Become More Appreciative of What We Have.

? Last but not least, I’m sure all of us have become much more appreciative for who we do have in our life – even if we could not see them, and the things we do have.

? This past year or so has brought us to our knees. This has humbled us and helped us become more appreciative. Being humble and grateful is not a small thing.

? Being humble helps us to connect more deeply to our soul – and to what really matters.

? Being appreciative helps us feel better in the moment – as it is of a high vibration and lifts our spirit, and it also brings more of the same into our life.

What Feeds Our Soul and What Is Enough Is Related

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