August 2021 Newsletter: Expressing Ourselves: to Avoid Depression, Dysfunctions, and Lashing Out at Others

August 2021 Newsletter: Expressing Ourselves: to Avoid Depression, Dysfunctions, and Lashing Out at Others

Unless we express our fears, frustrations, and anger, they fester inside us and lead to depression, dysfunctional behaviors, or lashing out at others.

Although focusing on the drama of anything going on is counterproductive, so is pretending all is well – when it is not.

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And for the world, again, all is NOT well. And so, we must not ignore any feelings that arise in us as the uncertainly of our immediate future still seems to be up in the air.

As the return to school and cooler weather almost upon those of us in the Northern hemisphere, and as covid numbers are rising again, many of us may be feeling frustrated or angry as it seems a return to some kind of normal is not imminent.

None of us have ever gone through anything like this before.

This is not the time to be “a-tough-guy” about it all – and pretend all is well.

 The haunting thoughts that we will be restricted again to seeing loved ones at will and that we may not be able to participate in our usual social outings and activities without restrictions is wearing on our emotions and stressing our being.

We may not even consciously be aware of it, but there is a cumulative effect knawing on our emotions. To ensure we catch emotions and stresses before they become heavy and fester and create problems in our lives, we must address them.

At the same time, ensuring we embrace calming/grounding activity or practices and have some positive life experiences will help alleviate any heavy emotions and stresses.

Catching Heavy Emotions and Stresses Before They Fester

 Acknowledging and expressing how we feel is the first step to ensure we don’t fall into sadness or depression, become dysfunctional or fall into addiction, or project our frustrations onto others – which only causes disharmony and further stress in our lives.

? Talking to Our Friends or Loved Ones and sharing our thoughts, fears, and frustrations about what is going on helps relieve the heaviness of it all.

As we discuss these with another, our words help us pinpoint how we feel about it all, which is often harder to identify than the superficial goings-on. Once acknowledged and looked closer at, the emotions surrounding bad feelings start to subside.

And often, we realize they, too, are feeling some of the same. Knowing others have some of the same fears, worries, or frustrations is comforting and helps us make peace with it all.

? Journaling Is an Excellent Tool to acknowledge, pinpoint, and work through our feelings and emotions. When we have nobody we trust enough – or are not comfortable discussing our innermost thoughts and feelings with others. and journaling is a beautiful way to work through our thoughts, worries, feelings, and emotions.

We can address scary emotions like anger, blame, fear of the future, and even guilt if we have acted poorly towards others. And as we pour words out onto the page (the best way, but on a screen works too?) – without any holding back or interruptions from another, we can more easily acknowledge and express our true thoughts and feelings.

Thoughts, feelings, worries, frustrations, anger, etc., are a normal part of life. We do have the capacity to deal with them effectively; however, to do so, we must not be afraid to acknowledge and express them.

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Humanity’s history has not taught us to look at our thoughts, feelings, worries, frustrations, anger, etc. But to alleviate their hold on us, look at them we must!

Acknowledging and expressing our feelings is emotional and spiritual growth. As we get in touch with and work through our emotional world, the barriers to our true self come down. We become more authentic.

Journaling can help us do a deep dive into our emotional world, and the unconscious influences that run our lives – those that keep us in mediocracy, dysfunction, and that create discord in our relationships.

These unconscious influences keep us living at superficial levels and emotionally distanced from others. They are one of the reasons we may not be able to open up to others. Unconscious influences are born out of buried emotions. They may affect us regularly or only when we are stressed or get triggered.

Because of the stress, restrictions, and uncertainty of recent times, many of us have buried emotions that may recently have been triggered. Journaling can help us reach – and work through these buried emotions – so that they no longer cause us to get triggered and lash out at others.

?  Embrace Calming/Grounding/Balancing Activities or Practices. When we are going through tough times and emotions or stress starts to arise in us, it is even more important than usual to stay calm and keep grounded and balanced.

Meditating, doing yoga, Tai Chi, tapping, etc., listening to uplifting music or music that speaks to our soul, or spending time in nature helps us connect to our true self. The more closely we are connected to our true self, the more we are aligned with the peace, wisdom, and calm, balanced nature of the Universe.

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? Ensuring You Have Positive Life Experiences. Even though we cannot socialize like we used to, we must connect with people – one way or another. Whether with safe outings, phone calls, or video chats, connecting with your friends, loved ones, or online communities confirms that you still belong.

And as much as is safe, allowed, weather permitting, and what we are comfortable with, fully embracing our favorite activities – and reveling in them keeps our spirits up. Whether art, dance, cycling, golfing, walking, gardening, sitting by the lake, or going for drives – know that your favorite activities will give you a sense of normalcy – in highly abnormal times.

? One day, in the not-too-distant future, we will be able to embrace (return to doing) – everything – again fully. Until that day, we all MUST ensure we express our fears, frustrations, worries, and any other adverse thoughts or feelings – and at the same time do whatever it takes to keep our mood light and upbeat.

I wish you a magical end of August and a beautiful, calm, and peaceful September.

Rosemary ??

©Rosemary McCarthy, from August 26, updated September 15, 2021.

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