Our ultimate purpose is to return to love.*  And as we start to see others and life through the eyes of love, we can  …

?Overcome – and effectively deal with our issues and challenging situations

?No longer focus the differences we hold with others,

?Make peace with situations around us we disagree with.

*A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson, was one of the first books that opened my eyes to the depths that we can perceive others – and situations through the eyes of love. We emerged from love. We were created out of love. We ARE love. And our purpose is to return to love.

Our world is a classroom in that journey back to fully embracing love – in all its forms – with everyone, everything, and all situations.


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Whether the Garden of Eden was real or metaphoric, it is clear that we once had a connection to unconditional love, but at some point, we lost it. Over time, Humanity’s ways of dealing with others and life shifted to fear-based.

We inherited fear-based concepts, ideas, perceptions, reactions, and habits from our past. These became ingrained in our DNA and developed into our current default ways of navigating the world.

Many qualities encompass us feeling and showing love, and there are many qualities we express when we come from a place of fear. See my post: the Qualities of Love / the Qualities of Fear  (The links to all my related blog posts are also at the end).

Fear-based ways of approaching life limit our connection to – and outward expressions of unconditional love. Coming from this constricted place, we may be reactive or emotionally distant, hurting those around us.  When hurt, our default may be that we become defensive and over-reactive, or we become protective of our hearts and shut down.

Coming from a place of love we exude light.  Coming from a place of fear we exude darkness.                 

The Masters came to lead us out of the “darkness” or “our sleeping state, but we were too stuck in our ways to understand or embrace their messages – at least enough for them to become the norm.

It is now time for Humanity to come out of the darkness into the light: To awaken to embracing the love we are at our core and extend that love to others.

Moving Beyond How Humanity Has Navigated the World

Influenced by what we have been taught and shown, people are only ever doing what they think they need to do to feel good or safe, or do what they think is best, right, good, or necessary.

We are all on different legs of our Journey to Peace (my 1st book?) to coming out of the darkness and awakening to seeing through the light of love’s eyes.

And we all suffer from the repercussions of our generational and cultural hurts and pains our ancestors put upon us. These became embedded in our DNA and filtered into our current families, who may unknowingly have imposed them on us.

Overcoming past hurts and our ingrained ways of seeing others and the world to seeing through the eyes of love takes a conscious effort. And it takes practice. To help us get there, we can  …

? Ask Ourselves, “What Would Love Do?” There is a loving response to everything that bothers us or is in front of us. How we respond – in our words and actions makes a difference – to us and for the other. Coming from a loving place, we are empathetic; we do not make the other wrong. We offer understanding – instead of criticism or judgment – no matter how much we disagree.

? Embrace Practices that Open Our Hearts – opening our hearts connects us to the love within. Meditation, Yoga, TaiChi, partaking in what brings us joy and light-hearted activities, and getting out in nature all open our hearts.

So does having a thought, visual, or mantra that we can return to during the day uplifting us or reminding us to shift to our heart-space.

This month’s newsletter is inspired by a quote I have recently been using as a mantra. It is from A  Course in Miracles – a profound spiritual practice I partook in over a decade ago that I have recently revisited. The first two are from the book, and you can add your own.

 The Light Has Come. I Have Forgiven The World

The Light Has Come. I Have Forgiven You

? ??

The Light Has Come. I Have Forgiven Myself for xyz

The Light Has Come. I Have Forgiven xyx.

 Although these few simple words may not seem like much, the intention we give them has excellent value. And like all sacred texts, they hold the original energy of the time of writing.

To get the full benefits, meditate on them for a few minutes here and there throughout the day, as well as simply repeating them in your mind regularly.

Forgiving the world means that we make peace with all that has gone on that affects or bothers us. Holding onto any angst towards what has – or is still going on in the world robs us of our peace of mind and connection to love.

As well as my personal development, self-help, and spiritual writing,

I am also a copywriter and offer various writing services. See My Writing Services page

Forgiving others frees us from the angst and restores our peace and connection to love. And from a spiritual/quantum perspective, it also fees the other. Much more goes on in the spiritual realms than we can see or hear from our limited 3rd-dimensional perspective.

We still deal with others or situations appropriately, but without allowing angst or any bad feelings to affect our peace of mind. And peace of mind gives us the clarity to deal with things more effectively.

?Doing Personal Development Work – helps us to overcome what I call Our Unconscious Influences and rids us of the emotions attached to old wounds that cause us to feel bad, react badly, become depressed or dysfunctional, remain disempowered in life, and constrict us in ways that keep us from being loving,

My Worksheet: Connecting the Dots – can help you understand and navigate your emotions and reactions more effectively.

? ? ?

It is with all these understandings that we can move from “It’s Not Ok” to “I’m at Peace With This.” 

There will always be people we disagree with, issues that crop up that stress, frustrate, or anger us, and upsetting situations worldwide.

We live in a world full of variety. Of duality. Of pushes and pulls. And there is a higher purpose to this duality.

ALL of our issues, differences with others, and upsetting situations

around us are opportunities to choose to look at them through the eyes of love.

?Love is about unity and the Oneness we all share.

?Fear is about divisiveness and focuses on our differences.

Choosing to see others and the world through love’s eyes is our best option.

I wish you a beautiful start to the Fall season,


©Rosemary McCarthy, September 23, 2021

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