What Would Love Do? is a concept I came across when studying A Course in Miracles. We can ask What Would Love Do? regarding ourselves, others, and situations.

Our responses to what happens to us, to situations with others, or to issues that crop up are what dictate how we will feel once whatever is happening is past.

If we come from a place of love – and express love’s qualities (understanding, compassion, etc., there is a link below to my post on Love’s Qualities) we will feel better. Calmer. And we will be able to deal with anything that needs our attention with more clarity. We will get on our day feeling light.

? If we allow our mind to focus on the negativity of it all:  he/she did – didn’t do xyz, it’s not fair, or this should not have happened and anger or frustration take over, or we resort to judgment, blame, or revenge – or any type of aggression we will carry the dense energy of this with us throughout the day.

We are only ever coming from a place of Love, or a place of Fear.

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If we want to better ourselves – or to feel better, we must approach life differently than we were. In my past and before I started doing personal development work (I didn’t even know that term), I  just wanted to find peace in my life.

A feeling had started to grow in me that there was something wrong with the picture of my life –  of how I was navigating life. That it was not others – but me – who were causing my unhappiness and frustrations.  Not me-me – but that somehow I was missing the mark.

And so, my journey to peace (the name and themes of my books) began. Slowly, I began to realize that my frustrations and what I was feeling were not about the others – what they were or weren’t doing. It was all coming from within me.

I learned that my perceptions of others and situations were not reality –

and that I brought past hurts, feelings, biases, and beliefs into present situations.  

From these echoes of the past and their beliefs and biases, I created protection mechanisms and default ways of responding to life. I call these Our Unconscious Influences (see below for info on my upcoming book 2, Overcome Your Unconscious Influences … in my “Our Journeys to Peace’ Series).

I had started to understand that based on what I experienced or witnessed when growing up, I had been projected my fears of what was or what might happen onto the present.  I allowed actions and innocent remarks to echo in my mind as proof that I would be criticized, wronged, stepped-on, and/or disempowered – just like my mother and many women of the 50’s generation were.

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Our true reality is that We Are Love. However, we are all somewhat disconnected from that love. So, when we get hurt feelings or issues arise with another, both people are coming from a place of misalignment from that love – unaware that they are simply feeling bad or acting or reacting badly from that place of misalignment from love.

To return to feeling and expressing from that place of love, love must be the dominant energy we live by. We must be anchored in love.

We Anchor Love into Our Being –

by offering love’s qualities to ourselves and others –

even when we or they did something hurtful or wrong.


We Anchor Fear into Our Being –

by extending fear’s qualities to ourselves and others –

when we or they did something hurtful or wrong.


When we offer the qualities of fear to ourselves and others

when we or they act badly or wrongly, we are anchoring the qualities of fear into our being.

We are all disconnected from love and feel and act from that place of disconnect. We also are unaware that we are doing this, or that we are acting and responding from Unconscious Influences, which aim to protect us emotionally.

Knowing all this allows us to more easily ask ourselves “What Would Love Do? – and respond and act from that place of love – in whatever way is appropriate to the particular situation.

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